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I think this movie is decent!
arsh77777773 May 2008
I think this movie is not so good on the effects side and this movie isn't ANY good at the start, but.....but when the action starts or in other words, the ACP (Sunny Deol) starts searching the, you know, the... real killer of the bar-girl, the movie is better than so many Hollywood and bollywood movies. Well, I don't want to disregard anyone's opinions, but I think, personally, that this movie is awesome when the action or the search for the actual killer. I would actually give this movie a (9.5/10). I think Suniel Shetty also did a very good acting. I'd give his acting a 4/5. And I'd give Sunny ummm.... 4.98/5. I'm just expressing my own opinion, not stopping you guys from expressing yours.
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Its old Wine in a very stylish bottle...
FuturistiK6 October 2003
In my opinion,the movie Khel is actually old wine in a very stylish bottle. The movie's story is not that good but the way the movie is presented is very cool and stylish.Its a movie for action lovers because it stars two macho Bollywood stars Sunny Deol & Sunil Shetty. Both the stars are in a different getup. Sunil Shetty is excellent as the villain and he has a very different look in the movie.Sunny Deol also gets cool dialogue and one-liners.Ajay Jadeja is the worst thing in the movie.He cant act and his dialogue delivery is very bad. Celeina Jetly is just about ok.The other actors are also ok. I would highly recommend the movie for Sunny Deol & Sunil Shetty's fans.As for others,its a good movie with a not too good story...
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Boring and ywaaaaannn!! sleeeepppy
suresh-vinay9 June 2010
I bunked my classes to watch a hit kannada movie which was houseful and Khel was the one to which i got a ticket instead . Celina's first release though it was her second movie (Jaahnasheen-first one). Sunny pa ji and sunil anna look good in the movie. But Jadeja was like an irritating decoy. The effects were horrible. The ULTRA slow-motion of the bullet traveling didn't match with the slow-motion of people dodging bullets. And the first half was so boring i could barely keep my eyes open. And over that they used the name of the millionaire 'Mallya' in a peculiar way calling as 'Maaalyaa'. Celina and Jadeja's voices were almost similar. Celina was good looking but was very bad at acting. And finally the movie got over with a little interesting climax. But the damage had been done. First impression is the last impression.

Take this as an example- In all the Rajkumar Hirani's movies, he captures the audience from scene 1. Remember kidnapping in 'munnabhai' and 'Lage Raho' and the Flight emergency landing in '3 Idiots'.

Overall the script was almost dead. climax can be judged. Ramayan arrow effects were better than the bullet effects in this movie. Jadeja was like a goat (Bakra) in the movie. So If you don't get sleep, watch this movie's first half. Its a 2 hour long introduction of 3 characters. And I am sure you would have slept by the time sunny pa ji comes on screen.
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Not bad!
Asbohra29 January 2007
If you do watch this film, please do it for Sunny Deol. The first half of this movie is so boring, and you wonder if Sunny will ever show up. At intermission, he finally comes and takes the movie to a new level. The 2nd half is way better and more thrilling as Sunny plays the suave cop brilliantly (reminds you of the drunk and clever lawyer in Damini in'93). The action scenes are alright, although the special effects should have been toned down some; a little extra effort would have made it perfect. Overall, this is not a bad movie, especially since this becomes like a cat-and-mouse game, Sunny's dialogues and scenes with Gulshan Grover are totally witty. Surprisingly, Sunny does NOT even roar in this movie! Enjoy this one for Sunny!!
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Cool action suspense thriller film
aaronbir24 June 2017
This is so cool and very stylized film about the way it is presented to the audience The special effects are mind blowing Nice songs some songs are good some are average One song is a hit the Punjabi one Sunny deol was superb Sunil shetty did well in his negative role Other were fine my rating is 7/10
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Enough with the special "effects"
AishFan11 December 2003
Whoever did the special effects for this movie definitely got carried away and overconfident. Trying to look like a Matrix shot of a slow-motion bullet, a very fake computer-generated bullet draws across the screen. Then in a fight sequence a long x-ray vision of a man with bones breaking (also very fake) follows after he receives a punch. That was just too much, and it just cracked me up. Oh, and half the movie is slow motion. A guy spends twice as much time entering the room as he does talking in it. The people behind this movie are acting like their story is a huge breakthrough in cinema. Okay, it is a good story but not that great. If the treatment of the movie was a bit more subdued, it would be a whole lot better. Sunil Shetty's new hairstyle is pretty cool. Ajay Jadeja has a really weird voice. He doesn't have star material, however he suits his role. It was nice to see Sunil give a good, unique performance again after Qayamat. Sunny was just Sunny. Celina was nice.
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