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Season 11

26 Feb. 2013
The Golden Empire
Mimi is now heading the PTA at the local school and twists Frank's arm into becoming the janitor so that he can pick the magic mushrooms in the adjoining field. This does allow him to finance his latest venture with the Gastric Bandits,prostitutes Sherilee and Derrilee. Following a riot on the discovery that the alleged genuine London Olympic ring awarded the estate is,due to a mix-up,a fraud, half the estate are arrested and given community service,which particularly rankles with Avril,who,after her husband's departure,has moved with Letitia into her snobbish sister ...
5 Mar. 2013
An Inspector Calls
As Gloria and Dominic continue their incestuous affair the local school prepares for an inspection and Mimi offers headmaster Banbury advice though he suspects she is empire building. Come the inspection itself Mimi gets the inhabitants of the Chatsworth estate to pose as teachers and they do her proud,at the same time showing how to deal with the school's problem child Adam. The school is about to pass until a kitchen accident reveals junk food being bought in,Adam being behind the scam. However Mimi has another plan to stitch up the inspector and get the school ...
12 Mar. 2013
Money in Mind
Avril reluctantly allows Patreesha to throw her a women only birthday party whilst Mimi is asked by Banbury to help out Mrs Tattersall,a once brilliant teacher,who has now lost her confidence. Helped by drink and drugs Mimi turns her into a no-nonsense ,frightening carbon copy of herself but at the party,unsuccessfully gate-crashed by Frank in drag, Mrs Tattersall admits what is really grieving her - which Mimi is able to put right. Lillian asks Kelly and Marty to retrieve a case from a left luggage locker,containing her life savings of four thousand pounds. However ...
19 Mar. 2013
No-One's Perfect
Jamie wakes up in Kassi's house after a night on the town to find police hammering at the door as Kassi is accused of money-laundering and fraud and his assets confiscated. Jamie is shocked when Kassi tells him of his plan to escape to France but,when this falls,he moves Kassi,his wife and children onto the Chatsworth estate,where they are generally made welcome. Mimi,however,recalling Kassi's father,is extremely hostile. With their mortgage application refused,Kelly and Marty,now outcasts for robbing Lilian, do exit the estate whilst Shane 's bizarre affair with ...
26 Mar. 2013
Risky Business
When Avril loses her job Patreesha insists she work at the car wash Patreesha owns with ex-husband Bernard. However Avril discovers that Bernard was gay and that his lover has been running the business. Determined not to be a sleeping partner Patreesha decides to take an active role and put her stamp on the car-wash. After a disaster with the freezer Chesney decides to refurbish the shop,adding a pharmacy,and brings in British Muslim Remona to run it. Soon he and Patreesha's daughter Mary Mae find evidence to suggest that Remona is making bombs and suspect she is a ...
2 Apr. 2013
Death and Erasures
Aidan is looking after Stan,an elderly,ailing man who does not want to go on with life and kills himself. Fearing that he will be incriminated Aidan enlists the help of Billy,who is useless,and Dominic,who has practical ideas for a cover-up,but they are interrupted by Stan's daughter Angela who is aware of her father's suicidal longings and tells Aidan she knows he is innocent. When Aidan seems unusually flush and is seen driving Stan's car Dominic wonders if he is so innocent after all and informs the police who arrest Aidan. A talk with Angela convinces Dominic that...
9 Apr. 2013
Crime and Punishmemt
Mary Mae and Chesney are mutually smitten but fear Patreesha's disapproval. After Avril starts work at the shop - and identifies some rather odd manufacturing by Remona - Letitia and Aidan read that an adrenalin rush will bring a man's passionate nature to the fore and stage a robbery whilst Mary Mae is in the shop. It works but for the wrong reasons when Mary Mae discovers that the thieves have genuinely spent the spoils and confesses everything to Chesney. Shane's music festival is all set to go until Lilian catches him having sex with WPC Randall and tells ...
16 Apr. 2013
Grandaddy Gallagher
Frank is dismayed to discover that Lip has been living nearby with his little daughter Katie but not bothered to visit though he has been in touch with Katie's maternal grandma,Mimi. He invites them to tea,which requires Esther's help in cleaning the filthy house and they meet Stella,Monica's youngest,whom he has been minding. Whilst Lip has fun with the other estate lads and Karen and Jamie welcome him at the Jockey Frank sulks. Worse is to come when Lip catches his father having sex with Derilee and Sherilee and,after getting drunk,decides he and Katie should leave....
23 Apr. 2013
Domesticated Specialist
Chesney is surprised when Remona's father Barry shows up as she had said that he was dead. He gives her a cheque for thirty grand from his house sale and endears himself to Jockey customers with his generosity and anecdotes but Remona is hostile. Learning that Mindy,Barry's new wife,has left him Chesney feels sorry for him but soon learns that Barry has lied about his relationship and joins Remona in helping Mindy escape her husband. Frank accompanies Esther to a Polish evening,hoping for free vodka,but her son Tam,in revenge for Frank stealing his stash of drugs,...
30 Apr. 2013
Crossing the Line
Hoping to gain respect on the estate Billy goes for a job selling security devices but after a conversation with the sympathetic waitress in the café next door ends up as a short order cook,maintaining the illusion to everybody but Aidan that he has the sales job. To get extra money he arranges for his house to be burgled to claim the insurance but is eventually found out though Mimi is pleased that he did it for her. Esther is shocked to find that Thalia is the school bully and goes around apologizing to everybody though it gets her into trouble from which her artful...
7 May 2013
The P Factor
Patreesha's boyfriend Louis tells her he has arranged a singing tour of America for her but drops dead of a drug over-dose,leaving a case containing fifty thousand pounds. Patreesha and Avril attempt to cheat each other out of the money,Avril staging a false kidnap attempt involving Shane, but eventually they unite when they learn that Louis was actually a con artist who had cheated several women out of money with false promises of an American tour. Tam Blanco's obsession with stealing knickers from washing-lines meanwhile leads to Frank being wrongly accused of being...
14 May 2013
Early Retirement
Mimi decides she wants to retire from dealing and do something good for the community. Her idea is to endow a new gym for the local school. She becomes a tireless fund-raiser though the regulars at the Jockey are less than generous so Billy enlists Chesney and Aidan to help him commit a little robbery,hauling over nine thousand pounds. Karen and Jamie learn of the theft but Mimi sees it as a foundation and when Jamie and Shane work out that Billy was behind the robbery and capture him she frees him,ultimately using some blackmail to get her funds. Shane decides to end...
21 May 2013
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
Gun-toting 'Biddy' Baxter arrives at Frank's house. He is Derilee's husband,anxious for her to return to him though she flatly refuses and soon the police are besieging the house with Frank,Stella and Derilee as Biddy's hostages after Biddy has accidentally shot a postman. News coverage brings Monica back to the estate. Courting press publicity she volunteers to be a hostage in Stella's place but,whilst she and Frank seem to get on,Derilee and Biddy's differences come to the fore. As the residents hold a party in the Jockey police storm the house but Biddy lies dead,...
28 May 2013
End of the Line
Having served six months for benefit fraud Frank is discharged from jail to be welcomed by a heavily pregnant Monica,so pregnant that she gives birth in the Jockey. Soon she is suffering severe post-natal depression,upset that she had a termination that disposed of her surviving child's twin.With little help from Frank she summons Fiona,Lip and Carl for a show funeral for the dead child but Fiona,recognizing the inadequacy of her parents to raise more children,steals Stella and the baby and,helped by Lip,hides them with Kev Ball whilst she talks to Steve about housing...

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