Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Poster

Michael Gambon: Franklin Bean



  • Petey : [singing around a campfire with his banjo]  'Bout a handsome little fox let me sing you folks a yarn. / Hey, diddle-dee daddle-da doddle-do doodle-dum! / 'Twas a splendid little feller full of wit 'n' grace 'n' charm. / Say, zippy-zee zappa-za yappy-yo doodle-dum! / Well, like any little critter needin' vittels for his littl'uns, / Well, he stole, and he cheated, and he lied just to survive. / With a doodle-dum diddle-die doddle-diddle doodle-dum!

    Other singers : Doodle-dum diddle-die doddle-diddle doodle-dum!

    Petey : Zippy-zo zippy-zay zippy-zappy zoopy-zee!

    Other singers : Zippy-zo zippy-zay zippy-zappy zoopy-zee!

    Petey : Doo-dah doo-day day...

    Petey : Let me take a little tick now to color in the scene: / 'Cross the valley lived three yokels name of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. / Now these three crazy jackies had our hero on the run. / Shot the tail off the cuss with a fox-shootin' gun. / But that stylish little fox was as clever as a whip / Dug as quick as a gopher that was hyper-ack-a-tive.

    Other singers : Yeah!

    Petey : Now those three farmers sit 'twhere there's a hole 'twas once a hill. / Singin' diddle-dee daddle-da doddle-do doodle-dum! / And as far as I can reckon they're a-settin' up there still. Singin' zippy-zee zappa-za yappy-yo...

    Franklin Bean : [standing behind him]  What are you singing, Petey?

    Petey : Just... just making it up as I went- as I went along, really.

    Franklin Bean : That's just weak songwriting. You wrote a bad song, Petey!

  • Franklin Bean : Any fox problems?

    Walter Boggis : Are you joking?

    Nathan Bunce : It's horrible!

    Walter Boggis : We're miserable!

    Nathan Bunce : He's laughing at us!

    Walter Boggis : It's humiliating!

    Nathan Bunce : We're furious!

    Walter Boggis : I don't even want to talk about it.

    Franklin Bean : [drinks a glass of cider]  Perhaps we ought to kill him.

    Walter Boggis : Well, that seems rather obvious.

    Nathan Bunce : He's too sneaky!

    Franklin Bean : Ah, yes. He's very clever, isn't he? Might be a bit difficult, I suppose.

    [shoots every light around in one fluid movement] 

    Franklin Bean : But I already figured out where this fox lives. So tomorrow night, we'll camp in the bushes, wait for him to come out of the hole in the tree, and shoot the cuss to smithereens. How does that grab you, fellas?

    Walter Boggis : Yeah, don't see why not.

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