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Ministry of Mayhem
jboothmillard17 May 2005
This is quite a good kids Saturday morning show. It is hosted by Stephen Mulhern from The Quick Trick Show and the fit presenter Holly Willoughby. Throughout the show they have been throwing Gunge, shouting, ramming dwarfs into doors (one made of paper), scaring themselves and guests, guessing ring tones with guests and obviously showing some good shows. One of the best shows on this show is Captain Scarlet. But any way, they have had some pretty good guests appearing. These include: Melanie C (Sporty Spice), Joe Swash (Mickey from EastEnders), Darius, Caprice and a couple of others. Quite good entertainment, I hardly watch the actual show, but bits of it are good! The kids will love it!
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Ministry of Mayhem
liam200630 July 2005
After a bad start, 18 months into transmission, this show is excellent. There are good features such as "Cakey Sk8", "Name that Tone" and "Snap". Holly and Stephen work perfectly together and should get work together after M.O.M. The Doc is a great addition with his strong innuendo which widens the audience as does the sexy Miss Willoughby. It is clear to see why this show has beat Dick and Dom in the ratings so much! Now 30 months into transmission, Saturday Showdown isn't the best of programs on TV at the moment but it is a good program. As a cheap version of M.O.M, the games have been adapted such as "Pumping on your Stereo" and "Ram Ray". This show also had a poor start but has dramatically improved with additions such as "Play your farts right" with which came "Egor". This show will not be axed on July 1st unnoticed so heres for hoping for series 2 of Holly and Stephens Saturday Showdown!
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No matter how many times you rebuild your ad package ITV... YOUR PROGRAM IS TRASH!
Dynamo_ace3 August 2005
Ministry of Mayhem did look promising, until they started to change the formula every week during the opening weeks. I turned off after then and watched Dick and Dom, as they are funny compared to MOM. I watched it again once to see if it got better, like i did with SMTV. Alas, it did not.

This program is unspeakably rubbish, from the bro and bro lookalikes to the overpaid presenters. And strangely enough, the program is still on the air! One thing to notice was the first ad-campaign that followed the launch (there were other ad-campaigns that were just as rubbish). Come on ITV, the opening level Sonic heroes trick was used before! Amougt others!

But then again, what do i suspect from a company who seems to have become mute to its customers.
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