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The A.V. Club
A slick new meta-romantic comedy selling a transparent yet strangely irresistible fantasy of upscale romance among the beautiful but guarded.
Village Voice
While far from perfect, Hitch is a rare studio product that earns the goodwill it smugly demands.
Andy Tennant's flimsy but generally likeable comedy is tailor-made for Smith's cheerfully suave comic style, and the movie goes out of its way to avoid any hint of sleaziness.
Considerably heavier on romance than comedy, Hitch stitches together relatively few laughs but generates enough goodwill and energy.
Entertainment Weekly
Will Smith, taking a break from summer sci-fi smashfests, certainly shows a gift for modulation. Far from coasting, he plays a world expert at romance by ratcheting his charm up and down in supple, exacting degrees.
Will Smith has an easy charm, and this labored romantic farce works it hard. Too hard.
Dallas Observer
Buried somewhere in here, about 6 feet deep, is an intriguing premise.
L.A. Weekly
The film moves in fits and starts, and is way too long, but it may prove memorable, if only for the sweet, marvelously inventive performance of Kevin James.
Chicago Tribune
The movie, like Hitch, tries to be cool, funny and sweet but falls on its face without generating any real sympathy, smarts or humor.
An unwieldy, excessively talky affair, unintentionally exhibiting all the clunky stops and starts and self-conscious ramblings of a particularly awkward first date.

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