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Season 18

30 Sep. 2020
Kunst und Krempel
Cripple senior Ingrid Petersen was skull-smashed as if in a failed robbery, which seemingly yielded no loot of value. her son Philipp Petersen now reconsiders her dismissed claims since months, according to his partner a sign of dementia, of receiving anonymous calls and objects being moved around the house. Searching from a possible intruder and/or murderer, the team discovers in neighbor Johanna Röhl's home a rare admiralty clock identical to the one Philipp Petersen confirms being stolen from Ingrid and come on the trail of systematical insurance appraisal errors ...
7 Oct. 2020
Timmermann stops and searches a van transporting laundry for driving with an open back door. Driver Sven Burdenski ignores how a corpse got into a full laundry basket, which he got from beach hotel "Drei Möwen", where victim Loris Falter was a guest. Timmermann however realizes it's not the real Loris Falter, a harmless homeless hobo he knows and gets to admit he as paid for his identity card. The actual victim was brutally stabbed in his hotel room bath, and is identified as Marc Binz, long-missing playboy son of pickled herring baron Binz. Marc Binz wrecked the ...
14 Oct. 2020
Die Sprache der Wunden
During a guided tour of the Wismar coastal moor, a young female corpse is found, covered in bruises. Coroner Helene Sturbeck is shocked to recognize Melanie Reusdorf, whom she failed months ago to persuade to file a serious abuse complaint after examining her, hence feels guilty and insists the abuse-suspected partner be arrested as the presumable murderer. It's well-reputed, charismatic attorney Anwalt Gregor Stein, who claims he searched for her in vain. His present partner vouches for Gregor, while his elderly mother Christiane, who inhabits the ground level of ...
21 Oct. 2020
Wismar's crime godmother Margot Ahlers puts up a case of cash ransom for her kidnapped son Hauke to be delivered by his brothers Jasper and Tjerk Ahlers, but the latter starts a fist fight which chases a abductor, leaving their leader Maik Lüders behind unconscious, but taking the cash. Ahlers sister Bine informed chief Reuter, whose team finds that -perhaps killed- Hauke Ahlers planned to flee to Russia. The other kidnapper s found, Jannik Knopp, but denies responsibility, indeed instrumental in a double-crossing plot.
28 Oct. 2020
Ilse muss weg
Allergic Ilse Eger died from peanut bits in her breakfast muesli, despite someone using her emergency kit. Her retirement residence neighbors are shocked, especially Heinrich Witt, who found her dying, unable to help. Buddies Frieda Witt and Regine Hagen moved in together a few months ago to enjoy their last years. Ilse's birthday party the night before had more guests, including Ilse's son Peer Eger, whom Regine suspects of resenting at all cost her objections to selling the house she signed over conditionally for tax purposes, reserving right of residence, which ...
4 Nov. 2020
Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof
Horse-riding, Gerald von Gungelitz breaks his bleeding neck due to a steel wire strung across his path. He is missed by his sister Gesine von Gungelitz and her teen son Jonathan, whom Frankfurt businessman Gerald von Gungelitz was visiting, at their manage, which he once ran with her, recovering after a bad divorce. Wine glasses in his room suggest female company, and he recently had a row with stable-hand Bert Krüger, who lies it ware just about sports, in fact his girl friend Rike Meyer was Gerald's visitor. But torn-up VIP tickets also put the team on a sad other ...
11 Nov. 2020
Der Absturz
An anonymous call reports the crash of pilot school owner David Husby's glider after a shot in the morning, but cause of death was a free-flying tree branch piercing Husby's chest. Stubborn bio-farmer Arno Uphoff filed several failed complaints against the neighboring pilot school 'spooking his cattle'. David's partner Solveig Dülmener grimly resisted his plan to return to his native Australia now their daughter had left home, and left him. Still the team finds another suspect among the flying school's clientele and watchers.
18 Nov. 2020
Tödlicher Salut
Shortly after the court ruled for Achim Buchholz's claim to a historically reconstructed Swedish canon against Wismar's Historischen Gesellschaft der Hansebrüder, he is killed when it explodes as he test it with -lightly wounded- buddy Oliver Michel on the beach. Their own specially designed showcase shell was tampered with, inserting highly explosive modern gun powder. First suspect is the rival club. Achim Buchholz's wife Julia felt neglected and hated him spending every dime on the historical reenactments, which she only joined to meet men. Finally an affair is ...
25 Nov. 2020
Täter Timmermann
Timmermann was observed by Danish guest colleague Stine Bergendal, meeting in the evening secretly on a tower with a mystery woman, identified as Fenja Wellenmacher when her corpse lies under the tower next morning. Husband Harald Wellenmacher suspected her of an affair, as confirmed by a friend: she probably wanted to start over with another partner. Was that her once ex Timmermann, who claims he never learned what she wanted and is forced to take leave pending the investigation? In Fenja's car is found the weapon used for a recent armed robbery on a cash shipment. A...
2 Dec. 2020
Zucht und Ordnung
Tibor Müller was beaten yo death at the though private booth camp for 'wayward youth' he runs at the parents' expense in the woods outside Wismar. The previous evening, he handcuffed main rebel teen Sara Wagner to an iron gate. Sara got loose and allegedly went to sleep in her girl group's tent. The next morning, his deputy, psychologist Vero Frisch, started camp business as usual, without reporting him missing all day 'not to worry anyone'. Later the team learns Vero was his secret lover, and jealous of another lover he had in Wismar, and went there.
9 Dec. 2020
Schlafende Hunde
Popular dog trainer Christin Neuhaus's asthma rendered a pepper-spray dose in the park fatal. Veterinarian Dr. Ludwig admired Christin, her adulterous lover with an animal rights activist stunts criminal record, conspired with her to remove at least two dogs under false pretenses from horrible owners, like publican Arne Weiss who didn't even name his 'failed guard dog'. Martial arts school owner Mats Zepf is pinned to the murder site and time, has a violent record and an unrequited crush on Christin bot a solid alibi.
16 Dec. 2020
Harbor logistics project manager Christian Weberwas stone-beaten to death. He was member with wife Jenny Weber of a group of 'frugalist' housemates and already saved up 40% of the capital target to retire early and enjoy life, but she rather went along for his sake, affording herself some excessive luxuries, Christian even canceled their joint saving account. He also had an adulterous affair with frugalist neighbor Alexandra Lämmle, who runs an economizing blog.
23 Dec. 2020
Hours after wolf cries are heard, Frank Schäfer's corpse is found behind his shepherd trailer with a wolf-like wound. A few months earlier hostile neighbor Hans-Hermann Lang's dogs attacked his herd, so owner Für Lena Brüggemann points to him, as she refuses to sell him the pasture, which is needed for a development project. Frank Schäfer is actually a false identity of a car crash victim, assumed years ago by Paul Marklund who fatally shot during an armed robbery Lena Brüggemann's mother. The bite is also fake, made with a retrieved instrument.
30 Dec. 2020
Lügen können tödlich sein
Logistic entrepreneur Karsten Walbeck was fatally crushed between boats after a fall from his yacht, face unrecognizable, later hauled up on deck. Fresh widow Miriam Walbeck believed him on business conference trip in Hamburg, having received actually posthumous mails. Karsten actually engaged Karin Sellmann's semi-professional alibi-agency, which doesn't ask for clients' motives. His wife ignored that and his bastard son, ex-con Julian Voss, who allegedly turned good and regularly met Karsten in the marina. Karsten also has a young-adult stepson, Niklas Fellner, who ...
5 Jan. 2021
Der schöne Schein
Pascal Döhring successfully runs an E-scooter-rental start-up in Wismar, but was skull smashed. His vehicles are regularly vandalizes or thrown in trees. His poorly paid 'juicers' must collect and recharge the scooters every evening, ex-con Sascha Wellnitz -reformed since his girl Ilka expects their baby- openly campaigns for a better deal, Pascal's own scooter is found in their home. Another former employee started his own scooter firm but went bust, lacking seed capital, and now works as cabby.
20 Jan. 2021
Der Golfer mit dem Schottenrock
Wismar managing golf inks owner Patrick Ohlert is skull-smashed to death there with drift wood. He and wife Svenja Ohlert were preparing to host the first German version of the "MacPherson-Cup", named after the Scottish pro-golf celebrity Ian MacPherson, who is in Wismar helping them organize it. Ohlert's plan was heading for disaster as ticket sales were way under projection, only Svenja's father Günter Rockmann held the links above water by mortgaging his farm, despite disapproving of the marriage 'under her status'. Pro-golfer Ian MacPherson's alibi doesn't hold ...
27 Jan. 2021
Tod einer Notärztin
Devoted ambulant medic Alina Stocker was brutally beaten to death. Possible suspects include disgruntled patients and her husband Tom Stocker, against whom she got a restraining order, planning to divorce him for a yacht-resident boyfriend. Alina Stocker was also accused of killing Mrs. Klara Boeckhoff(s teen daughter by malpractice, got off on criminal trial, but risks a hefty civil damages claim, with her ambulance partner as cahoot.
3 Feb. 2021
In modernistic undertaker and mourning consultant Florian Treibert's Inner court his corpse is found. The former DJ granted various non-somber last wishes, even dancing. His conservative competitor claims they didn't rival but catered fro complementary clienteles. A funeral he organized at sea ended in a brawl. Client David Meissner punched Florian in the face for the inappropriately festive funeral of his mother. Florian's main, more business-minded employee, Nils Berger, adds Florian and David's wife Nadja Meissner had an affair. Florian's recently fired junkie ...
10 Feb. 2021
Gemeiner Stechapfel
Near Wismar, bachelor farmer Jakob Hentsch was killed by poisonous thorn apple is his thermos. Neighbour Katja Neuhaus recently was released after a seven years in prison for killing her husband with the same plant, which is also found on her property, but it's so obvious, she may well be framed. Jakob Hentscher's traditionalist brother and heir Lukas Hentsch bitterly opposed his intention to sell the ancestral farm to an agro-industrial company.
17 Feb. 2021
Die Ordnung der Dinge
Professional clean up consultant Doris Petersen is murdered in front of her 'Tiny House', poisoned by Benzodiazepin in her 'Roibos' tea. Prime suspect is daughter Inka Förster, anesthetist for domestic animals in a veterinary practice, having access to toxins, who inherits 250 000 Euro. Doris Petersen had an affair with client Werner Jaschke, a retired public transport supervisor. Also examined are Doris' latest clients, couple Werner and Gertie Jaschke, and Jennifer Scheuermann and Annika Wohlgemuth, whose rivaling agency "Ordnung der Dinge" systematically lost ...
9 Mar. 2021
Toxische Verbindung
Youth worker Ben Zenker collapses and dies from lack of breath, hastily arriving at his wedding by skateboard, victim of a contact poison. Someone broke in to write insults in his office and left a backpack with spray paint. The graffiti scene commonly uses highly toxic liquid acids, as used on him. Youths report Ben Zenker often rowed with Konrad Koppe, who officially objected to their skating noise. Colleague Ricarda Solms almost stalked Ben Zenker who never requited her crush. The team finds out more about the paint boys and their homes.

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