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  • The title and the idea of a person experiencing time-travel while in a tight straitjacket was first introduced in The Jacket [In the US: The Star Rover], a 1915 novel by American author Jack London [1876-1916]. Director John Maybury has said that London's novel is loosely based on the true story of Ed Morrell, who told London about San Quentin prison's inhumane use of tight straitjackets. The idea of The Jacket was developed for the screen by Iranian-American screenwriter Massy Tadjedin. Edit

  • They are played by the same actor (Angelo Andreou). Whether or not they are supposed to be the same person or just the same actor playing two different characters is a hotly debated topic, depending upon how you interpret the movie. Edit

  • Jack (Adrien Brody) tried. That's why he kept trying to find out exactly how he died, but no one would tell him. How was he to know? If you don't know, you can't prevent. Edit

  • Three possible explanations have been offered. One is that Jack died from his head wound in Iraq, and everything that follows is a dream or hallucination that he experienced just before he died. A second explanation is that Jack survived the wound, suffered amnesia, moved back to Vermont, actually met Jackie (Keira Knightley) and her mom, but everything else is a dream or hallucination that Jack experienced while confined by the jacket. A third is that Jack's experiences were real and that he was actually able to transcend the drawer and move into the future. It's up to each viewer to determine which explanation best explains their interpretation of the movie. Edit



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