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MPAA Rated R for sequences of strong violence, language, some drug use and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman are about to have sex. She is hived and he tells her that she is not like before but then are interrupt.
  • Several men are climbing a giant tree and one man pulls the other mans pants off revealing his buttocks.
  • Women dance, midriffs showing; tops may or may not be somewhat see-through (I didn't look carefully)
  • A man harasses a woman, putting his hands on her hips
  • A man harasses the same woman, grabbing her and making lewd movements with her
  • A man and a woman suggestively kiss. A woman suggestively takes off her shirt and in her bra is packets of cocaine. She is scantily-clad. (See Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking section)
  • A brief sexual reference.

Violence & Gore

  • -A group of villagers race up a tree to retrieve a piece of ribbon as part of a tradition. Several partakers are thrown off and land painfuly below on the ground.
  • -2 men are fighting in a bar, bare fisted. Stomach punches, kicks more vicious moves are seen.
  • -A man is kneed hard in the face and knocked out cold
  • -A large man with long hair headbutts another fighter flying, before beating a smaller man, even kicking him whilst down and unconcious.
  • -The large man with long hair is knocked out by a smaller fighter with a series of flying elbow attacks and strikes to weak points
  • -Another fighter is beaten in much the same way shortly after previous fight; kicks, knee and elbow attacks
  • -A very aggressive man smashes a bottle over a thai man's head, before the 2 engage in a fight, which includes many items of furniture being used as a weapon, and numerous brutal strikes with knees and elbows. This fight concludes with a man being forced through a window and landing on the floor a good 8-10 feet below.
  • -A group of street thugs chase 2 men through several streets. at one point they are armed with knives. This is follwed by an acrobatic fight in an alleway where flying kicks and more are used to dispatch the opponents.
  • -2 fighters engage in a muay thai fight in a ring, one fighter is badly beaten and knocked out of the ring onto a table before being hit again
  • -A fight at a disused petrol station, which includes; a gun being trained on a man's head at close range, a man spin kicking another man with his feet on fire, a flying knee drop to the head which cracks the man's motorcycle helmet down the middle
  • -4 men are attacked outside a cave with elbow and knee strikes
  • -A fight with iron bars and wooden stricks in a cave, in which bars are seen striking heads with considerable force
  • -A group of henchmen enage with a lone fighter in a large cave; multiple strikes including knees, punches, flying kicks and elbow hits are seen. A man is hoisted up on a noose and almost throttled. A henchman uses a large sawblade to attack the lone fighter, pushing it into his wrists and VERY close towards his neck.
  • -A close-up shot of an arm break, and a leg break.
  • -A figher engages with several construction workers, more of the usual knee attacks and strikes.
  • -A crazed man, high on drugs, almost chokes a man to death
  • -An elbow strike to the top of an opponents head, hard enough to crack the skull
  • -A gunshot to a mans shoulder, shown from the rear
  • -A double knee drop from a height of around 7 foot, direcltly onto a man lying horizontally.


  • Occasional coarse language. A few references to sexual behaviour.
  • An American man shouts abuse at some Thai men (in English), especially Ting trying to incite a fight. He uses bad language and degrading terms against Thai men and Thai culture.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking.
  • A man forcefully rubs cocaine all over a woman's face, and she writhes in pain and her nose bleeds. She dies as a result of this later in hospital.
  • A man snorts cocaine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the fighting scenes might be too intense for some people. One character has a hole in his throat and he smokes a cigar through it (He also uses a voice box to talk) and the sight of him and him smoking might be too scary for some people.

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