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MPAA Rated R for violence and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • Man and a woman kiss
  • Woman poses for a drawing and you can see her bare back. She and a man kiss
  • No actual sex and very little nudity. (A drawing of a woman's backside is not that detailed or explicit)

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot in the abdomen 4 times and drops to the ground. A man shoots and kills several men in quick succession. An elderly man is shot, we see blood soak his shirt, and he falls and crawls away.
  • Several riders on horseback shoot at a stagecoach, the passengers fire back, and two men fire a Gatling gun: two men are shot off their horses, a man is shot and we see a large spot of blood on his chest, and a man is shot in the face at close range (he covers his face with his hand and we do not see the wound or blood).
  • A man stabs another man to death with a fork (we see convulsions and hear spluttering and gagging and other men pull him off, but it is too late).
  • A stagecoach is attacked, the driver is shot off the coach, a gunman walks up to the stopped coach and the occupant shoots him in the neck (we see a streak of blood and the flash fire from the pistol); the coach is then set on fire.
  • Two men walk through streets and a gauntlet of gunmen, and many people shoot back and forth as they go (9 men are killed). A man grabs another man by the throat and threatens him with a gun; another man shoots both of them, and one remains alive but is shot again and killed.
  • A man rushes another man and smashes the muzzle of his rifle against his throat; other men pull him off. A man beats a man in the face many times and we see blood on his mouth and face. A man strikes another man in the face knocking him to the ground, and points a gun to his face. A man knocks another man off a horse, beats and kicks him, takes his shotgun, and tosses him over a cliff; the attacker points the shotgun at another man and yet another sneaks up from the side and holds a handgun to his temple forcing him to drop the shotgun. A man stomps on another man's face and leaves him without a gun and or horse.
  • A wounded man is covered in blood, and a doctor inserts a pliers-like instrument into the patient's chest and brings out a bullet while the patient groans (blood spills down the patient's shirtfront and the scene ends).
  • There is an explosion and fire that separates a horse team from a coach and the front wheels fall off; then there's a stampede of cattle in front of the coach, which explodes in tall flames, and one man who escapes, runs and is shot dead.
  • Several men walk into a camp and start a fight using shovels as weapons; gunfire erupts between the opposing sides and one man is killed. A man says that another man will be hanged, he is led away at gunpoint, and two of the men holding him are shot by a gunman.
  • A man takes a man's rifle and knocks him down to keep him from being shot by 3 Apaches (the man receives a scalp wound and the man with the gun shoots all 3 Apaches).
  • A man is shocked with high-voltage electrodes several times and he groans and yells.
  • A 14-year-old boy finds 2 corpses laid out on a large rock. A wounded man is placed on a litter and taken away. We see a man die.
  • A coach explodes, men shoot locks off doors and strong boxes and steal large sums of money, and they also steal a watch from a corpse. A man holds two men at gunpoint and steals their weapons and horses.
  • A man shoots an injured cow in a field, we hear the animal groaning and hear the shot (the animal is shot off screen).
  • Two men argue: one is knocked to the ground, he charges into a saloon with his rifle drawn and yells for a man to come out (the man is not there). A man is arrested at gunpoint.
  • A man tosses a bag of gunpowder into a railroad tunnel, and another man shoots it causing an explosion.


  • Several of uses of "sh*t".
  • Almost 20 uses of "d*mn".
  • 3 uses of "b*tch".
  • The Lord's name is taken in vain. 4 uses of "Christ".
  • About 10 uses of "h*ll".
  • A few uses of "*ss" and "*sshole".
  • B*stard is said.
  • F*ck is said twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man rolls a cigarette, but never smokes it.
  • Wade's gang orders a round of whiskey at the bar.
  • Charlie downs another shot of whiskey.
  • Snuff is used and tobacco is chewed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A 14-year-old boy cocks the trigger and points his gun at a man, but then un-cocks it and lowers it.
  • A 14-year-old boy grabs a pistol and sneaks out of his home to follow men taking a murderer to prison. At one point the teenager holds the murderer at gun point.
  • The plot is very tense, and many men are killed, sometimes unexpectedly.
  • A man gets out of bed, takes his shotgun and investigates a noise outside; he sees the outline of a man setting fire to his barn, he yells loudly and runs outside, he and a teenage boy rush into high flames trying to pull horses and equipment from the barn and the boy is pulled out before the roof collapses.
  • Several men ready themselves with rifles and pistols and load them after hearing about a stagecoach robbery.
  • A Caucasian man shoves Chinese men harshly, forcing them to work. A 14-year-old boy cocks the trigger and points his gun at a man, but then un-cocks it and lowers it. A 14-year-old boy grabs a pistol and sneaks out of.

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