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Patience is a Virtue
lmcarriere18 April 2006
Compared to all other shows in this genre this one takes the cake so to speak. They are better than all the other ones for one simple reason. This show doesn't go out trying to make things happen just to keep the viewer entertained. TAPS goes out with an objective view to validate their own subjective opinions. If you want to see just the highlights of what they have found, go to the website.

Sure, some episodes come out with nothing at all. But they compliment this with emphasis on genuine character relationships and development (if you watch them in series). Then when you come across some of the episodes where unexplainable (and in some cases unbelievable) things occur, you appreciate them all that more because you know it isn't staged or a hoax. I wish I had the sci-fi channel just for this. I would strongly recommend the DVD's whether your just superstitious or a full fledged hunter yourself.
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Totally addictive
zzoaozz28 December 2005
My media edition computer has a Tivo like deal and has figured out that I like horror movies, so it saw the word Ghost and recorded four or five eps of Ghost Hunters for me. I rolled my eyes and watched the first one... well let's just say that by the time I finished the last one it was way past my bedtime and was caught, hook - line - and sinker. The guys in TAPS are interesting, sincere, and such an odd and occasionally volatile mix of personalities. What keeps me coming back, though, is that every now and then they do catch something that can't be explained, something that makes your skin crawl just a little bit. Put aside your skepticism and give it a chance.
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Great show!
JDM6715 November 2004
Ghost Hunters is a great show! One of the few on TV that I look forward to nowadays. Its entertaining and fun and has a way of making you feel like you are going on the adventure with them every week. The Taps members all seem cool and what I like about them is they don't sugarcoat things. If they find no evidence, they don't pretend to! They are upbeat and honest and truly have one of the better shows on television right now.

So congratulations to Jason, Grant, Brian and all the rest! Keep up the good work and lets keep this show on the air!
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Entertaining for all the wrong reasons...
donavos28 December 2012
I came across a Ghost Hunters marathon on SyFy by accident over the holiday break and then watched a season of GHI International as well on Netflix (can you tell I quickly became addicted to this train wreck). As evidenced by the fact that I continued to watch, the show clearly has entertainment value, just not for the right reasons. As far as actual ghost hunting goes, the it's absolutely hilarious that the show claims to base any of it's conclusions in science. In the spirit of Dave Damesheck's "Shame Report" Series on, I'm debuting BigD's Shame Report: Special Reality TV Edition:

5.) What the hell is up with all the distracting closeups, obnoxious camera angles and over the top soundtrack during the so called "investigations?" Was that mysterious creaking noise coming down the hallway or was that the most annoying soundtrack ever? As a viewer I can't ever tell when something was happening during the investigation or was added for effect later (go figure). Maybe because without all the added effects, this turns into hide-and seek in the dark with a bunch of townies. SHAME!

4.) Why are there always two people on an "investigation" yet it's almost always the case that even though they are standing right next to each other, the other person NEVER hears or sees what the other person saw or heard?

"Did you hear that really creepy, definitely ghost-like sound?" "Huh, what - where?"

Isn't the point of the buddy system here to provide another confirmatory witness to the supposed paranormal activity? These have to be the dummest, non-observant, buddies int he history of reality TV. Oh, and how about you use your "inside ghost hunting voice" when you are talking to your investigator buddy so that, you know, you don't actually miss an actual creak or creepy piano bar coming down the hall from an actual ghost. SHAME!

3.) What credentials do you need to be an "investigator" on this show, anyway? I get the technical guy, because he actually has to know a little bit about lighting, camera, and audio equipment (Best Buy training manual - check) but the other dolts look like they rolled out of "name your favorite sports bar" in "Anytown USA".

How do these clowns qualify as "investigators?" Have they gone to "investigator' school? Do they have an "investigator" certificate from an accredited "investigator" program (or otherwise). Is there an "investigator" app they downloaded?

By the standard of the show, all they need to be able to do is fumble around in the dark with a flashlight and a tape recorder and gamely throw a hissy-fit at the slightest creak or shadow. SHAME!

2.) Can someone explain to me why ghosts only come out when all the lights are turned off? The "ghosts" in question are often times (if not most of the time) reported as being seen in the day by the ...wait for it...people on location who have actually seen them. Yet, in order for their "investigations" to happen, all the lights have to be turned off and the scary night-vision cameras turned on.

Last time I checked, audio can still be recorded during the day, and thermal imaging isn't bothered by daylight either. And how do you see a "shadow" in total darkness anyway (which seems to be the case in every episode)? Wouldn't your flashlight create a shadow, everywhere you looked? Maybe it's because at night, when you are fumbling around in the dark, any little sound or spec of light in the distance is magnified by your brain because, you know - it's creepy and dark?

Here's a suggestion - turn on the lights! How are you going to catch a ghost in total darkness anyway? You don't know where you are, we (the viewers) don't know where you are. Nobody can see dick - it's like hunting with Ray Charles! SHAME!

1.) Hey ghost - can you touch me now? So the lights are off, the cameras are rolling - hey baby, time to get it on! Why are ghosts obligated to be touchy feely on the first date? It's always the same line (or variation) during the investigation: "if you want to let us know you are here - touch one of us. Say your name, baby..."

If a ghost takes a while to manifest themselves to the people actually living in the house, why would they let you get to first base in the span of a few minutes? These are so-called investigations, not lap dances! If somebody barges into your house asking you to touch them and say your name, would you oblige, or call the cops? Can you say stranger danger!?...SHAME!!

And here is your special "ghost hunting edition" white plastic bag of shame to wear.....
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10 Stars
julysturtle23 October 2006
I have been a Ghost Hunters fan since the first season and I am now addicted to it. This show is the most interesting show on today. I love spending my nights watching them. This is the first paranormal show that I believe to have genuine footage and experiences. Grant, Jason and the rest of the TAPS Crew are amazingly funny and honest people. Not only do they give you real experiences but you get a good giggle out of some of their reactions. They don't go in to find a ghost they are there to investigate and "debunk" what is being seen. I you believe then you must watch. This program is not just a program it is an awesome experience.
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Reality TV - Ghost Investigations
gotto-family13 May 2006
A reality show that documents the efforts of part-time ghost hunters. The group of individuals, called TAPS, and led by Grant and Jason, Roto-Rooter Plumbers full-time, are called upon to investigate private homes and public buildings by those who believe they are experiencing supernatural phenomenon. The ghost-hunters employ what they perceive as a scientific approach to investigation of the paranormal. Psychics are seldom in accompaniment and cameras and various other recorders and filming devices are used in the examination of the various sites that the Hunters choose to investigate. Given the minimal amount of "scientific" evidence of haunting that is obtained, it is easy to recognize that the show is not completely staged. In fact, the plugs for Roto Rooter and meetings with family members by the investigators are the only obvious staged filming. Oddly enough, the camera personnel often focus on the TAPS members during moments of supernatural occurrence rather than zooming in on the ghostly activities.

The show has soap opera like qualities as much as soap opera has life-like qualities. The show focuses not only on ghost hunting, but also on the personal squabbles and bickering among TAPS members.

The TAPS members are very down-to-earth, but professional and committed to helping those who are alarmed or curious about potential haunts. Its not long that you become acquainted with the central characters, Brian, Steve, Grant, and Jason, and familiar with their personal pitfalls and strengths.

Occasionally the show manifests its quest for ratings, but seldom delivers anything that will make your heart peak the Richter scale. You will either grow to love or hate the characters, and expect disappointment in the way of ghost investigation after repeated viewing.
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Ghost Hunters, One of my Best shows of the week!
sandyroy743 November 2005
If you are like me, people who think that when we die there has to be more. Well this is one of those shows that are a must to see. I make sure every week I am by the set ready to see where these guys are going to go next and what they are going to find. As said before they are not out just to discover ghost activity they are out there proving that some stories are not what they are made out to be. But on the other hand some stories seem to prove true. Love how they show everything including disagreements they may have on their investigations. I especially enjoyed the Halloween special they had, All I say is that they are doing a great job and I want to see this staying on the air. Great entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat...
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Hilarious stuff, it's just not supposed to be.
TheEmulator2317 August 2009
I love Paranormal, Supernatural, Haunted, and/or whatever you want to call it. Do I believe in any of it for real. No. These guys are really entertaining but for all of the wrong reasons. I would love to go on one of these haunted missions because I could debunk everything right then and there. So could just about every non-believer in this stuff. Will I still be entertained by other entertainment containing these elements? Absolutely I will! Will ever convert to any of this ridiculous stuff, not in a million years. I wish I could believe and be spooked by chairs moving or water be turned on or whatever they say happens. Notice that none of these people are exactly educated, and if they were ALL of it could be explained. Still can be good stuff if you believe in it, but if not you'll be laughing at these people bumping around in the dark, scaring each other over nothing. There is reason why there is absolutely zero credible evidence of anything spooky going on, it's because there isn't.
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If These Are Scientists, I'm a Kangaroo
gavin694231 August 2007
A group of plumbers use their vacation time to inspect houses that are claimed to be haunted by ghosts. The audience follows them through the houses with their technology and expertise, leaving us to be the judge.

I watched a few episodes of "Ghost Hunters" on a recommendation from a friend (who believes in ghosts, although his girlfriend doesn't). I was told it was pretty spooky and that it might show me that ghosts were possible. I don't think him and I watched the same show.

Two men are trained as plumbers with no scientific background. They use such devices as thermometers and video cameras to detect ghosts. I heard them say things like "it's cold here, must be where the ghost entered" and "I feel really scared and uncomfortable in this room". How is that in any way convincing?

The evidence was really nothing special, either. A cold room means there's a ghost? I'm not sure what that's based on. A flash of light is a specter? A bad feeling is a presence? The closest thing I saw to any ghost in this show is a door that opened and closed on its own. Nothing floating, no voices, no spirits. Just a door that opens and closes, which I didn't find very impressive. Doesn't air pressure do that in houses all the time?

If you believe in ghosts, you might find this show pretty amusing. If you don't, I don't think this is going to be the kind of program that convinces you. There were some good moments as far as drama goes -- they are very soap opera-like in how they deal with girlfriends -- but the actual ghost hunting is rather weak.
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A great ghost hunting show...
Happy19811 June 2006
For anyone who is the slightest bit interested in the paranormal, this is a great show. Unlike some ghost hunting shows, that shall remain unnamed, this show is not the least bit cheesy, overly dramatic, or unrealistic. The ghosthunters go out of their way to disprove activity before they actually confirm a haunting. On some other ghost hunter show, the hunters will jump, scream, or freak out when they hear the slightest noise or they are constantly feeling "breezes", "breaths", etc. This show is not like that which is why I think it makes it a great show. The hunters don't overreact and are pretty level-headed when confronted with activity. So, when they actually do come up with activity and confirm that it is paranormal, you know that they aren't just making it up for dramatic purposes.

Just a great all-around show!
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Best Paranormal Investigations show compared to the two others
phrixion6 May 2008
I've watched all episodes of Paranormal State and tried to watch every episode of Most Haunted and can say that Ghost Hunters is the best paranormal investigations show on TV.

Why? You can read my reviews of the other shows on their IMDb pages, as I won't put them here. Ghost Hunters methodology for the show is simple, honest and straight forward. They don't have a person whose screams becomes annoying after two episodes and a unbelievable psychic like the show on the travel channel. They also don't emphasize any specific religions or make the show more than it really is about such as the one on A&E, however the one on A&E is decent, as they do go about and try to help people, a great aspect of the show.

Ghost Hunters uses technology, parapsychology and objective evidence to make even the skeptic look twice. That's what good about the show, they don't try to over dramatize anything or fill it with hammy psychic readings and whatnot. They are normal people going in to do honest investigations.

I think Ghost Hunters is the best paranormal investigations show on TV, they are honest and out there to help people, but most of all is out there to increase public awareness. Like any show it has its slow episodes and there's some drama between the crew, however, on this show, they seem to always be trying to educate themselves and others, and really trying to help people. They've even had a fund raiser to restore a very historical and haunted location, some of the aspects that makes this show and the people in it very good.
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Great if you like to keep Ghost Hunting real (mostly)
georgiamoxie14 July 2016
I enjoyed Ghost Hunters from the beginning because they don't create ghostly activity just to make a good show. If they saw nothing they say a location isn't haunted and they move on. By doing so I'm able to accept it when they do say a location is haunted.

I can't tolerate shows that drag in a ton of reenactment with staged actors, psychic mediums, and filler in order to keep the viewer entertained. I roll my eyes and change the channel.

If you're the type who wants to watch a Ghost Hunter show because you're skeptical if it's real, this is a good show. If you don't care and just want to see some maybe real life haunted footage then this isn't the show for you because you won't see it in every episode.
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Go back to Roto-Rooter!
humphreys-828-11692629 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think this show succeeds for the same reason that the great religions do: if it was more convincing people would be suspicious.

It is either brilliantly thought out and executed to be so appalling boring and unconvincing or its just a happy accident. The fact that its totally absurd strangely attracts people to choose to believe in it.

Its amazing that these clowns are being paid to make television when they are so absurdly bad at it. The entertainment value is even worse than the 'evidence'. If you're going to fake ghost footage at least make it interesting. When you have to subtitle the audio it means that its really not saying anything, its just random noise.
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Not reliable source of information.
thetallbeverage21 October 2010
This show is simply offensive to any and all paranormal investigation agencies out there. I, myself being a paranormal investigator think that shows like this toy with the average viewer with obvious camera tricks and just rude investigations. Not to mention that the agency for whom they choose to follow are some of the most unprofessional acting people I've had to see investigate. I've met some pretty amazing agencies with upwards of 50 members, all professional and actually courageous people who know the difference between a paranormal abnormality, and just someone who's filming accidentally hitting something. Sometimes they DO get some decent footage, but hey, with this sort of thing its a needle in a haystack.
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Science + the supernatural
agent57-14 February 2007
I love ghost shows, but there are so many out there that have slow motion replays of every single piece of dust that catches the light and is labeled an orb. Not to mention the shows where the investigators freak out about every noise and cite every draft as irrefutable proof of a haunting. Or the shows with psychics and spirit guides...

The really great thing about Ghost Hunters is that the TAPS team goes into a job as skeptics. They believe in this stuff, but they try to disprove it as much as possible. If they find a weird light phenomenon, they try to recreate it before saying "Yeah, that's weird."

They apply science to ghost hunting, and as a result the stuff they can't disprove is even more creepy and cool. They've gotten some really interesting EVPs and thermal footage.

This is definitely the best ghost hunting show on television.
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Good for a laugh
Illinoisguy116 February 2012
I mean come on, the show is fake and their so called evidence would prove nothing in court, The only thing this show is good for is a few laughs as you see their reactions of supposed ghosts. And the other thing it's good for is seeing locations that you likely never would visit. The only reason to film at night and have all the lights off is to make it more spooky. Plus the add some spooky music to make it seem more exciting than it really is. Most of the show is just them walking around in the dark filming with night vision cameras looking for some paranormal activity. And most of this evidence is composed of some easily faked audio evidence. Most of this audio is just static but they say they hear voices. The video evidence is also nothing spectacular. Again easily faked or subjective.

But if you're looking for anything serious or profound regarding paranormal then I would look elsewhere.
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an entertaining show
razorbladeetches23 July 2006
For the most part, I really enjoy watching Ghost Hunters. I didn't think Sci Fi would take a chance on something like this, just knowing it could possibly be an hour of just guys in a dark house. But I like the main 'cast' (yeah .. that's not the word I wanted to use).

The Eastern State phantom still bothers me. I don't know what a ghost looks like, but this guy(?) appears to be someone in a black cloak walking towards and away from the camera ... and that's about it. It seems solid and nothing indicates this is a ghost to me. Jason has menioned the odd movement about it and Brain is unable to recreate this on the catwalk. He also mentioned the thing was only four feet tall which is odd because this makes what ... the third or fourth four foot tall entity they've spotted, which is really suspiscious to me. I wonder if there is a small person on the GH payroll!
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Ghost Hunters
copperpenny7 July 2006
I love this show!!!!! I want to see more of it and am disappointed that I can not find it in my TV line up right now. This show rocks! I like the fact that TAPS goes in and TRIES to debunk any ghost stories before saying that something might have a haunting. I am waiting for the day that they have a full body apparition instead of a shadow. Unlike other shows that ooh and ah over "orbs" and squeaks, this show has shown shadow people in motion. One show you would have sworn there was a ghost there, without a doubt. No one would have questioned it, caught on film. However, these guys are so honest, they found it to be the way their equipment was showing the banister. Kudos for your honesty!
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Gold Standard Paranormal show
nirrvana8 December 2015
Ghost Hunters (and at times various spin-offs) airs on the SYFY channel and has been on for 10 seasons now.  Of all the shows this is the one I'd call if I were to find myself living with a haunting.  Not only were they one of the first shows on TV but they are also, in my opinion, one of the most reputable—though there are several ex-cast members who claim that they are not always truthful— but they are certainly the most professional.

First they have good equipment with knowledgeable techs to man it.  My only complaint here is that they are slow to add new tech and shy away from things that most other paranormal teams take for granted now, like the Spirit Box for instance.

Second they have a "prove it" attitude.  In the beginning it was not uncommon to have a whole show where they found no hauntings, though this has changed from season to season.  More importantly you almost NEVER see them run screaming from evidence unlike other investigators on other popular shows.

They do not use sensitives of any kind (though some of their staff has claimed those abilities elsewhere) and they work solely based on what hard evidence (video, evp, etc) that they find.  I think this is a two edge sword though.  I see nothing wrong with using sensitives as long as they are not the only source of information and especially when information they give is later supported with research evidence.

For the most part their crew has been consistent though there seems to be a frequent turnover in staff over the last several seasons.  They almost never say the word demon which I think makes them unusual at this point. It's important to use words like that sparingly because, while I do believe in demonic oppression and hauntings, I do NOT believe it's as common as some other shows imply or outright state.

The most important thing about this show is that they NEVER leave a client feeling frightened or helpless, even when they confirm a haunting.  They put the power into their client's hands or they put them in touch with someone who can help.  This and this alone is the number one reason why I give Ghost Hunters a thumbs up.

My biggest problem with this show is that over the years they have developed a more "Hollywood" feel in the way they report.  I also find that they are less likely to say "No Haunting" than they were in the early seasons even when they find much less evidence than would have been expected in the earlier seasons.  I suspect this happens for one of two reasons; either they get called for the better cases now or they are trying to make their television execs happy.  There are also the rumors—outright accusations actually—from people who left the show that evidence is faked or enhanced.  Although to be fair many of those seem to be based around personality conflicts with the Co-Founder, Producer and Lead Investigator, Jason Hawes.  I am suspicious when someone is "let go" and then makes these accusations rather than leaving publicly for these reasons.  The personality conflicts were seen in some of the early seasons as well but seems to have become a regular issue for crew members, but hey I've never been a member of a large group of people where at least one person didn't rub everyone else the wrong way (usually me)!  For this reason I cannot put stock on the rumors, though they could certainly be true they also could be the invention vindictive ex-employees.

As with all paranormal shows, I am suspicious when investigations are at businesses because without a doubt a "proven haunting" increases business in this day and age.  It should be a fast and clear rule that businesses are not promoted in a paranormal shows but I cannot see that happening any time soon.

Check out my blog paranormal-show-review/
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Love Show...Hate Camera / Cinematography
dshanna-321448 November 2019
Enjoying the new Ghost Hunters show and staff. However I wish they would please, please, please change the shooting style of the cameras! I don't know much about cameras, filming styles and the filming industry so forgive me if I lack the knowledge of its terminology and if my expression is over-simplistic. I feel that most of the time, the camera shots are disorienting, dizzying, and all around confusing and unpleasant to view. The (too) close-ups, off-center angles and up-shot camera views, split screens, etc., are not expressions of creativity as I suspect they're meant to's simply off-putting and irritating.

I think the simple camera style of the old Ghost Hunters made the show feel more authentic and engaging. It makes the audience feel like they're in the room with the cast. I feel that this new format is just alienating its viewers. Does anyone else agree with this?? I hope Grant will read this and give it some consideration because I'd hate to see the show's ratings plummet because some irritating camera work (remember the camera work in the Blair Witch? Yuck!) turned off some viewers. I like the new cast, although I miss the old cast, too! Would like to see the renewal of this show but am frequently put off by the camera work.
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Best paranormal reality show.
theratmonkey10 June 2008
As some people might be aware, the amount of trash paranormal shows out there are utterly countless. This, however, isn't one of them.

Ghost hunters follows the lives of the members of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. With leaders Jason Hawes and Grant Willson, the team investigates many historical landmarks, buildings, and even homes and apartments.

This show popularized the method of skeptical investigating, or trying to look at something paranormal through a skeptics point of view. Given, it might not work all the time, but it's a very affective and interesting method for investigating the paranormal. Where other shows fail to give reasoning for unexplained events, TAPS comes in and always looks for that other option, which is probably the reason why this is a successful show.

Another strong point of the show are the members of TAPS themselves. Along with their serious moments, they laugh, pull pranks, play around, communicate, and behave like people. Whereas on many paranormal shows, you get that campy old man, or that group of misfit teens who are always about serious business, you can tell the people of TAPS are people, and it really fleshes out the show.

With every great show, there are the bad points. I think the worst thing about this show is the music. It's usually down right terrible, and way too cheesy. Sometimes the dramatic cuts can be a little much. The camera work is kind of suspicious to me. Sometimes it's too perfect, or it cuts almost like a scripted show (Which leads me to believe they might act out certain parts of the show. All of the footage of them investigating looks natural, but certain things in between such as TAPS getting a case, or about to start investigating - its those scenes that seem scripted at many times.) Overall, this is a great paranormal reality show. The best, even. If more people were like TAPS in the Paranormal field, it would be a much more respectable and believable field.
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Not worth the wait...
yllomsekao8 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Basically, this show requires a LOT of patience. They do all of the EVP sessions, etc. and you don't actually know if they caught anything. Then they waste a bunch of time on showing clips of the team reviewing the evidence in their hotel room! 25% or more of the time, they don't catch anything or just debunk it! If you watch this show, you want to see ghosts. There are a lot of things that they don't need: loud background music that they play even when the guys think they just heard something, huge team that's constantly changing, and all of the drama about them firing people and their different social problems. You're better off just watching the beginning and then fast forwarding to the end.
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Pure bunk
pt10010 August 2006
I can't believe there are so many people still willing to buy this junk. If you're serious about investigating this nonsense, then just go here: If you just like it as entertainment, sort of like professional wrestling, that's fine, I suppose. But don't be snookered into believing anything they portray here. There's growing evidence that it is just as phony as pro wrestling, and much of it is completely staged. They just don't have the honesty to admit it, because that would ruin their ratings. And, after all, remember that it is on the SciFi Channel, not the Discovery Channel or the Science Channel.
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I think it's a great show. The T.A.P.S. team is a very professional team.
c-fridley14 June 2006
Most of the paranormal investigators in the world will investigate locations trying to prove a haunting. A piece of dust will blow by the camera and they will call it paranormal activity. Same with orbs. Orbs are just collections of energy, it doesn't mean there is a ghost present. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.) will carefully examine their footage, spending hours at a time watching a screen, or even listening to an audio recorder for Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P.). Plus, the T.A.P.S. team will not charge you a dime to investigate your home. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the lead investigators. This is not some yahoo TV show or team, that fakes everything they do. I recommend the show Ghost Hunters, rating it a 10 out of 10.
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The ghost show that actually gets worse as it progresses
northwoods199210 October 2009
I'll admit that when I first started watching this show, at a friend's request of course, I thought it was vaguely interesting. I've always loved paranormal things, and figured a show called "Ghost Hunters" could fill my insatiable need to understand such things.

Unfortunately that was not the case. Gradually I became more and more annoyed at this show and their methods. Mainly I have a few issues with how they handle things. First, some of their members don't seem to respect the ghosts, or spirits if you will. I recall there was an episode in which one of the members was trying to provoke the ghost into doing something by calling it names. Careful doing that, newbie, you might just get possessed.

Another issue I had is that they rely on technology for EVERYTHING. They'll set up thousands of dollar's worth of cameras and other equipment around the place in hopes that they'll catch something. This may be scientifically proved to catch things that we have scientific proof of, but when you're trying to catch PARANORMAL things with EVERY DAY technology, you've got to know that you're going to get little to nothing. At least Paranormal State has the balls to use psychics, mediums, and religious methods, which are far superior to technology.

Last issue is my main problem. They're rarely willing to draw a conclusion about a whole lot of ANYTHING. They use their "scientific method" to try to rule out regular happenings before they can draw a conclusion, but even when they do rule out everything else, they STILL aren't willing to admit it's paranormal. For example, if they had a camera get knocked over or something, they would test for ground movement, wind, drafts in the house, physical intervention, etc etc, but even when they rule that nothing normal could've possibly effected it, they only rule that it could POSSIBLY be paranormal, and that's being generous. Get my drift? If science can't explain it, then obviously it must be PARA - NORMAL.

And whenever they DO find something they deem to be "paranormal", they don't do anything about it! I can't tell you how many times they've heard EVP's saying "help" or "help me", but they never do! They log it as just another phenomenon. Has it occurred to them that these spirits actually want help passing on, and this is their only way of asking for it? Nope, they wouldn't know. It's all about ratings and money.

Ultimately I don't like how they go about doing things on this show, and I believe that ultimately their methods are causing them more trouble than it's worth. I'll stick with Paranormal State, thanks.
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