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  • MythBusters was created by Australian television producer Peter Rees. An initial series of three episodes was sold to the Discovery Channel on his behalf by Beyond Productions. At this time no talent were attached.

    Rees had filmed a segment with Jamie Hyneman a decade earlier for the popular science series Beyond 2000. He thought Jamie could be right for the new show. Jamie was interested but felt he didn't have the charisma to be an on-screen personality. He suggested his colleague Adam Savage, who behaved like he was on a TV show most of the time anyway. The two had met in the film industry not long before, as both their reputations as skilled and efficient special effects artists and builders brought them to each other's attention. Edit

  • 'Colleagues' would be the best way to describe their relationship. In several interviews they've both said that they're not necessarily friends. They don't hang out outside of the show and generally their private lives don't overlap. That said, they're happy to work together and get along most of the time. Edit

  • M5 Industries (Jamie's special effects company and the primary shooting location for Mythbusters) is located at 1268 Missouri St. San Francisco, California, United States 94107-3310. On the official M5 website, Jamie says they do NOT do tours, they're too busy working on film and television projects, and filming Mythbusters. Edit

  • No. M5 is Jamie's company and is run separately from Mythbusters. The only overlap is that Discovery Channel shoots Mythbusters there because Jamie has his shop readily available (rather than setting up a different shop at a different location). Adam co-hosts the show and works on Mythbusters there (and where ever else the show requires the team go to test myths). Edit



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