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Original Plot with Funny Stuff
ledzep2916 August 2006
I don't think I've yet seen a movie in my whole lifetime about a high school kid creating his own college, just to impress his parents. Nowadays, movies are either remakes or sequels, or plots that have been used in many different films. This one has an original story line and to follow it up by making it a comedy films only lightens the deal. With this well thought out story and with laughs mixed in, this is a good movie. Now I've seen better, but upon going into the theater I was thinking another drug/beer/frat party with some sexual innuendo tossed in (aka an "American Pie" flick) but I was surprised. To sum it up, I enjoyed the film and the next time your shuffling through the paper for movies, look for show times to "Accepted". If you want to laugh out loud, that is.
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Ask me about my....
Scufovo19 August 2006
This is what movies should aspire to. Funny without being totally stupid, a little sexy without having every female in the cast show her boobs, biting without resorting to 'f-bombs' every line. I've been seeing Justin Long pop up in a lot of films over the past few years, I figured with the right role he could break out. (Mac commercials not withstanding.) This film just might put him on a fast track to the A list. The rest of the cast also did their jobs perfectly, this is an excellent little film with a nice message. (But you don't need to buy the message to have a good time.) Lewis Black is, as usual, hilarious, and Blake Lively is a fresh faced beauty.

Take a couple hours and see this film, they will not have been wasted.
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Delivers a message with a laugh.
wiggaplease-16 May 2007
From the creators of Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar! The film took a while to pick up from the start, at least for me seeing as I expected this was a run-along America Pie flick. But it was slightly different-- a fun-loving slacker who finishes high school and makes his OWN college, running it accordingly. As you can expect, there's a lot of parties and hot girls in bikinis but this film tried harder than your average teen flick. Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) encourages his students / peers to learn through freedom of expression and ultimately 'shove it to the system.' The humour was varied which I loved. All the cast delivered fantastic performances-- hire this one out with a friend, it's a bloody crack up!
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Scarecrow-884 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Look, the plot is preposterous and unrealistic but the film is so much fun it's charms won me over. Long is a likable lead, but honestly he's too cool to be portrayed as such a disregarded kid. I would watch him and how the film wants to create this downgraded high school kid who couldn't get into a decent college and is portrayed as such a loser...but he's got all these charismatic qualities that sort of challenge that perception of school invisibility where his character appears uncool and abandoned by the cliques that determine worth as a recognized figure amongst his peers. When Blake Lively takes to Long, it isn't the same as Montgomery going gaga for Carradine in Revenge of the Nerds. He seems like just the kind of guy who could appeal to her. Jonah Hill, still pre-stardom and on the heavier side at this point in his career, is the buddy of Long who is attending an ivy league school treating him like a fool. Lively is dating frat prick Travis Van Winkle who mistreats Hill, while Long, Columbus Short, Maria Thayer, and Adam Herschman join forces to start a fake college accepting all the kids not good enough for all the other schools. S.H.I.T (South Harmon School of Technology) becomes party central and all the college undesirables are happy go lucky, free to be themselves and get involved in building this college into something more than a place to crash on the parents' dime. Culinary, art, meditation, and this wall chalkboard that allows the students to comment on what they want from the collegiate experience become a starting place for the school to thrive. Stripper hotties wanting more, with one of them put in charge of school outfits, a vert ramp in the yard for skateboarding, a pool for the kids to swim, rock music, and this active and wild contingency of youth coming together as Long determines to corral them into achieving their own dreams outside of the traditional college curriculum. PG-13 rating pushed to the brink just by a game Lewis Black as this anti-establishment former teacher who speaks his mind, bluntly and profanely, lending a hand to Long and his crack team of friends out of their depth at the beginning. Van Winkle's pop (Anthony Heald) wants the land Long's school occupies (a leased dump: former mental hospital!) so he starts trouble. Eventually Long will have to deal with a board of accreditation in the hopes of legitimizing the school. Clearly this cast of talented performers shot from the hip a great deal and while the film is mostly commenting somewhat on academic inequality and voicing for a different kind of collegiate attitude for those students not recognized as worthy of schools limiting who deserves to be accepted, more often than not, there's some laughs to be had here. Could wind up being a college comedy cult classic. Mark Derwin, as the uptight and disappointed dad, and Ann Cusack, as the sorrowed mother, rebounding from their pain of their son's lack of success in getting in a college when the fake school tricks them into believing he was on his way becomes quite amusing as the ruse is more and more difficult to maintain. The students becoming enthralled with Black's ramblings, even giving him a standing ovation, tells what kind of comedy this is. This was a nice surprise.
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What real school should be like.
vampyrecowboy29 August 2006
I for one was very anxious to watch this movie.

Though I knew it was going to be another type of movie in the style of Revenge of the Nerds, I was still impressed.

There is plenty of truth to the fact of this type of learning and believe very strongly that it should be allowed in a "new style of schooling".

Conventional teaching methods do not always teach students what they need to know or should know or want to know.

This approach to teaching should be further sought out in true academic courses.

While there still was too much of the partying scenes, it obviously had to be thrown in there - for Hollywood's sake of making a comedy about college...even though we all know that life isn't really like that by any means.

A touch unbelievable, still funny and with a killer ending.

Awesome ending. Crucial to the entire story and very surprising.

Without the final scene, the movie would have been half as good.

I liked this movie and it didn't have to have overly amounts of swearing or nudity or gross out jokes for it to be good.

Great crew and cast, story and even the generic typecasting of the obligatory "Hampton frat members" was well done.

American Pie 1, 2 3 and American Wedding or whatever clones it makes doers not measure up to this by 1/3.

Far better than most comedies about first year College with no demeaning stupid jokes to make somebody throw up with.

I liked it, even though it was was interesting and even had only regret for watching this movie is that it wasn't longer.
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Surprisingly Inspirering.
capt_cool18 August 2006
A great movie. The movie was even better then the commercials put on. And believe it or not it was very very inspirational. I really think anyone who walks out of the movie at the end will be inspired one way or another.

It was kinda corny at the very beginning, but quickly picks up. I laughed. I laughed very hard on some parts. The acting is basically above average, nothing special, but better then average. I can safely say it was the second funniest movie to come out this summer (1st funniest being CLERKS II). So after all of that I give it a 7/10 (a high seven, but not quite an eight).
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Much better than my expectations
forhall20 August 2006
I saw the trailer and read some reviews, and I had low expectations for this movie. I was pleasantly surprised. While the plot is a little off-beat, everybody in the making of this movie pulled off a pleasant flick good for many a laugh. The writing and jokes are far more literate than I have come to expect. Better yet, they are delivered with aplomb by unknown actors doing a good job, all of them.

The main reasons I wanted to see this movie were Justin Long and Lewis Black. Long is from "Ed" and the new Apple computer ads. He was just coming into his own as an actor in "Ed," and he was excellent here. He's a natural in front of the camera. Lewis Black is a social commentator who pulls no punches. He's on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central about once every two weeks, but he really shines in HBO's "Red, White, and Screwed." I regularly catch him on XM Radio's uncensored comedy channel. Give Black an idea and let him improvise. Whether his rants and lines here are scripted or improvised are no matter. He's priceless delivering his thoughts on middle class angst. One thing about Black's delivery, his hand gestures are not those of a comedian. It just seems like he's having a conversation with you, and I think that makes him unconsciously more effective.
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An off the wall college experience with lots of humor
the-movie-guy16 August 2006
(Synopsis) Graduating high school senior Bartleby "B" Gaines (Justin Long) finds himself without a college to attend. He has been able to talk and con his way out of every problem he encounters, but he hasn't been able to charm his way pass the college admissions board of eight colleges. His mom and dad are very disappointed that Bartleby hasn't been accepted into college. His parents think that if Bartleby doesn't go to college, he will have no future. Several of Bartleby's friends are in the same situation of being rejected by all the colleges they applied to. To satisfy their parents, Bartleby comes up with an idea to start his own college with an internet site. They convert an abandoned psychiatric facility into the South Harmon Institute of Technology. They will be the only students. However, the web site states that we accept anyone. On the first day of school, they unexpectedly have a large number of accepted students that were also rejected by all colleges. With a million dollars in tuition money, Bartleby must make his fake college into a functioning one. He hires Uncle Ben (Lewis Black) as the College Dean. The fun begins when they design their own curriculum, make their own rules, and party all night.

(My Comment) The premise of starting a college without a teaching staff is a little off the wall. Since it was a fake college, Bartleby really didn't need a staff. The movie reminded me of the classic movie "Animal House", the college setting, the fraternity, lots of gags, and pretty young women. These new college freshmen had a different notion of what the college experience was all about. The movie not only has lots of humor, it also has a good message for life. People should reach for their dream and create a passion for what they want to do in life and not settle for what other people want them to do. The ending was a little unrealistic, but it is only a movie. The movie was made for the young crowd to have a little fun. (Universal Pictures, Run time 1:32, Rated PG-13) (7/10)
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Best thing yet to come from the American Pie "bakery"
llaplue18 November 2006
The best thing from the American Pie "bakery." I found the humor and the plot to be far more engaging audience than any of the American Pie movies to date. .Also concerning the appropriateness of the content I found this to be acceptable to a much larger audience than any of the previous American Pie movies. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie experience. When the movie first came out I read a number of negative reviews and ended up not going to see it while it was still in the theater...I now regret that decision. The movie far exceeded my expectations in terms of plot, dialog/scripting, and overall quality. I give it two thumbs way up!
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Not what I had expected!~!
Roxburyfunny119 August 2006
I went in to this thinking another gross movie with gross humor. Telling from my first sentence I don't like that humor and this movie had it's moments but I loved it. Justin Long has really never done comedy like this, where he's sarcastic and clever and I loved it. Lewis Black....enough said. The ending I really did love because It had to take itself seriously I mean how else would you end it? Yes it's another underdog story but not in your typical format and the movie wasn't their ups and downs, it was people coming together for one common goal, To go to college where they were accepted. The cast was amazing and yes I did laugh at loud when I didn't think I would and the laughter lasted longer then I thought to. The parents and sister played their roles well but their characters are put in when necessary. The movie was not focused around them but at the same time they showed up when you expect and not expect them to. They played in to the story very well, and I loved the familiar faces Anthony Heald(Boston Public), Jeremy Howard (I) (Galaxy Quest with Justin Long) Ross Patterson (The New Guy)and Sam Horrigan (Brink). Blake Lively added her certain something to the movie which made it even more enjoyable, as well as B's Friends. I recommend this movie to whoever hated those gross comedies of the last 4 years and really want something with humor and an actually story line!~!
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Self exploration is really what life is all about.
rmfreyre-118 August 2006
Contrary to what many may believe as this movie being an "against the system" type of movie and attitude. It is an excellent portrayal of the "system" in question and how ridiculous it truly is. The funny parts in the movie are in fact funny because they speak the truth about the world around us. Anyone who finds this movie to be unrealistic is simply denying the self evident truths about life. And that is to learn what you enjoy. That is what college should be about..

I come to find that a comment must have at least 10 lines. I think I have given my opinion on the matter. So I now write a couple more lines just as filler. I hope you have been entertained during this time. I encourage you to go see the movie. It is well worth your while so long as you follow it and immerse yourself in the movie.
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Rejection- shove it up your A-S-S !!!
sachinsethi-mib201111 November 2011
This movie deserved a better class of reviews and definitely a higher rating than it actually has. In my opinion, Accepted is based on one of the most relevant topic of our generation wherein the agony and feelings of all those students who due to one reason or another are unable to get accepted to a good enough college after completion of their high school. The central character played by Justin long who when unable to get accepted to any College starts an Unaccredited college along with a few of his friends so as to fulfill the expectations and dreams of his family.

During the course of this, the whole lot of students like him which too were not accepted to any of the college come to this institute to pursue higher studies. This movie provides proper insight to our education system and its inability to carve innovation and fuel imagination in young fresh minds which wants only "possibilities" in life and a belief that they also can contribute to the development of world and change the face of time on their watch.

The character played by the dean of South Harmon Institute of Technology was quite interesting and intriguing as its views presented about the existing system and world around may not please many but unfortunately are true.

Also, the character of Sherman Schrader is also relevant in the current time as the person who is somewhat different may be in appearance or attitude is always met with hatred of others and becomes a misfit in the society of commons.

Lastly, Justin long proved that he too can put by the act together and give a performance which can demonstrate its worth as an actor. He stuck the chord with connecting beautifully with the character of protagonist "Bartelbey Gaines". His speech at the end of the movie encapsulates the essence of the movie and packs a Knock -out punch in front of the panel before whom they had a hearing for accreditation.

The line "do not Judge us by the way we look" is my personal favorite. Hence, I would rate it as 8/10.
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You know, I liked it
abum19022 August 2006
For all the obvious merit that this movie does not have, I liked it. I just couldn't help myself. The story is pretty stupid and unbelievable, the characters aren't really characters at all (just stereotypes), and there is nothing real in this movie at all. None of the relationships are convincing, and the ending is far too contrived.

But who cares about all that when it's just supposed to be a stupid comedy. I had a good time, a lot of the jokes were laugh-out-loud funny, and even though I wouldn't pay to see it again, it was worth seeing once. So if you like crude humor and stupid situations, go for it. It's fun.
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Good For Adult
Mr_Sensitive1 April 2008
Tell the truth I enjoy every single teen movie, and I have seen a whole lot of it, A Whole Lot. I categorize them and this one got to be the light weight teen comedy. Something that is not very funny because it got this very mild humor for that actual teen but at the same time it wasn’t that bad.

Synopsis: B is good in extra curriculum, unfortunately that doesn’t help in a place at any university. With a pressure from his parents; he and couple of friends finally came up with the idea to built fake college. Problem arises when other students also get accepted into this fake college.

Not bad of an idea, not an original, but who care, it’s a teen movie after all. I like it, the only problem for me was the character development wasn’t that good, and there are too many characters that haven’t been polish very well. Like Glen he was suppose to be like Booger (Revenge of the Nerd) stupid, yet intelligence in his own way and funny. But here he hardly does anything.

I love the cast, I love Justin Long, which guy is funny, I always follow his work and he does a pretty good job as “B”. Everyone here seems to fit the jigsaw very well. And the acting is decent though from time to time it gets cheesy and the dialogue is also weird at time.

The movie consists of very touching and inspiring moments and the bond about friendship, and the stupid and how the education system should be. Unfortunately, the movie more or less lack in humor, don’t get it wrong, it just not “laugh out loud” kind it is more of smile type. This movie is for someone older and pre-teen that does not look for toilet humor and more life good morale kind of movie.

Recommendation: Yea Sure, It Worth A Rental.

Reason To Watch: Justin Long, Fake College.

Reason Not To: If you’re A Teenager Looking For Real Humor and Nudity.

Rating: 6.5/10 (Grade: C+)
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If only this were true!
callanvass1 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
(Credit IMDb)

A high school slacker who's rejected by every school he applies to opts to create his own institution of higher learning, the South Harmon Institute of Technology, on a rundown piece of property near his hometown.

Accepted is one of those really good movies that goes relatively unnoticed when it first comes out. After some time passes, it becomes a big hit with movie fans. I really liked this movie because it has guts. I can pretty much assure you that there are so many people tired of how many schools operate. That's why I got bored in school because the lack of imagination. Accepted actually made school look like fun. Who hasn't wanted to start their own school and teach what they wanna teach? It's heartwarming and goes to show you the power that people do actually have. I highly doubt you'd ever see something like this happen in the real world, but it's fun to dream about. Justin Long is a likable lead. He has this goofy charm that you can't help but become attached too. Jonah Hill shows signs of why he'd become such a big star. Blake Lively is a ridiculously gorgeous woman with some serious acting chops as well. I thought she played a really good love interest of Long's. Everyone else plays their parts well.

Overall, Accepted is a movie you can't help but love, it has many good messages about it. I really hope that one day the school system's will change. This movie kinda shows the potential.

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Good idea...nice movie
shteckk628 January 2007
That's a very good idea. It is a fact that today's learning institutes aren't encouraging the creativity of the children...they encourage the fierce competition...between them...period. The movie is a teen movie, far better and way more entertaining and educative than any American pie or other junk... It's obvious that the movie isn't perfect...but what movie is? I gave it a 10 (ten with congratulations) for the brilliant idea -->> to give a chance to all...not only the rich and/or smart children of the rich and/or smart people... The final note of this movie is very positive, and I liked this a lot... because not the fat rich kids are becoming our favorite models in life... the poor kids that are struggling for something... and that idea impressed me.
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Animal House meets Ferris Buehler, Risky Business and Old School
dandodson25 May 2006
"Accepted" has more than its fair share of comic moments and characters. That's the fortunate thing about making a movie about goofy people. Unfortunately, it takes its self too seriously and continuously hits us over the head with the "Losers are OK too" message.

"Animal House" from which "Accepted" borrowed freely, was a more straightforward comedy. It strung together a series of great sketches with a lame plot line, but the plot was never the movie. Animal House will forever be the college comedy to which other similar films are compared.

Risky Business was more purposeful, Ferris Buehler tighter and Old School better acted.

So where does this leave "Accepted"? In need of re-work.

Fortunately I saw it at a screening in May and it's not supposed to come out until August, leaving the film-makers time to re-work. There's good material here and the audience laughed at the gags. Also, the premise of a made up college is interesting. I just hope that they lose the preachiness and overt plagiarism from "Animal House".
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who needs a good story when you're having fun
maegers18 August 2006
I think the problem with most people is that they take things seriously that weren't supposed to be taken seriously. If you go into Accepted expecting Oscar gold, you are going to be disappointed, but if you go into the movie expecting nothing, except maybe a few laughs, then you will leave happy! I enjoyed watching this movie a lot. I loved all the one liners, and the sarcasm. Plus, the names of some of the classes are GREAT! The story line is pretty basic, the tragic hero, something good happens, someone bad tries to wreck it, there's a girl, hazing, a courtroom, and then... battle royale! There are a few slow points in the film, and Bartleby's parents and sister are a little underdeveloped as characters, at least the sister has a little something going for her. For the most part, this was one of the better movies to hit mainstream theaters this summer. Go see it, have a laugh.
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Far better than expected
oshram-320 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
On the face of it, any teen comedy runs the risk of being sophomoric and obvious, and fair enough, most of them are. There are a few that have risen above the usual banality of the source material (Bring It On, Eurotrip), and they give me hope that others can join that depressingly rare crowd of teen comedies that are actually funny and not just an excuse to flash some starlet's boobs or be a vehicle for some never-was like Tom Green.

Enter Accepted, directed by John Cusack pal Steve Pink and led by the likable Justin Long (the smart nerdy kid in Galaxy Quest and more recently featured in Apple computer ads), about a bunch of kids who don't get accepted to college and decide, as disclosed in the trailer, to fake a bogus one to get their parents off their backs. When they go a little too far with the website and other kids end up enrolling, the kids have a few problems to solve.

Okay, the set-up is obviously preposterous, but most comedy lives or dies in the execution, and here, Accepted does pretty well. Long's Bartleby Gaines (mostly shortened to 'B') is accompanied by enough well-meaning comically acceptable friends to help him share the load, but probably the best supporting character is 'Dean' Lewis (no doubt named as an homage to Rodney Dangerfield's Dean Martin), aka Uncle Ben, Lewis Black, who is wisely restricted to short spurts where he can rapid fire his unique brand of cranky observational humor. Black is terrific here, frankly telling the kids what life is really like (his expletive-laden final line is hysterical) and providing the adult face to the bogus university for the parents.

But Long has to carry most of the film, and he does so, in spades; Bartleby is easily identified with and we take to him almost immediately. A nice twist was provided by Columbus Short's character Hands, an athlete who loses his scholarship due to an injury and ends up becoming the de facto art faculty at the fake college. Also noteworthy as Bartleby's hyper-intelligent and sarcastic little sister is Hannah Marks.

Yes, the film does feel familiar in some spots; there's a debt here owed, of all places, to Revenge of the Nerds. Those who are rejected by everyone else find a home with Bartleby and his cohorts, and of course the villains are steroid-enhanced conformist Master Race types who run a fraternity (well, okay, frats are evil) and seek to humiliate and bury the oddballs for the – gasp – crime of being different. But that aside, Accepted has fun with the material, and even asks a few decent questions about the expectations on college kids and the course of higher education. Not that it's a brain teaser by any means, but Accepted isn't just another mindless teen comedy (or Owen Wilson vehicle). It's a funny, clever 90 minutes that, while not a great departure from its genre, is intelligent and creative enough to be very enjoyable.

There is at least one moment of unadulterated brilliance in the film, when Bartleby checks out a nearby college in an attempt to harvest ideas for his own school's curriculum. When he sees that the kids are all stressed out at the other school (several refuse to even talk to him during class for fear of missing something), he shakes his head, thinking that there must be a better way. As he moves to leave he is met by a stream of kids going the other way, one person moving against a human tide, while in the background, the opening lines of Eleanor Rigby play. Perhaps an unplanned moment of brilliance, but brilliance none the less.
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A Decent, Funny Movie
perfect_paradisiac20 August 2006
As far as summer movies go, this one sets no new standard of excellence. It has the common formula, lots of cheap gags, a romance sub-plot, and an inspirational message at the end. The same formula that has been plugged into summer comedy for about 7 years. (Rat Race, for instance). This one also has trouble deciding between an inspirational piece, or an all out party movie (i.e. Animal House). The blending between both aspects of the story is done well, and some of the characters in the movie are just plain funny in their antics. This isn't one that your breath will be taken away by, but it is definitely funny, and, it at least attempts to give the audience a lesson in finding their purpose after high school.
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awful movie
andrewz1188223 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this movie was downright awful. most of the comedic scenes seem stale and trite, and possibly the funniest scene in the movie had already been given away in previews. the entire premise of the movie is so unbelievable and ridiculous its hard to really get into it. the actors themselves portray the most unrealistic characters. its not just the fact that the movies so hard to swallow, but its how they keep forcing it down your throat expecting you to dumb down and accept it. the plot itself is so shallow and easy to predict. boy somehow gets rejected from every school he applied to(i suppose he completely forgot about attending community college) and decides to create his own school for fellow rejects. all goes well for awhile until the validity of his school comes into question. all the while the dorky character manages to woo his beautiful neighbor into falling for him with his witty sarcasm, which apparently is a skill only he possesses. then comes the final struggle with the students somehow all bonding together and fighting for the survival of the school. of course the main character then persuades the state board of education to allow his school to stay alive with some "inspirational" speech. this movie would have been more fun to watch if i was under the age of 16 and still ignorant of all college matters and issues.
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entertaining feel good comedy
squareroot22 November 2006
I liked the movie.

and here 's why. You know the usual storyline ? best example is a movie about robbing banks. everybody just loves the scenes where the gangsters have it all (every robbery is a success with lots of action. the gang gets along really good. And then it happens they get arrested or they have a fight. then the movie drags to the turning point. I always feel bad at that point of the film because you know that after that point everything goes slow and even a little bit depressive.

Well this movie does it all the way. non stop good times and a little clip that lasts only a few minutes.

Don't get to deep in the storytelling. It 's just a fun movie to watch. It's nice to see a good Idea (start "relax" college)come to life in a film.
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I love Kiki
supa_fun-118 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Diora Baird is absolutely hot as hell in this movie. But really all the characters are amazingly fun to watch.

(MINOR SPOILERS) As per usual, the main character, B, is the sane one of the bunch. B has this crazy idea to make up his own college when he's rejected from all colleges he applies to. He's known for making fake IDs. so an acceptance letter is no problem.

Because B's dad is a hard @$$ and suspicious of this university he's never heard of, B gets his friend Sherman to design a website for the university. Sherman has been accepted to a great college and is in fear of being arrested for fraud. He's very quick with witty lines but his flaw is he wants to be accepted socially too much.

Glen, Hands, and Rory are the three stooges that follow B along. Glen got a zero on his SATs and has no thought process. He's constantly proposing battle royals, but he's very good at making smoothies, which gets him a lot of hot girls, somehow. Hands was a great football player who didn't receive the scholarship he was counting on, and turns to crafts to cover his lack of athletics. Rory was preparing to go to Yale since the 1st grade, and was not accepted. She spends her time meditating.

Uncle Ben was my favorite character. Picture Lewis Black playing himself. If you have no reason to see this movie, then see it for Lewis Black and Jonah Hill. They're amazing.

Monica is a B's love interest. As most of these stories go, she's more popular than him and doesn't even notice him until half way through the movie. Unlike many other stories though, B actually gets her and keeps her until the end. Monica is actually a good character on her own, but of course she's primarily there for B to adore.

There are more supporting students at the made-up college who are fun to watch. A.D.D.'s name is self explanatory, and funny enough he ends up in the meditation class. Kiki is a hot ex-stripper who falls head over heels for a chance to go to school and eventually gets a crush on Glen. Maurice is an ex-military idiot who got his G.I. bill and wants to study rock n' roll in college. The final guy is only known as Freaky Student, who thinks he can blow things up with his mind. Ye who have little faith in him wait until the end of the movie.

Of course the villains are the Dean of an opposing university, his university's student body president, the president's girlfriend, and their circle of friends.

Every character is lovable. I believe this movie has a good plot and is well done, despite what a lot of people say. Even thought the overall story is predictable, the characters keep you guessing and make the movie great. Go see this film. I give it 9 out of 10.
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good movie
bigpunisher_218518 August 2006
it is like a modern day twist on the revenge of the nerds movie. it is well written and has very funny and thought provoking monologues. it was tastefully done and did not have to resort to a 'R' rating to make the movie any better. despite the fact that when the DVD comes out it will be the uncut and unrated. this movie will entertain all and make you really think about the roles and philosophies of college in our society. the writing for the film in my opinion is amazing for the type of film it is, Kevin Smithesk. the cast of characters and the actors that play them were placed together very well. the characters have you relating with them as one of those outsider, rejects or even think that you have friends just like them. it is a great movie for all ages, but especially for those college aged ones.
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One-sided Ignorance
refolded18 August 2007
Synopsis: Kid is not accepted into any colleges. He creates a "college" where he and his friends can party by using their parent's tuition money.

Wow. A Paean to ignorance.

If you believe that we're all OK, man, then this movie is for you. Furthermore, you must understand that:

1. Kids have it all inside them--they just need to let it out.

2. Teaching really stifles the innate creativity that everyone is born with.

3. Someone else should pay for you to follow your passion.

4. 300 teenagers can live together in harmony, as long as you take away those restrictive rules.

5. Extemporaneous speeches are often much more convincing than a prepared presentation.

6. If the Board of Education allows you to open a "charter school" with "nontraditional teaching techniques," it's because they have your best interests at heart. (Not that they are willing to let go of low-functioning students who will end up working fast food anyways.)

This movie is one in the college comedy genre, i.e. Animal House. It follows the pattern pretty closely. What's new here though, is a complete attack on higher education, not a parody of the bad elements. It's missing the sympathetic insider, a professor who embodies the worthwhile part of university life.

This lack of balance will doom this film to the back rows of Blockbuster. It is so one sided, that I wondered if it was an ironic self-referential take on the whole genre--for about one minute. The movie has no deep meaning, no layers, no introspection. It's as if they let some kids who never went to class do what comes naturally. And what is natural is what the name of the school is: S***.

(Never thought I'd say this: Go see something with Will Farrell instead. His comedies can be surprisingly sophisticated.)
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