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Undramatic documentary on dramatic dancing
pbn29 August 2003
Eske Holm's documentary self-portrait is a small film produced by himself in the creative environment of one of the Danish Film Institute's workshops. It works on that basic level, as a document of Eske Holm's career in which he gets to express his ideas in words as well as show some of them in action. Something which, of course, is much more suited for the film medium than for those of writing or radio.

Also on the positive side, it gives a good overview of the 30-year career in question, with sufficient detail to fit those interested in the specific details of Holm's personal story or that of Danish modern dance in general.

The film, however, is not very interesting to viewers who are not familiar with or interested in modern dance. It doesn't adequately transcend the border between narrow and general interest.
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