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Deliciously dark and absolutely hilarious
Danny_G1315 November 2004
Peep Show is a highly original effort in the world of British Comedy, and the trick it uses aids it as one of the funniest comedies of the last 10 years. You do need to be slightly thick-skinned to appreciate it though...

Mark and Jeremy are 2 loser flat-mates. One's got a turgid office job and is in love with a colleague, and the other, Jeremy, is the leech without a job and failing miserably to do anything worthwhile with his life.

On the face of it sounds not unlike Men Behaving Badly, and there are the 2 women both guys respectively pine for; one being the aforementioned colleague of Mark, and the other being the next door neighbour who Jeremy is desperate to 'have'.

However, Peep Show does 2 things which make it quite unique and laugh-out-loud funny. Firstly it adopts a first person perspective so we see the action not as a 3rd party, but from the very points of view of the characters. Not only this, but we hear their thoughts as well, which means we know what they're really thinking as opposed to only hearing what they actually say. This is a terrific twist and provides genuine hilarity throughout.

The second aspect it adopts is adult humour, and by this I don't mean Viz. It uses sexual situations, drugs, booze, and political incorrectness as incredibly risqué and dark humour, and goes beyond anything I've ever seen before, certainly in sitcom land. It's plainly obvious why it gets an 18 certificate (UK).

Furthermore, the acting itself is absolutely great, and is incredibly conducive to to the script. Because of the strength of the script and the supreme acting, there are many genuinely toe-curling embarrassing moments (But never fail to make you laugh, as opposed to just making you cringe), along with some awkward silences where, for a moment, you actually sympathise with the characters because you 'are' them. But normal hilarity resumes soon after...

This is a terrific series, and genuinely funny. It will not be to everyone's taste, but if you can laugh at yourself you can laugh at this.

Highly recommended.
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The best comedy show ever.
dmateris82-426-76843428 July 2012
Peep Show should be watched, studied and enjoyed many times through out for anyone who loves to laugh, love and get a hint as to how to write a well scripted comedy. The characters, the writing and the format is all so original and hilarious. I watch this show probably every day. There is always something new to discover watching and I just fall more in love with the characters each time. Although I am a single female living in America in her late 20's, I had no idea I could have so much in common with a couple of male Brits. The inner monologue is dead on and the emotions are raw but total human. Brilliant. Brilliant.Brilliant.
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The best Brirish Comedy in years
prancinpie_113 January 2005
It is true that this show did not attract a lot of viewers. I watched it on its first airing but, to be honest, this was pure luck, there was nothing else on to watch so i decided to watch it. After the first episode i was hooked. It was wonderfully written and just brilliant overall. Nearly everything is funny from the things each person says to the looks on their faces in certain situations. (See Jeremy's face when he refers to "the bad thing")

After seeing it i had to tell my friends. People can get very proud when they say that they switched a particular group of people onto a film or T.V show and i am no different. It is a comedy i am proud i stumbled upon and a show i'm sure you'll love once you've seen.

After series 1 i was disappointed, i knew that they wouldn't be making anymore, it was on the late night T.V slot and never talked about, i was horrified to know that there would be no more Peep show.

Then BANG, Series 2 came on. And no, it didn't get worse. In fact i find it improved upon the first and seemed more confident. I am A big fan of the office but i find peep show somehow, well, i find it a lot funnier, don't know about you. 5/5
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Top Stuff!
spungonet18 July 2004
An utterly, blindingly funny show from Channel 4 (which was put out on E4, for some reason. Why do they do that? ) It is a terrible shame that more people can't see it. If you like shows like Bottom, BlackAdder, Fifteen Stories High, etc., you'll love this. (Its adult content, however, may preclude less prurient viewers from concurring.) Brief summary: the camera acts alternately as either of the central characters in this show - hence the title. They are both deeply flawed individuals, unable to grasp the causal origins of their unmitigated life-failure, let alone find the inner resources to affect any solution. The show is really about pain - and you won't enjoy it unless you are quite capable of laughing at your own.

Can't praise its originality enough. 10/10.
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Excellent British Comedy
tramsbottom12 December 2003
This is a little gem I found sadly relegated to late-night TV. It's an innovative comedy about two losers who are trying to be cool and get the girls, shot entirely with point-of-view angles (characters talk to the camera as a person or the camera IS the character, depending on who's speaking).

I cannot recommend this show highly enough. British comedy seemed to be on the wane, but this is one of the best written, funniest shows around.

Expect copycat shows using the same style of shooting POV any time soon.
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Dry humour that'll make you laugh...
garydiamond11 June 2007
...and also consider how strange your own life can be, how unusual your own thoughts and reasoning seem when viewed through the eyes of another. The idea is much more than a gimmick; it forms the backbone and provides a lot of the most hilarious and often shocking moments of the show.

Like all good concepts that are given a successful platform to work from, you wonder why the idea wasn't more popular beforehand. Webb and Mitchell have a dark, dry sense of humour that will appeal only to certain individuals not so bound by convention, somewhat bohemian if you will. People not afraid to admit that their own thoughts and actions can seem completely bizarre when given a different perspective.

To really appreciate the show you definitely have to put yourself in the shoes of the two leads. You have to share in their shame, humiliations and triumphs - literally getting out what you put in. This is no soap opera that you tune into so that you can tune out, this is one that demands your full attention.

Webb and Mitchell have a lot of calibre as actors as this show is obviously very difficult to film, being as it is almost entirely filmed through the eyes of the duo. A lot of tricky close camera situations and complex edits are used and work seamlessly.

It certainly won't appeal to everyone - if it did it wouldn't be a very good show would it? - but those ready for challenging, dynamic television should buy the first two seasons on DVD and enjoy.
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Watch this now you big silly
pml00721 January 2006
This is quite possibly the most amusing show I have ever seen. I would echo the comments on here about it being under appreciated. It truly is up there with The Office, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and all of these. Indeed in my view it is better.

If you haven't seen this watch it. Now. It has become somewhat of a cult between my friends and I, verging on obsession.

So, how does it work? It's hard to say. At first the POV thing comes somewhat as a gimmick but actually you really don't notice it. This programme would be brilliant without it. However the way thoughts can be heard, the person POV followed etc really adds to the programme.

The characters are brilliant and all entirely believable whilst being completely ordinary. They are not special in any way. Their situations are on the whole ordinary too... This is just pure comedy based on situations, characters, dialogue and plots. Every aspect is perfect.

There's a bit of Mark and Jeremy in all of us, that's why it works.
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Fresh and funny comedy that quickly gets over the slightly gimmicky feel it has on first viewing
bob the moo27 December 2005
Having just hit the end of series three in the UK it is a bit of a mystery why Peep Show has failed to hit the heights of The Office for example. However the fact that it remains quite a "cult" sort of programme means that those of us that watch it are allowed to be a little bit smug about the fact that we do. The concept behind the programme is the live of flatmates Jeremy and Mark – the former being a bit of a student type and the latter being a bit middle-class and repressed. Rather than just follow the story in a normal way, we see the action through their eyes and, more importantly, get to hear their thoughts in between the dialogue.

This approach doesn't sound that clever or unique but I can assure you that it works much better than it sounds. The simple story lines are based around the recognisability of the characters and many of their thoughts are actually not that exaggerated. They are to a point of course, but not to an extreme and it is the familiarity of the characters that makes it work for me. The script is regularly spot on, with a real ear for dialogue, mixing the convincing with the absurd well and producing plenty of funny lines – again surprising me that the suitability for trailers and adverts of the material hasn't brought it more success….particularly in the Friday night slot that has previously shown to be such a winner for dross such as Friends as well as genuinely good comedies.

With good writing comes the need for good delivery and thankfully the lead two are on the ball. Webb wears Jeremy like a second skin and is totally convincing in his rather selfish character. Although he is less "cool" of a character, Mitchell is equally as good as Mark and again is easily able to carry off a rather podgy and repressed man who would rather suffer in silence than make a public scene (annoyingly a trait that I can recognise in myself). The support is good but with the script focusing on the actions and thoughts of Mark and Jez it is no surprise that Mitchell and Webb do deservedly dominate the programme.

Overall a fresh and funny comedy. The "point of view" thing does feel like a gimmick for a while when you first watch it, but the humour of the thoughts/voiceovers means that it is worth while and I quickly bought into it. Quite why it hasn't set the world on fire I can't say but it is definitely worth checking out on DVD if you haven't had the chance to watch it yet.
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excellent show
broken-104 September 2006
By chance I caught this show on BBC America while channel surfing thru the million channels on my cable service. Needless to say this show is funny as hell, the camera angles are used to great effect as well.

The two loser roommates and their insane exploits are bizarre, yet situations that I'm sure many people can relate to. The 2 protagonists are often left dealing with paranioa, anxiety, latenet homo-sexual thought, among other things. The one roommate works in a borish office, while the second roommate is lost in a world of fantasy, with his band that's not really a band since he does not actually write music or play gigs.

This show rocks!
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My Favourite Sitcom and Will Be Yours Too!
aadil9412 February 2008
This has to be the most funniest British comedy I have ever watched! The characters are so hilarious, and very likable! Each episode will always have it's really funny bits, along with a hilarious situation! The deep inner thoughts of Mark and Jeremy(the main duo of Peep Show)are dark and witty.

It's just how "in-convenient" the duo's lives are, that make you want to laugh. Every moment is funny, whether it's Mark chasing his crush/obsession Sophie, or Jeremy lounging about the flat doing F*** all.

If you haven't seen this in-genius comedy, then WATCH it right away! Or you won't know what your missing.

-- Peep Show : No better comedy! --
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Make Sure You Take a Peep
VictorianCushionCat8 January 2007
For some time friends were telling me that I'd love Peep Show, but I never seemed to catch it on TV. However the other week I was able to see pretty much all of Series One/Two/Three on DVD and I'm happy to say these friends were correct.

Classic 2 blokes Mark and Jez living togehter, holding each other back comedy, which we've seen many a time but a great touch hearing what each one is thinking (usually contradicting what they are saying) Good supporting cast help and it's fair to say that this comedy often hits the all too rare 'laugh out loud' funny.

As is the recent fashion since 'The Office' relies heavily on 'cringe' factor but you'll be laughing more than not. The humour is often social anxiety and sexual, but is not afraid to descend (thankfully) to the wonders of basic toilet humour.

Observe and laugh!
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The Best Sitcom You've Never Seen
truehammer28 March 2010
'Peep Show' is a British sitcom written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, starring comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who work alongside each other in different projects in a similar fashion to other British comedy duos such as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The show follows two men who share a flat together, Mark Corrigan (Mitchell) and Jeremy Osbourne (Webb).

The shows comedy is very dark and cringeworthy and contains themes regarding sex and drugs so it's definitely not for kids but its a very guilty pleasure for everybody else. What sets this apart from similar awkward situation comedies is that the show is constantly shot from the characters' point of view, whether it be the two main characters or supporting characters and we can hear Mark and Jez' thoughts. This is a truly brilliant innovation and lifts this high above most other sitcoms, especially as the two leads are highly insecure and conniving, a lot of the time they say things only for you to hear their conflicting true thoughts and its absolutely hilarious, they often talk themselves into bizarre and embarrassing situations.

Mark and Jez seem very different but they fit together well. Mark is a semi-successful, middle-class loan manager who owns the flat he lives in with Jeremy, while he seems sensible and cautious on the outside he is actually quite impulsive and occasionally talks himself into erratic behaviour he later regrets. He is highly neurotic and worries about anything, even socialising with other humans which doesn't come easily to him, he researches subjects he has no interest in just to fit in with the crowd and endures activities others enjoy. Strangely though you can identify with him and feel sorry for him, he is essentially a good person but often makes stupid mistakes in an effort to make himself look 'normal'.

Jez on the other hand is far more out-going and sexually promiscuous, unemployed throughout most of the series he claims to be 'in the music industry' although his band is going nowhere and he appears to be deluded into thinking fame and fortune is waiting to come to him without him making any effort. He is Mark's only real friend but is often spiteful and malicious and seems to be constantly holding Mark back, the reason for this however seems to be Jez' fear of losing Mark rather than him actually disliking him, when things are at their lowest he always sticks by Mark and the selfishness disappears showing he isn't a completely nasty character. Jez is also a recreational drug user and is often seen hungover or on a 'downer', there are indications to Jez having bisexual tendencies as well although he often represses those feelings.

The first series starts with Mark and Jez both single with Jez having just ended a longterm relationship with his girlfriend Big Suze to move in with his old pal Mark. While Mark pursues work colleague Sophie Chapman (Olivia Colman) somewhat obsessively, Jez begins seeing an attractive American with a hippy attitude, Nancy (Rachel Blanchard).

The supporting cast in Peep Show are as strong as the leads, in particular Jez' friend and bandmate Super Hans (Matt King), a walking chemistry set who never met a pill he didn't pop or a pipe he didn't toke, every sentence that leaves Super Hans' mouth is an instant classic quote, a lesser show would miss such a great character but this doesn't due to its high quality and leaves him on the sidelines to great effect. Paterson Joseph plays Mark's boss Alan Johnson, supremely confident he comes across as the black James Bond, cool, calm and collected at all times. Finally Neil Fitzmaurice plays Jeff Heaney, Mark's nemesis and love rival to Sophie, he is a bully who torments Mark with sarcastic comments to put him down in front of others. Other minor characters come and go but these three really add a lot to the show.

Over the course of the six series, nothing really gets any better for Mark and Jez and they are destined to spend the rest of their life together wallowing in mediocrity, stumbling from one excruciating situation to the next. Quite how this truly great masterpiece of a sitcom hasn't caught on is beyond me, perhaps due to its much darker theme than shows like The Office and the fact its been shifted to a late slot on Channel 4 it's been overlooked and while that's criminal it just means those of us who do know about it can enjoy it all the more, because it's our little secret. For me its the best sitcom of the last decade and that's saying something.
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Proper Ace
AKeeb7 October 2006
Outstanding - laugh out loud - comedy.

When you compare this to stuff like 3 non blondes, it is difficult to believe that they are allegedly in the same genre. BBC3 take note - this is what comedy is - it makes you L A U G H.

Very funny, characters are brilliant and it just gets better and better.

Along with Mighty Boosh, Nathan Barley and Dark Place, this is one to watch if you get a chance. Yes the Office is arguably the best, but these all run it close.

Season 4 please!
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Example of British comedy at its finest
emmarosepollard23 April 2019
I first saw Peep Show about 7 years ago and haven't stopped watching it since. It's a perfect example of British comedy at its finest (like Blsckadder) - it's easy watching and I can binge on episodes so easily! The characters and storyline are well thought out. The earlier series are quite nostalgic for me and when going through all the series to the later series, you really develop a bond with the characters. It has so many amazing actors and actresses; Olivia Coleman, Robert Webb, David Mitchell etc. Just amazing.
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The ending of the El Dude Brothers
shilohfan1 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The ending of this was pretty depressing to say the least, but I think it worked with the overall theme of the show. In the end Mark and Jez's story was never going to be the cliché happy ending everyone wanted. I think the story of two thirty something men running into endless mishaps and comedic well timed catastrophes was what gave the show it's true to life feel. It wouldn't make sense if it all worked out in the end, and that's why I was satisfied with the ending, but I do see why some would be disappointed. All in all, a very funny show - Matt King is also very funny in this, delivers some great one liners. I doubt there will ever be another comedy to take it's place.
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Hilarious and brilliant series.
Sleepin_Dragon19 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I never watched Peep show when it originally went out, for the life of me I don't know why. I love it, it gets funnier as it goes along, so many uncomfortable and cringe worthy moments, but the dynamic between the two is utterly magical, they're a brilliant comic duo. Patterson Joseph, Olivia Colman, Sophie Winkleman and others all brilliant.

The humour works so well because the two main characters are so different, Jezz is a total layabout, lazy, Mark is quite well motivated, just socially awkward, both share the same issues, both are totally dysfunctional.

Some wonderful highlights include Holiday, University Challenge, Jeremy's Mummy. The wedding episode is perhaps my favourite, just wonderful.

The whole show is just different, I love that we get to hear the inner thoughts of the characters, I can't think where it's been done before, it's original. 9/10
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The best comedy I have ever seen by far.
burpingaway25 January 2011
I joined just to post this message. Brilliant comedy that gets better the more you watch it. I've watched all 7 series 5 times and I've only been a fan for the past 2 years. I don't normally ever re-watch anything.

Its available on 4OD and SeeSaw, you can watch all 7 series, and all of them are great. It might take you a little while to get into, but once you are, you will be hooked.

As I write I think series 8 has been commissioned, which will put Peepshow as one of the longest running sitcoms in Channel 4 History. I think the only one that ran longer was Desmonds.

If you like good quality, smart comedy, then you must watch this!
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Geniusly unique
JEve2644704 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a fan of this series since seeing it on E4 in the early hours of the morning. Having now seen it promoted to Channel 4 on Friday evening just proves that gems will shine. Now two series have been completed, lets hope for a third.

Peep show is centred around two flatmates called Mark and Jez who call themselves The El Dude Brothers. Jez is a self centred, unemployed music wannabe. Mark is an uptight, tubby loan manager who seems like failure just follows him around.

Out of the two of them you would think that Jez would be the funny one and he is funny. His shallowness lead him into all sorts of funny situations and his lack of compassion is also amusing.

But Mark is the most funny one by far. He believes that embarrassment is a way of life and does not care how he is perceived as long as he remains close to Sophie, his office crush. Even though he looks like a geek, Mark says things that any normal person would only think and think things that normal people would not even think. His continuing bickering with love rival Jeff is hilarious, as is his uptight manner lead his mouth into trouble. Mark Corrigan is a legend.

My favourite supporting cast member is Alan, Marks boos. His little sayings and his voice have me on the floor in laughter...... Put the plug in the jug!! The funniest episodes are the bowling episode (1.3), the one where Mark has a breakdown (1.5), the one where Mark makes a new friend (2.2) and the one where everyone believes Mark is an alcoholic (2.3) Brilliant Stuff....... Hoffmeister
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If there is ambrosia, this is it.
dreamingskychild5 July 2019
Peep Show is the holy grail of comedy and uniqueness. Seriously I really don't know of a better comedy show. It has made me laugh out loud so many times. I have watched it over and over, I never get bored or sick of it. Of all shows, I excitedly and proudly recommend it to others. I really want everyone to give it a go. So grateful for the whole production, the unique and hilarious script, amazing actors, and so many seasons. I love, love Peep Show! I'm actually going to go watch it now ^_^ Do yourself a favour, and watch it too!
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Car crash TV at its finest: Art imitating life.
bgsmall8 May 2019
Having watched some of the episodes at time of broadcast on CH4, I felt a need to view the entire series from beginning to end, and yesterday I achieved that aim!

The 30-soon to be 40-something's Mark and Jeremy navigate their work and personal relationships in unsynchronized tandem across the entire run of episodes. However, their methods in managing the lows and highs are diametrically opposed. Within that lies the awful crass, stupid, ignorant and very funny responses they choose. The overall hilarity is aided by each characters thoughts being verbalised to the viewer. Car crash TV at its finest, difficult to not sometimes think 'oh but for the grace of God go I'....
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Don't pass away without seeing Peep show
dominicwoods-3707627 March 2019
My number 1 series of all time.

If you like to laugh or need cheering up..... Just shaded Curb your enthusiasm...
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Best TV show ever
felixeldridge-967186 January 2019
I've watched Peep show 4-5 times now. It's got great comedy with relatable characters and original plots in each episode. Made some people watch this show and it got very mixed reactions! Mostly good though.
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ellsmcdonald30 November 2018
Watched the box set about 10 times over! Hilarious, awkward, cringey British comedy.
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pq_saltamontes5 August 2018
Excelente comedia , no puedes dejar de verla y te faja con ganas de más .
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The Best TV Show EVER
I've never been so hooked by a TV show. It's a very honest and daring comedy that is as timeless as it is clever! It aims to shock, yet does so in a hilarious way that leaves you craving more. Some scenes are so jam-packed with awkward situations that you'll actually find yourself cringing as the duo try to cope with everyday life! I highly recommend this to all.
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