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This might be the only documentary that will appeal to punks and Mormons alike.
L.A. Weekly
Overall, Whitely's debut film may just fill you with an unexpectedly deep elation.
Though it is small in scale and lasts only 78 minutes, New York Doll, like any documentary, goes places we expect it to and places we do not. As journeys go, this is one to treasure.
New York Post
Kane was nicknamed "Killer" because of his playing style -- and New York Doll has a killer surprise ending that may leave even hard-core punkers reaching for the Kleenex.
The Hollywood Reporter
A tender take on life after stardom.
A charmer whose lack of profane language or images renders it unexpectedly viable for general broadcast.
The A.V. Club
Unexpectedly heartwarming documentary.
Village Voice
In the end, this is less a film about a rock and roller than a film about a Mormon. And Napoleon Dynamite it ain't.
Greg Whiteley's small, tender documentary portrait New York Doll looks at life after rock 'n' roll as experienced by Arthur (Killer) Kane, the original bassist for the legendary glam-punk band the New York Dolls.
Film Threat
Overall, New York Doll is an affectionate (occasionally too much so) look at Arthur Kane.

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