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Season 3

1 Jan. 2007
Fairy Tale Endings
Kris learns what happened to Kerry while Raintree deals with the unexpected fallout of the Breeders' Cup win. Meanwhile, Dani takes over the Davis ranch, but that doesn't stop her father from calling the shots; and Jean welcomes home a familiar face after a death in the family. Also, Matt rethinks his destiny on the farm.
8 Jan. 2007
The Feud
Davis Farms and Raintree Ranch are pulling out all the stops to get a businessman to board 12 horses. Danny Davis has Took back Flame the Horse Junior Gave Kris cause the deed says the colt still belongs to Davis Farms.
15 Jan. 2007
Moving On
Danielle Davis is trying to get Gillian to sell her shares back to Davis Farms Junior Davis has become a understudy of a professional bull rider, and has been entered in the amateur division. Kris has started retraining Wildfire after Failed sire attempts. Jean Ritter tells Kris that she forgives her for letting Kerry take the Breeders Cup Money And Nobody knows Wildfire better than Kris. Gillian sell her shares to Fillycorp who she thinks is a big Corpporation that will mess around with Danielle but Fillycorp is actually Ken Davis. Jean informs Kris that Wildfire ...
22 Jan. 2007
Close to Home
Kris is reunited with Wildfire in time to race on the world's biggest stage, in the Breeders Invitational Stakes.
29 Jan. 2007
Love vs. Work
After Kris Furillo's trailer unexpectedly burns down, her sense of independence is tested when she has to move in with the Ritter family. In order to win herself another trailer, she partners up with Matt in a roping contest. With their increased time together between practices and living under the same roof, Matt and Kris try to adjust as old feelings begin to surface in "Close to Home," Meanwhile, Junior continues his pursuit of bull riding but runs into some resistance from some of the veteran riders and Dani finds herself being heavily pursued by RJ, a rodeo ...
5 Feb. 2007
Kiss Kiss
Upon learning that Ken Davis plans to sell Wildfire's son Flame due to a turned-out forefoot, Kris, Matt and Junior come together to help heal the horse's condition in hopes of changing Ken's mind. As significant progress is made on Flame's forefoot, Kris is overjoyed and unexpectedly kisses Junior, with whom she's been "just friends" for some time. And, as if that wasn't enough, her emotions get the best of her - and she also kisses Matt. Meanwhile, Dani and R.J.'s relationship is picking of some steam. She even decides to move into his trailer - but they soon ...
18 Feb. 2007
Push Me, Pull You
Kris worries about her status at Raintree after Gillian moves into the bunkhouse with Matt and begins offering unsolicited advice about Wildfire's training.
19 Jan. 2007
The Goodbye
With Raintree in dire financial straits, Jean and Matt's willingness to consider a buyer's offer draws criticism from Pablo and Kris.
27 Feb. 2007
Kris increasingly becomes the object of Matt's affection; this renders his relationship with Gillian incompatible.
5 Mar. 2007
Kris and Matt's rekindled relationship comes as a shock to Junior, who is distracted by consoling Dani in her time of mourning.
12 Mar. 2007
You Can't Count on Me
Kris' endeavors to get accustomed to her new relationship with Matt and deal with Pablo's departure are interrupted by a surprise visit from her half brother (Ignacio Serricchio).
19 Mar. 2007
Picking Sides
Kris tries to repair the rift between Matt and Junior, but the tension is exacerbated by the approach of the important Bristol Stakes and the return of Gillian, who proceeds to resume her bonding with Junior.
26 Mar. 2007
So Long Pardner
In the third-season finale, Kris and Matt weigh a generous offer from Sheik Omar that would go a long way toward easing Raintree's financial woes---but that also may be against the law.

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