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(I) (2005)

Amber Valletta: Allegra



  • Allegra Cole : How did you know all that stuff about me?

    [Hitch looks away] 

    Allegra Cole : Well, you really did your homework. Like at boarding school, when everyone used to tease me because I couldn't whistle?

    [Hitch looks up, confused] 

    Allegra Cole : And having him dance like a buffoon, knowing that I can't dance, either? Then telling him to drop mustard on his shirt so I'd feel like less of a dork? That was all you, right?

    Hitch : No. Hell, no.

    Allegra Cole : That was him?

    Hitch : That's got Albert written all over it.

    Allegra Cole : Did you put him up to the inhaler?

    Hitch : [stunned]  Stop it. He did not show you that.

    Allegra Cole : He chucked it right before he kissed me.

    Hitch : So, wait. That stuff... worked for you?

    Allegra Cole : It was adorable.

    [they both laugh] 

    Allegra Cole : What *did* you do?

    Hitch : [smiles]  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  • Hitch : [on Albert]  That man would have sold his soul to make you happy.

    Allegra Cole : So what does that make you? The devil?

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