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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense battle sequences and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman undresses and then tells another woman to remove her clothes and lay down next to a man, however this is in order to close in body warmth there is no sexual implication involved, and no nudity is shown. A woman does state thereafter that she's not been naked with a man in 15 years.
  • A man is barechested for a section of the movie, as he has suffered a wound. A woman applies an antidote to his scar and touches his skin, reapplies a bandage. He is also shown washing in the ocean but there is nothing else revealed
  • A man and a woman kiss passionately and they are shown making love but there is no nudity they are both partially covered
  • A man a woman kiss and break away from each other
  • A man caresses a woman on their wedding night and lays her onto the bed, against her will but she does not say anything to stop him, it is implied that they consummate, nothing is shown
  • A man and woman are shown from behind assumably making love, partially covered but there is no nudity. She asks him how many lovers has he had before her
  • A man and woman hold hands secretively in the market
  • A man watches a woman dancing and she flings her garment. He takes her garment and leaves it on the door of a secret room, inviting her to follow him there. When she enters they kiss passionately and begin to remove each other's clothes. It is implied that they have sex, however the scene parallels to a similar encounter between a woman and man, where he lays on top of her and thrusts, while partially covered this scene also implies intercourse.
  • A man and woman kiss secretively underneath a bridge
  • A woman kisses a man after he has been wounded
  • There are a few references to love, and indirect innuendo but nothing explicit

Violence & Gore

  • A village is attacked by enemy warriors, there are many swordfights and presumably the majority of the village inhabitants are killed
  • A man tries to save a young man by stashing him beneath the floor and is killed by the sword when he turns around
  • Nongraphic scenes showing bodies of those that were killed
  • A man tries to save a young man from being killed and loses his hand in the process - we see the hand sliced and fall to the ground with very little blood, he wraps his wrist so no gore is seen
  • Children are taught to swordfight, all with wooden weapons, and one child antagonizes another only for him to fight back and force him to the ground - he is stopped before he can continue
  • Men are taken prisoner and then hanged in front of the townspeople
  • A man stages an attack where many swordfights take place and men are killed. A man suffers a scrape wound across his chest that bears poison before killing another man.
  • A man rushes to the aid of a man who has been speared through, his hand is covering the bloody wound
  • At the end of a battle a man tells kneeling captives of how his father was captured at a previous time in the movie and how he will not be as merciful. He raises his sword to strike and it is implied many of these are killed but not seen onscreen
  • A large tournament is held for the prize of a woman in order to forge an alliance. There are several fights all of which narrow down to eliminate all until a winner is determined. None of these are to the death, characters are not seriously injured
  • The final battle in the film shows a lot of violent swordfights, also bows and arrows being fired and a siege of part of the castle.
  • A man is struck by an arrow but continues to fight, he stabs a man through with a sword and then later (it is implied) he is decapitated. He holds his head out to the remaining men, it is only briefly shown and little blood.
  • A man's previous wound drains him of energy and he drops to his knees, he is brought to the side of a river
  • Many men die in battle, there are themes of betrayal and conspiracy that precede this


  • Very little, if any, as the setting is in the Dark Ages

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is wine served at the feasts given in the castle and there a few mentions of it
  • No drugs, but a man uses poison in his battle weapon that induces a death-like state
  • A woman uses her knowledge of elixirs to heal a wound with bark and leaves, she applies it to a wounded man

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the battle scenes throughout the film are intense, and one scene where a man interrogates another man can be intense as he raises his voice throughout. However these are not graphic and very brief.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman lie next to each other partially covered and discuss their affair.

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