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She Hate Me is a mixed bag, but at least it's interesting and almost never boring.
Lee's energy never flags, and She Hate Me resonates with authority and impact and daring, but the messages it sends are mixed.
A scabrous, provocative and often funny social satire about the American dream, Spike LeeSpike Lee's flawed but fascinating She Hate Me addresses everything from corporate malfeasance to the African AIDS epidemic, barely catching its breath in-between.
The A.V. Club
While not quite a red herring, the corporate stuff serves as a prelude to a long-winded and mostly embarrassing treatise on alternative lifestyles and filial responsibility.
Village Voice
Director Lee throws cold water on his own overheated fantasy scenario by having Mackie mope through every scene. What's fascinating is how She Hate Me perversely trumps its own perversity.
When a Spike Lee film doesn't fly, it sinks like a stone.
How can a director as savvy as Lee make so many errors of judgment regarding taste, tone, intention and dramatic structure?
The mélange of plots, subplots, reveries, gags, cartoons, dirty bits, and hissy fits points to a work that is structurally modelled less on the classic narratives of cinema than on, say, a portion of Russian salad.
Spike Lee carries his political exasperation beyond outrage into chaos. The carelessness with which he hurls his feelings about hot-button topics onto the screen is the filmmaking equivalent of last-ditch marketing: grab everything in sight, roll it up into a big messy mud ball, and hurl it against the wall, hoping that something sticks.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Spike Lee’s She Hate Me is his worst movie ever--even worse than "Bamboozled," his self-serving indictment of modern minstrelsy, which at least was worth arguing about.

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