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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic violence, some sexual content, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A husband and wife have sex (the woman wears a shirt, the man is nude), we see her bare stomach (she is pregnant) & his bare buttocks; they moan, the man thrusts briefly and asks how late in her pregnancy they can continue to have sex.
  • A husband and wife lie in bed together (he is bare-chested), she touches his face and kisses him, and they have sex (he thrusts violently while imagining scenes of violence).
  • A woman wears a short robe, it slips open revealing cleavage, she drops it off her shoulders and reveals her bare breasts, and the robe falls open completely revealing her bare breasts and pubic hair. Later one man decides to cover her nakedness after she dies while another man overrides that decision by pulling open her robe exposing her breasts and pubic hair again as humiliation towards the assassin.
  • A dead man is shown nude in a bed (his genitals are in shadow but evident).
  • After an explosion in a hotel we see a naked man (he holds his hands over his genitals, and we see his bare buttocks) and a woman in a bra and panties.
  • A woman wearing a negligee stands on a balcony, her husband joins her, they kiss, he caresses her hip and buttock, and another man says that he will not sleep because the couple will be having sex all night.
  • A woman asks a married man to have sex with her (he declines).
  • A man says to his girlfriend that he thinks another man, "wants to go to bed with you."
  • Several men dress up like women as a disguise (we see them putting on bras and panty hose).

Violence & Gore

  • This is one of Spielberg's most violent films. Right next to Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List.
  • Armed men sneak into a dorm where they break into the rooms of several people and hold them at gunpoint -- we see this scene and the following events several times throughout the film and with increasing detail:
  • A man is shoved against a wall and held with a gun to his chest, we see a dead man lying on the floor with bloody bullet holes in his back and a blood-soaked shirt.
  • A man with a knife slashes at another man who shoots him through the face (we see the shot open the side of his face up and he bleeds profusely with blood covering his whole left side, he is then shot in the chest with blood spraying and pouring out from his head), a man is shot repeatedly and blood splatters and sprays on the wall behind him, a man is stabbed in the head with a knife.
  • A man is shot in the back repeatedly (we see bloody bullet holes open and he jerks.)
  • Several men are shot at as they run away from gunmen with blood spurts, several men are shot in a helicopter that then explodes.
  • Several other men are shot in another helicopter (we see them with bloody wounds, blood spurts and they smolder).
  • A woman is shot three times, once in the throat and once in the chest, blood spurts out of the wound in her throat as she gasps and she is shot in the head (blood streams from all of the wounds, and her robe falls open exposing her pubic hair).
  • A bomb explodes in a hotel room, one man is blown to pieces, we see puddles of blood on the floor and bloody extremities around the room (a gorily torn up arm and unknown pieces of charred up flesh swings from the ceiling fan) a man in the next room is blown through the air (he appears to be having trouble hearing), and a man and a woman in another room are shown with bloody wounds (the woman's head is bloody and she says she cannot see, and the man is covered with dust).
  • We hear reports of an attack and see pools of blood being mopped up.
  • Two men point guns at a man, they shoot him several times, he falls to the floor breaking a bottle of milk that he had been carrying and blood and milk form a puddle on the floor.
  • Several men in a street shoot back and forth at each other, and one man is shot repeatedly in the chest and abdomen and falls to the ground dead (we see bloody wounds on his chest). Another man is shot in the chest twice, he falls to the ground with blood pouring out and soaking his clothes.
  • Several men are shot at close range (we see them jerking when hit by the bullets but no blood is evident).
  • There is shooting back and forth between many armed men, several are shown being hit by bullets and falling to the ground dead (not much blood is evident).
  • Israeli agents break the doors of apartments down, they enter each one and shoot a man in each: a man is shot repeatedly (we see bloody bullet holes), another man is shot repeatedly (blood sprays and his mattress catches fire), An Israeli agent approaches a locked door and tries to open it but is shot several times through the door (with blood spraying) sending him to the ground dead. Agents then flank to the other side of the apartment, break through more sort of glass door and the armed man (who shot the Israeli agent through the door) and a frantic woman are shot repeatedly (blood sprays and they flail)
  • A teenage boy is shot in the head, blood and a chunk of matter spurts out and he falls back into a pool.
  • A man is found dead in his bed (we see blood on the pillow behind his head).
  • A man rolls a grenade into a room, a man inside the room tries to get out, the first man pulls the door closed, the grenade explodes killing the man in the room, and the door blows open and the blast knocks the other man down.
  • A bomb explodes after a man picks up his telephone (that's where the explosive was planted), the windows of the room blow out and glass showers down on the street below.
  • A house explodes with a man inside.
  • A man sits dead on a bench (we do not see the wound but are told that he was stabbed).
  • A man is punched in the face, two other men join in the tussle, and they shove each other and yell.
  • Two men are shot at by many other men (they get away).


  • 17 uses of "fuck", 3 uses of "asshole", 8 uses of "shit", 1 use of "ass".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Men drink wine with dinner.
  • Several people drink wine with a meal in a few scenes.
  • A man drinks a beer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The juxtaposition of graphic violence and death can be very disturbing for many.
  • The scenes with the Black September are quite dark and disturbing.
  • The film deals with the difficulty of remaining moral when fighting darkness. Israeli and Jewish agents of the Mossad are ordered to track down and kill people. The thought that keeps going through their heads is wondering wether or not what they are doing is right.
  • There are one or two explosions that cause jump scares.
  • One scene in particular that is quite emotional and depressing to watch is when a man imagines the Black September terrorist group brutally killing the Israeli athletes they kidnapped. While he is imagining these scenes he screams and shouts in anger.
  • The movie always has a sense of tension but isn't scary.

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