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Sex & Nudity

  • Several strippers are shown wearing very revealing clothing in a strip club.
  • Some implied sexual activity. There are many occasions where characters kiss passionately and it cuts to another scene, strongly implying that they have had sex. On other occasions, characters are shown in bed together topless, again implying sex. No nudity is shown.
  • It is implied a man and woman had sex in a cage where they were being held captive.
  • A scene in which a step-brother and step-sister kiss passionately and it is implied they had sex.
  • Topless men, and sometimes women wear some tight/revealing clothes.
  • A man wakes up naked in the jungle. No nudity is seen and he soon find something to cover himself.
  • A man and woman wake up after having sex. They are both topless, however, the woman covers herself with a blanket.
  • There are also some infrequent mild to moderate sex references and inuendoes. Examples include:
  • A woman and man wrestling, she lands on top of him and he makes a lewd comment.
  • A man reveals that he had had sex with a woman, using the terminology "I screwed her"
  • A man uses some sexually-charged nicknames, such as "hot lips".
  • Scantly dressed women.

Violence & Gore

  • A priest slaughters terrorists in a church with a machete. While this is offscreen, we see him exit the church soaked in blood.
  • Some bloody violence in many episodes.
  • Many people die in the original plane crash. Some dead bodies are seen. People with injuries, both major and minor are shown.
  • Shootings: A man is shot in the chest. A man is shot three times, and then three more times at close range, when lying on the ground. A woman is shot twice. A woman is shot in the chest. A man shoots himself in the arm. A man is shot in the arm and has to remove the bullet with his bare hands. A child is forced to shoot an elderly man. A bear is shot with 9 bullets. A man shoots himself in the head (not shown). A man is shot with a harpoon. A man is shot at close range, even though he had surrendered. A young woman is shot in front of her father, as she cries and screams for help. A man is shot in the head (this time shown from a distance). A young boy is shot in the chest. Off screen, a woman screams and is shot by her husband. He then shoots himself. Many minor characters are shot.
  • Stabbings: A woman is stabbed in the back but survives. Her blood later drips onto the face of another character. A man is stabbed in the side. Some thugs are killed with a machete, a bit of blood is splattered on the weapon and the wielder.
  • A man is tied to a tree and punched by another man. He is later tortured by having shoots pushed under his fingernails.
  • A man has a serious leg injury which is shown closeup.
  • A man holds a woman hostage, holding a broken plate to her neck as a weapon.
  • A man sets off a tripwire, causing an arrow to shoot him.
  • A man is pushed out of a window, falling eight stories and breaking his back.
  • A man's throat is cut and he is thrown into the ocean. His body is also shown washed up on shore, with the cut wound clearly visible but not very gory. Other people also have their throats cut in other episodes.
  • A man is strangled by another using a cord or wire of some kind. A man is strangled by another using a chain.
  • A man is blown up with a stick of dynamite. Bits of his body fall onto other characters. Much later, a woman dies in a similar way.
  • A man breaks another man's neck.
  • A man is impaled on a wooden spike. His slightly decomposed body is later seen.
  • A woman hits a man in the stomach with a small axe.
  • Two people are buried alive.
  • A man suffers a seizure. He foams at the mouth and blood comes out of his nose and ears before he falls down, apparently dead.
  • A man's arm is ripped off.
  • A man is attached to a machine and given electric shocks while being interrogated.
  • A man who is awake during part of his appendectomy.
  • Many people are killed by an unknown chemical gas. Blood is seen dripping from their noses. Their skeletal bodies are later seen in a mass grave.
  • Various characters are killed by a (sometimes unseen) monster. Their bloody corpses are sometimes shown.
  • Many characters commit or try to commit suicide many times throughout the show.


  • Damn, bitch, whore, ass, wanker, son of a bitch, and crap are all used occasionally.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One main character is a heroin addict and is seen under the influence on several occasions.
  • At least three characters are alcoholics.
  • Two characters play a drinking game.
  • A surgeon is fired because he operated while under the influence.
  • Infrequent smoking in the first few episodes - including Sawyer in the first episode and the use of a cigarette as a time-delay device.
  • Prescription and illegal drug addiction and it's consequences. Drugs are not portrayed in a positive way. Many small bags of what looks like heroin are shown.
  • A doctor is shown taking and abusing the prescription drug Oxycodone. He also drinks heavily.
  • A commune which grows marijuana is shown, but there are no scenes of people using the drug.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Loud noises and jump scares are semi-frequent appearing at least a dozen times per season. Certain side characters can be very creepy, characters are shown going insane; suffering from supposed hallucinations and delusions. It is implied one character was driven to the point of insanity and killed many people.
  • Frequent tense scenes.
  • Moderate to strong horror.
  • Many scenes involving threat, peril, and torture.
  • There is a monster made of black smoke that could frighten some viewers.
  • The death scenes (of which there are many) can be very emotional and sad.
  • A teenage girl is shot in front of her father.
  • A man overcome with guilt tries to commit suicide many times throughout a season of the show.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is graphically stabbed in the chest by a wooden stake, ot is brief but bloody.

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