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Season 1

Honeymoon Done!
Young Pastor Gooding arrives at Mt Zion with plans to change things around - over Hope's dead body!
14 Feb. 2003
Who the Cap Fits
Hope loses her mind when she finds a chocolate scented condom in Crystal's bag.
21 Feb. 2003
Tangled Web
Pastor Stevens has courtside tickets to a Raptor's game. Unfortunately for him it's the same day as a big church event. Instead of telling the truth, Stevens and Father White tell a series of lies and get themselves in more trouble.
28 Feb. 2003
The Flesh Is Weak
Crystal develops a crush on Gooding. Between doing the right thing and being flattered Gooding has his hands full.
Deranged Marriage
Ryan is in love. But in the process he gets kicked out of his house, has to crash at Mt. Zion, and ends up driving everyone crazy.
The Choir
Crystal is inspired to start a youth choir. When Desiree gets wind of this she wants in, but Crystal is not having it. She says "The youth choir is for youth," and sparks fly.
The Date
Desiree tries to set up the odd couple of Sister Hope and Marty. Her task is harder than she thought, especially with the awkward Marty, prideful Hope and Hope's grandson, Kent, trying to foil her plan. She has her work cut out for her.
Kent decides that he is going to save souls. But he has a hard time with the lost sheep at Mt. Zion. Shaken, he ends up with Ryan and falling into his old bad habits!
The Barrel
When Gooding discovers that a Hurricane is heading for Jamaica, he decides that it could be good publicity for the church, (and himself), to send barrels full of relief supplies ahead of the hurricane. Hope says it sounds like sacrilege, so Gooding takes care of the "deals" himself.
The Prodigal Pastor
Hope's long lost brother, fast talking Pastor Nicey, arrives at Mt. Zion and takes the whole church for a holy-ghost swindle.
Blood Is Thicker
Crystal asks Stevens to take her for an abortion. Mt. Zion is outraged. Gooding asks for Steven's resignation and Hope leaves.
Greener Pastures
With Hope gone, Pastor Stevens feels out of step and announces his retirement. Gooding and Desiree are in over their heads. They have to find a way to get Hope back and convince Stevens to stay.

 Season 1 

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