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MPAA Rated R for disturbing sexual content involving children, and for language

Sex & Nudity

    • A man states in a non-graphic way that he had sex with his wife. The other man who he is talking to said he had a girlfriend once and he had a "total f**kfest" with her.
    • A teenaged girl flashes her underwear at a twenty- or thirty-something man. It is implied that he masturbates to it, but it is unclear and we only see his face. Then the teenaged girl makes out with her female firend next to her to arouse the man. Later, the girls walk by the man's house and see that the man has posted signs on the inside of his window describing in graphic detail what he wants to do to them sexually. This recurs throughout the film and gets more and more graphic as the film goes on.
    • The aforementioned teenaged girls seduce a boy their same age and give him a blowjob. Sucking sounds can be heard, but the girls are not seen at all except when standing away from him. The boy's expression and sounds insinuate that he had climaxed. He is shown clasping the edge of the bed he is laying, closing his eyes hard, and grunting briefly. However, the girls back away before the ejaculate can come in contact with them. They then ask the boy who gave him a better blowjob. Nothing graphic is shown. An even younger girl witnesses the entire act through a window.
    • A crude term for masturbation is said: "scooje."
    • A woman says several times, through a chat session, that she wants to touch/is touching herself. She also mentions that she is fingering her a*****e and that it "feels so good."

Violence & Gore

    • A girl states to her friend that she would leave teeth marks when she gives a man a blowjob.
    • A man asks a woman what she would think of him if he were a killer of children. However, he doesn't kill children. This statement is only hypothetical.
    • There ia a brief image of an African man with AIDS in a photograph put into a slide show. His skin is deformed and he looks very unhealthy. It is somewhat hard to look at.
    • A man is watching "Happy Tree Friends," a real-life, ultraviolent, animated spoof of children's shows. We see it through the window, so it is slightly obscured, but we can still see lots of blood.


    • "F**k" is spoken a total amount of nine times and written once (10 times total).
    • "Damn" is said once.
    • "S**t" is said once in the form of the exclamation "s**tlords!" (whatever that means).
    • "Jesus Christ" and "Jesus" are each used once as an exclamation.
    • Some graphic sexual dialogue.
    • Some crude sexual and/or anatomical terms.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The entire film deals with sexual politics and finding love. Some characters to that in disturbing ways. Others do it in somewhat more conventional ways. Many will find the majority of the film fairly offensive. Elements of pedophilia, masturbation, oral sex, and general sexual material (especially involving children) are prevalent throughout the whole film.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

    • A teenaged boy and his younger brother chat with an older woman over the Internet about "pooping back and forth into each other's buttholes, forever." She keeps typing back that she is aroused. Eventually, the youngest boy and the woman meet in a park. They kiss briefly, and she walks away, frustrated.

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