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  • GIRO isn't actually an acronym. Instead, giro refers to a system of electronic credit transfer used mainly in Europe and Japan. Social security payments in the UK for a long time were paid through giro. Edit

  • It's unlikely. However, both Shameless and The Simpsons are comedy series that centers around dysfunctional families and other dysfunctional and quirky character whom live in the same city or town. Both Homer Simpson and Frank Gallagher shames a couple of similarities as they are bearded and they get drunk, they are selfish, careless, neglectful and are abusive. Although The Simpsons didn't inspire Shameless and is not a live action remake of the long-running animated comedy. Shameless still could be a live action British version of The Simpsons. Edit

  • Shameless depicts the misadventures of the dysfunctional Gallagher family and the other dysfunctional residents of the fictional Chatsworth council estate. Edit



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