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Reminds you how good TV can be
Reynolph14 January 2004
Once in a while, there comes along a TV drama series that makes you glad the medium was invented. A series that makes you glad to be alive; a series that breaks your heart that you have to wait a whole week to see the next episode. Shameless is such a series.

The Gallagher family consists of dad Frank and his six children (their mum apparently abandoned them years ago). Frank spends most of his time out drinking, only returning to the family's council house on a run-down Manchester estate when he's dragged home comatose by the police in the early hours of the morning. The result is that the six kids more or less bring themselves up, with the eldest - 20-year-old Fiona - acting as the token mum.

From all this, it should make for depressing viewing. But the beauty of Paul Abbott's semi-autobiographical drama is that it's not even remotely depressing. The six Gallagher kids, their friends and neighbours form an extended family where everyone loves and supports everyone else; and the result is bawdy, rude, but above all uplifting, heartwarming and fun. The performances are uniformly excellent and to single anyone out would be unfair. The first episode does a wonderful job of introducing the large cast of characters - not just in a cursory way either, but in sufficient depth to make you care about this assortment of misfits enough to want to tune in next week to see what befalls them next.

This is what TV should be. Watch it.
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Surprised and I really like it
liberty_lee10 October 2020
Never watched this until now. I'm pleasantly surprised because I thought it would be something I would have on in the background while I was on my phone. Turns out I really like the characters! Some good actors in the programme and likeable characters. Mostly all abit fantastical but fun nonetheless. You get to love the characters and feel joy and sadness with them, feel like you know them. Lots of stuff happening all the time, people coming and going. David threllfall is very good.
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As good as TV ever gets
BlindLemonPye25 February 2004
I'm not a great authority on this, as I hardy watch TV any more. If they came up with more stuff like this, I would be addicted to the Box. Fantastic script, characters and acting and the funniest, freshest British made comedy I've seen since Spaced and (to a slightly lesser extent) The League of Gentlemen.

Although I come from the north of England and lived in Manchester for two years and therefore, through direct association, find I can relate very naturally to this humour, it must surely transcend 'northern' taste and appeal, in the same way that Phoenix Nights did, to absolutely anybody who sees it.

It's no wonder Channel 4 are taking the unusual step of running the whole series again, as I think media interest/hype came too late this time round. It's the only British thing to come remotely close to challenging the HBO stable (6ft Under/S.A.T.C) stuff that has attracted TV's biggest plaudits in this last 4/5 years. I think it will go down as being an important landmark in British comedy broadcasting and gain cult status for years to come.

Commissioning a series two is a must - it was just hitting full speed last night with the closing episode of this first run.
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This is what TV is about........
prose8 February 2005
"Shameless" began a couple of nights ago on SBS TV - supposedly an ethnic channel (are Mancunian's ethnic, then??) - in Australia, with no warning, no fanfare. I was blown fair out of my chair by this show, and possibly appreciated it all the more because I had no expectations, although once I noted Paul Abbott's name under 'writer' I knew I was in for something special. His scripts for 'Clocking Off' and 'Linda Green' were, like 'Shameless', both sharp and original. Dialogue is quick and relevant, characters are drawn immediately, and altogether the script treats the viewer as an intelligent participant in the hilarious, and often poignant, exploits of the Gallagher family. Dad Gallagher, always a bit the worse for wear on drugs or alcohol (or both) is raging around the room talking rubbish, and Fiona, eldest child, explains to her posh boyfriend that her Dad's ecstasy dealer is a schizophrenic, like that explains everything. Perhaps it does...... If you get the chance to see this, then don't miss it.
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It was the Best Show Out
tequila10130 May 2013
What I am doing reviewing each series for how they did and their downfalls. I will be deeply analyzing Shameless, and the end I'll simply place a verdict.

Series 1: It was the most intriguing entry of the series because of the raw power/tenacity of the actors, the way certain scenarios were built on (example, Karen and Frank's affair) and how various situations of a dysfunctional family living on the breadline would affect viewers to think. How could we believe in the decision making of how this family would survive whilst the mother was on a run-about and the father was a layabout. Overall, series one was the most realistic because themes involving poverty, sex and alcoholism played major factors in how the characters acted upon certain situations.

Series 2: This was quite an excellent continuation from where the first series left off. We look through the lives of Frank and his dysfunctional clan. Again, quite relatable with audiences who are/were experiencing what the Gallagher family go through or even those who didn't live a lifestyle like this (I relate to the series through not living like the Gallagher's but instead deeply thinking about what they're experiencing and how certain situations impact them). I love how the Gallagher's are pounded with new situations to deal with. I also really enjoyed the way the cinematography was boosted up in color toning and brightness. It gave off the intention of a more tense feel.

Series 3: I would say that this was the last strong entry because after this, things started heading downhill. I believe that without Fiona and Steve, series 3 was still quite a grand look into how the children would survive without their eldest sister. I found at times I related to this one a little bit more than the first two. I enjoyed many of the new ideas that the creators dwelled upon. I found that series 3 set up chronological story lines for how plot lines would turn out (example, Frank not going through with divorce w/Monica and he still marries Sheila, what a coincidence?) However, those episodes about the two set up greatly for how series 4 evolves. Overall, genius.

Series 4: This is where I found Shameless would start taking a continuous root into recycling ideas. With the Maguire family being introduced, things would ultimately start to change greatly. Even though these were the cases for what some of the later entries turned out to be, I actually liked it. Still has a great cast, the Maguires are a laughable yet scary bunch of people who almost control the Chatsworth estate. I still found many of the episodes interesting, however I never liked the idea of Kev and Veronica leaving.

Series 5: I found this to be the last good entry in my opinion. I thought that even for 16 episodes, I thought it was a mighty effort to keep the hype of the show going extensively to engage audiences for one final time until it would slowly start to crumble and become a repetitive mix of mess. I have to say I was disappointed with the departure of Lip (who was my favorite character!). Despite that, I loved the way the show still casted some drama, keeping good contrast between the Gallagher's and Maguires. Their issues and troubles were presented realistically.

Series 6: This is where things started to really fall down the drain pipe. I don't think it was too bad, but I felt that Shameless was starting to run low on fuel to keep "continuous addiction". Story lines just felt a little over the top. I still liked the contrast between the two families and some of the humor was still up to scratch.

Series 7: I would say for a this series; it was probably the most darkest I had ever seen of it. Affairs, drug abuse, etc. which made Shameless compelling were taken to a new level , where I found most scenarios color coated grimly. I hardly found any humor at all. Honestly though, I found it a great turning point. Sure, some stupid story lines but it was different in a great way.

Series 8: This is when I really started dreading the series! Too many episodes! It was quite stupid as I found that most of the content which we had seen happen to characters in the past was happening all over again (example, Frank screwing a woman to make Libby break up with him) We've seen that before! I will admit there were some funny parts but I found that good characters were only tossed in whenever creators wanted them in! No good!

Series 9: I'd say it was a slight improvement over the 8th series but it had no redeeming qualities. We lost Carl and Mickey who were fantastic characters. We also ended up with idiotic characters like Billy and Domenic. Why??? The eviction part was interesting though.

Series 10: Well, it was awful. Zero develop and effort to achieve any realism whatsoever. It was sloppy. *I could note that it took me nearly a month to get through, come on!*

Series 11: I didn't mind this one. The final entry series has it's stronger traits (episodes 8, 13, 14) whilst it too had it's weaker episodes (7, 10, 11). Overall, I thought that the last series was a major improvement over some of the previous. Bringing back old characters such as Lip and Fiona were positive steps forward. It was good for the most part.

Verdict: Series 1: 10/10 Series 2: 10/10 Series 3: 9/10 Series 4: 8/10 Series 5: 8/10 Series 6: 6/10 Series 7: 6.5/10 Series 8: 5/10 Series 9:5.5/10 Series 10: 3/10 Series 11: 6/10

Overall Shameless is a series not to be missed. If you're a person of variety, give each series a try. If you're specific with you're material, stick with the trilogy. 10/10
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Fabulous television
dmcslack22 February 2005
I love television. Watched it since the late '50's and enjoyed everything, even if I hated myself for enjoying it. However, there are shows that stand out and Shameless is one of them. I think that Alan Clark produced some of the best drama on British TV, even including Ken Loach and Dennis Potter. On comedy, the UK has birthed or succoured a comprehensive list of talented writers that Greece was not ancient enough to pre-empt. Shameless is brilliant. It is Ken Loach and Ian Pattison (Rab C Nesbit) in concert, it is Dennis Potter and the Pythons. David Threlfell plays Frank Gallagher, a wastrel philosopher whose genes will inherit the earth. His family are an absorbing, entertaining, sensitive magnet for our attention and affection. They are challenging and rude, but I'd live there, it is urban Manchester and welcoming. Forget the comedy for a minute and I'm most reminded of Alan Clark's 'Road'. Threlfell and Maxine Peake ( the best in ' dinnerladies ') are like Dudegeon and Horrocks. They provide adult acting and the rest of the cast are not far behind. If you do nothing else on a Saturday night, buy this DVD. It will brighten up your life.
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Could have been one of the greatest shows in british TV history
brannanlove17 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The first four seasons of shameless were unbelievably brilliant. A northern working class family living on a rough council estate in Manchester. After that it declines immensely. By time it gets to season 11, it is complete garbage. Shameless used to film on an actual estate in Gorton, Manchester up to about season 4/5 when they moved to a custom built set due to problems filming because of the shows popularity. The problem with this, is that it's clearly a set. It's so noticeable that the set doesn't even try to resemble the layout of the estate. The shop is clearly behind the Gallaghers house, where as before it was about a mile away. There is houses across from the Gallaghers that were not there before. It's ridiculous. The biggest problem with this show though is the mysterious disappearances of cast members without any real mention of where they have gone. Debbie, Ian, Liam, Carol, Jez just name a few. The cast becomes almost unrecognisable. The first few seasons is about the real nitty gritty of northern working class life. After that, stories become pathetic like an episode where Frank and Monica are talking to there newborn baby through telepathy. Bottom line is that this show had the potential to be one of the greatest shows British TV has ever seen but rather than end it about six seasons before they did. They prolonged the agony of a once great show.
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Vital, visceral, poignant, all with perfect comedic timing.
Jessiclair14 May 2005
From the very first episode you will be drawn into the lives of each of the principal characters - warts and haloes and all. Each is fully realized with a light and dark side, shown incrementally and alternately through their actions and their reluctantly expressed concerns. The story lines are both outrageous and – once you spend a few minutes with this family – absolutely believable, and move at an enervatingly brisk while gratifyingly even pace. I'm so glad I found out about it when Series II had already completed, and could enjoy it from episode 1.1 through the end of series II. While it seems evident that Series III will commence with casting changes, this production is so incredibly well planned (unlike most U.S. series - Lost, I'm looking at you) that the story arc girds you quite well for even fundamental shifts, and instills great anticipation. The show addresses immediate, on-the-ground social issues like complacency vs. poverty, avarice vs. honor, cheating vs. work (and stealing vs. profit), lust vs. love, and 9 times out of 10 the virtuous parts of humanity are exemplified and enjoyed (but always with the other side engaged and/or confronted in the process). That 10th time is where Frank comes in. Paul Abbott is a brave artist, a brave man, and a brave son. Never has such a reluctant father been so well-realized and so generously presented. Now. When do we get Series III?
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Absolutely marvellous
Stuey-414 January 2005
I can't comprehend how people can give this a bad review. It is without doubt one of the best shows on the TV and is comparable to Nighty Night, League of Gentlemen and possibly Little Britain, when it comes to blacker than black humour. The characters are sublimely developed with Frank, the hapless father being one of, if not the main character. He is a horrible man with questionable morals and less than a day's work behind him in his life. He has 8 children to support and is supported himself by his beautiful yet eccentric wife. It is Franks tale of partying, avoiding work and generally being the worst father in the world. If you don't like this, you don't know what's funny.
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Work is the scourge of the drinking classes...
paul2001sw-117 April 2004
Paul Abbott's last drama, 'State of Play', was an ultra-serious (and ultra-good) political thriller. For this, his follow-up, he has made what at first viewing appears to be a bizarre choice, making a drama about working class life that superficially resembles an extended version of Harry Enfield's 'Slobs' sketches, only with added sex and violence. But as you get used to the program, its appeal grows. Human stain Frank Gallacher, the awful family patriarch, rumbles on in the background, pretty much ignored by everyone else, who've all rumbled that he's just a waste of space. Meanwhile, they try to make the best of what he has left of their lives. Fast paced and funny, it's infinitely more entertaining than stolid dramas like 'Family Business' (screened at the same time on another channel).

Still, 'Shameless' is a hard series to place. It's not exactly social commentary, less sentimental in its portrayals of working class life than the films of Ken Loach, but also, one suspects, less accurate; there are some echoes of 'The Royal Family', albeit with a totally different vibe. But when a drama doesn't fit a preconceived box, that's a plus not a minus. 'Shameless' won't change your life: but it is quirky, original and fun.
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Another hit from the UK. Thank god for BBC America!
duke922788 June 2005
I happened upon this show one afternoon while nursing a hangover and have been hooked ever since. I was also lucky that BBCA was playing the entire series 1 as a marathon that day. This show blows away any of the lame crap that they call TV over here and is another testament to the vastly underrated talent of the UK. The only way a show this ballsy would be shown over here would be on a pay channel like HBO or Showtime. I am fast becoming a huge fan of British TV (Eastenders, The Office, Coupling, Father Ted, The Green Wing, ABFAB) and hopefully the DVD will be available to us yanks soon. Let's just hope some stupid network (NBC) doesn't get ahold of it in an attempt to "Americanize" it like they tried with Coupling and The Office.
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Party... But Scatter way before Series 10
gibbs-1817222 May 2020
It's amazing how quickly TV evolves and its easy to forget the trailblazers who lead the way. Paul Abbots Shameless hit UK homes in the early noghties on typical Channel 4 audience figures. By the last episode everyone was talking about it. People at least had a peak at it. It received admiration as much as it received complaints, fact was the perfect portrait of the northern underbelly.

Series 2 Would build on the success that had been left but a darkness loomed, not the silly OTT story plots that provided comedy. Nope the departure of Fiona and Steve was near. And although the addition of Marty was a plus the maguire clan was something that would haunt this show in the latter years. With their ever changing cast playing different brothers who never speak and then later turning Shameless into the Mimi Maguire show.

But for now the seasons passed on with great one of stories and longer term events, The Amazing Christmas Special, Sheila vs Monica, Marty and Sue, Kelly Ball, The knockin shop all great additions.

But the drip drip of main cast, Lip, Ian, Sheila, Vee, Kev start to become a gap to big to fill, especially with the Maguires who now have names.

The inconsistently with the story lines of this family from major players to murderers to people selling second hand out of date lettuce to make money. The Maguires are as scary as a Substitute teacher on her first day on the job. Micky is a great character however and could be a son of anyone.

By the time Libby arrives (Go ooooon Go ooooon Go oooooon) The show is finished but instead of DNR they try this, end up with another kid in the house. Stella disappears at some point and there's an old crow that gets overplayed time and time again.

I guess the main problem is Debbie as now left to join the Army something never discussed before, her friend maxine is still around but moves out. Ian and Carl fall out, Ian leaves.

Only Carl and invisible Stella remain. But the show switches to maguire plot lines..... No this was based on Frank Gallagher and his shameless way of living.

Season 9 is hard to view and 10 is no better but 11 OMG now that is SHAMEFUL. The last episode is OK but 5 cast members return.

Should have been one of the best ever but ruined by too many seasons
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Some people just don't get it...
martin-52018 January 2005
Co-written by the writer behind 'Clocking Off', This is one the most stand-out, must-see series British television has produced. The exploits of the Gallagher family are no-holds-barred and guaranteed to either offend the viewer, or cause them to slide off their chair and roll around the floor, laughing their behinds off.

Or both.

If you're offended by social depravity, bad hygiene, lawlessness, homosexuality, heterosexuality - any kind of sexuality, or Mancunians then be warned. If not then watch this comedy/drama and prepare to laugh like a drain.
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Started shameless, ended somewhat cowed and chastened
Howlin Wolf28 May 2013
I've seen every episode, accepted the downturn in quality (you have to, it's inevitable standards will fall after 9 years… ) but still enjoyed most of it. The finale was OK, nothing more than that. They whitewashed Franks character; growth would have been OK if they hadn't tried to do it within the space of a third of an episode…

… and as much as people felt like the supporting characters were unnecessary, they still deserved a proper send-off. The series might have started off about the Gallaghers, but it wasn't always like that, and the last episode shouldn't have pretended any different… It all felt a bit rushed. You have a whole series to say goodbye, and yet you leave the majority of your wrapping up 'til the last episode? Just saying, i've seen the winding down of televisual institutions done better, before. If i hadn't been prepared for the last episode before it aired, i might not have guessed it had reached the end.
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Top Stuff
indiglo_milo13 April 2004
Definitely the best series i have ever seen on TV. Non stop Laughing all the way through. the realism of the program is great and allows a lot of people to actually relate to it. i would recommend everyone should watch this and hopefully enjoy it as much as i have. the characters are fantastic, frank is hilarious! there are also the characters who you befriend throughout the series, like Lip and Ian. the story lines have been fantastic and each one has left you wanting to see what happens in the next episode. this program is a definite 'thumbs up' and hopefully there will be a second series with all the same characters, because i am sure people would welcome the return of the show.
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One of the Great British series of all time
hillman_mcfc18 June 2020
The original and best version of Shameless is of course the British version. Frank Gallagher will be remembered as one of the best UK TV show characters ever. It's maybe not on the top with the likes of The Royle Family, Only fools ect but it just thithers underneath it. The first 5-6 seasons are brilliant but as they usually do it starts to fall off at the did go on for 11 seasons which is a tad long for what it is but non the less a great series that the US version couldn't hold a candle against.
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Unashamedly brilliant!
dirkwombatslayer4 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Channel 4 has brought us some pretty awful stuff in its time. But it's also brought us some real gems (like Ultraviolet, for instance). Shameless is very simply the best new drama series of the past 5 years.


This show has absolutely everything:

It's very, very funny... Frank is brought home by the police each night, after he finally passes out from boozing all night. They gently lay him on the kitchen floor - never in the lounge - because the kitchen has lino... and Frank tends to wet himself in his sleep!

It's very, very rude... How about the girl who gives oral sex in exchange for help with her homework? Or how about the homosexual schoolboy, in love with the local shopkeeper?

It's very, very sad... Fiona has given up her whole life to look after her father, brothers and young sister. She's had to give up her own dreams of going to work, having her own home and even having her own children.

Once you've learned about all of the characters you can't help but get sucked into their world of dole money, booze, kinky sex, scams and outrageous behaviour.

Well done Paul Abbott and C4 for bringing us something new and exciting. This really is addictive TV.

Stop reading right now. Go and beg, borrow or steal a video tape with a few episodes on and start watching. You'll thank me tomorrow.
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Shameless is now worthless.
last-picture-show11 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As an avid viewer of Shameless since series one I have noticed a gradual deterioration of the quality over the last two series (my rating is for series 6 and 7). I have now reached the point where I can no longer bear to watch wondering what horror show they will put on display next.

In this latest series we have already seen hard-man drug dealer Paddy doing ballroom dancing, Mimi joining the WI, Joe giving up his job to run a corner shop, Karen having mental problems and getting over them two minutes later and Ian rejecting his gay lifestyle to suddenly declare his love for his brother's ex-girlfriend. I could go on.

Now the latest episode saw poor unloved Liam find solace with an 84 year old WWII veteran only for his friendship to be confused with something more sinister. I could run with the that but the scene of Liam wearing his sister's dress under his clothes (because he was 'missing her') was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in a TV drama. Did Debbie ever wear such a dress? It looked more like something a bad Margaret Thatcher impersonator would have worn in the 1980s.

This ludicrous scenario was only created so that Libby could witness what she thought was a perverted act. I can only assume that the writers either think that all potential child molesters get children to dress up in such bizarre clothes or they were too lazy to do any proper research.? Or maybe they were worried in case we thought they knew too much. Either way they seem to be confusing transvestitism with child abuse.

Once this scenario was revealed to the rest of Liam's family Carl immediately wanted to go round their with a baseball bat to bash the pensioner's brains out. This was Carl who last week was in hiding after being accused of beating someone to death with a baseball bat, which makes sense.

It's almost as though the writers take the first pitiful ideas they think of and then get 14-year olds to write the scripts which are then used unedited. I seriously don't know how the actors can bear to appear in such badly written trash. You'd think they would be embarrassed. I bet a lot of them will be deleting Shameless from their CV's in the future. I know I am deleting it from my list of must see dramas.
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The Best thing since sliced bread
mulhollandman10 February 2006
In a time where any old crap can be deemed as entertainment, Shameless strives to bring realism and entertainment to our lives. I will warn that this show is not for anyone as it deals very frankly with todays social issues.

Set in the fictional Chatsworth estate Shameless follows the trials and tribulations of the Gallagher family. Held together by the oldest sister Fiona whilst their father is consistently drunk or drugged out of it, they face everything from new boyfriends, pregnancy, homosexuality, bailiffs and even an accidental killing.

In the family there is Fiona, Lip (a cheeky half wit), Ian (closet Homosexual), Carl (second youngest brother, Debbie (a con artist with a heart of Gold) and there is Liam (underdeveloped because of his age. There father Frank is what many would refer to as a waste of space. He spends every waking hour in the Jockey (His Local pub) whining to anyone who will listen about everything from politicians to the weather. He provides a lot of the comedy in this show. The series also reflects the lives of their neighbors and best friends Veronica and Kev. Along with them is Veronica's mother and her brother Marty who suffers from tourettes and is an arsonist. Also there is Shelagh who is Franks girlfriend, mother of his twins and bride to be. Then there is Steve Fiona's middle class boyfriend who seems to be to good to be true and it transpires he makes his living from car thefts. The series has now moved into it's third series and Fiona and Steve have left, but in the two previous series the younger members of the cast where kept in the back ground, but now they have flourished through this time and are well able to hold their own in which they are the center of the storyline

This series is very stylish in it's presentation it relies on a lot of quick edits and fancy camera work. However the story lines, courtesy of Paul Abbott and his team of writers, are of the best quality there is. It only goes further to prove that Paul Abbott is one of great Britains finest television writers and at the moment there is no one that comes close to him.

The acting is also top notch and the cast are in my opinion very capable of producing the best of work in even the most toughest of story lines and they should have been given some sort of honorary ensemble award for their work.

The one thing that everybody comments on about this series is the relationship between the characters. And if I am being honest this is why their following has grown and it's fan base crosses all walks of life. Definitely one to watch.
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Good but lost its way after 4th series
iainsmith-1806128 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Started off brilliant for the first 4 series but characters you fell in love with started to leave and then it focused on the Mcquire family and the storyline just lost its way .
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Fantastic Brit Dark Com Way Better Than U.S. Reboot
gibbs-1817228 May 2019
Tickets this way to the Chatsworth Express... This is one of the best ever T.V. shows ever made , it should in all fairness have stopped being produced after series 7 or 8 at the latest given that the family it centered around was disappearing leaving Frank with little Stella the rest gone.

But this gave us the British public a window not into just how they live but just where we are on the underbelly.

Far better than the yanky multi million dollar copy . In fact why the Americans cant just get used to watching a little bit of brit humour thats not Benny Hill i will never know but i urge anyone who as watched the US version, whatever your opinion watch this.

Would have scored 10 but because the first 6 series were 10+ i have to level it out.
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pottyboy447 February 2006
unbelievably well thought out drama. the grim setting against a council estate in manchester is juxtaposed brilliantly with the warmth of the characters, who are fantastically well-acted. the story lines are well thought out and the issues well-observed. and it's so bloody funny. i've never been taken by soaps, every one has left me cold apart from shameless. but this here, this is eastenders for a new generation. quality quality quality. so much so that it has inspired my first (and no doubt last) post on this forum. two last points: do not listen to the one negative review. look at his/her profile. every review out of hundreds is negative. does this person not have anything better to do that sit about whinging about things? secondly, great to see some American shameless fans. there are some out there that 'get it'. spread the word my friends. and to the big American corps... by all means take the name and the concept and do your own thing with it. that's just more money in channel 4's pocket to keep on producing masterpieces such as this. i salute you channel 4.
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British TV at its best
shannen-l-c22 March 2019
As the title says, 'Shameless' truly is British TV at its best. It's set in Chatsworth, a council estate in Manchester and follows the Gallagher family and their neighbours.

What makes 'Shameless' so great is how honest it is. It's unique and gritty and it doesn't hold back in any way shape or form. Homosexuality, interracial relationships, alcoholism, crime, mental illness, teenage pregnancy, foster care, single parenting, prostitution, drug misuse, gangs, debt, death - it has it all. What's more important is that it explores it in realistic and touching ways whilst still managing to inject plenty of humour into it at the same time.

The diverse cast is fantastic and each character, no matter how minor they might be, is authentic and likeable. Although the cast changes dramatically as the series progresses and it does suffer from losing its most loved characters (Lip, Ian, Veronica, Kev, Debbie etc.), there are still great episodes until the very end and seasons 1-4 are gold.

Some may prefer the US version to the UK one, but I really think that comes down to cultural differences. Stylistically, the two adaptions are dramatically different and for non-Britons, the accents, humour, cultural references and sheer British-ness may make it very difficult to grasp and therefore, won't be very enjoyable.

'Shameless' is a slice of British culture unlike any other. It has a lot of heart and is very misunderstood and unappreciated.
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Way better than the US version
sharifrashedi19 May 2020
This is the original Shameless, its so good. I was hooked on this and binged through it. I tried to watch the US version and it just doesnt compare. The UK version is so much better and Frank is a legend!
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saskiaeloise15 January 2005
After clicking on this website and reading the completely rubbish review by someone which everyone supposedly must read before doing anything else-I thought I better tell everyone that it is completely wrong! Shameless is brilliant, series 2 has just started and I recommend everyone to watch it.

Yes it contains swearing and other things but if you don't want to watch that don't. Above all this is comedy at its best. I'm a 14 year old girl and I think its one of the best shows I have seen-it will make you laugh hysterically.

Watch it you might be surprised-if nothing else it will give you the feel good factor.
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