Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (Video 2003) Poster

Gerard Karsenty: Chuck


  • Chuck : [the girls are naked, and showering in the locker rooms. Chuck, who is invisible to them, stands watching them]  Oh this is too good! It's, it's like buffet!

    Becky : [the girls walk out of the showers to get dressed]  Did you see Chuck yesterday?

    Samantha : Yeah, I really hate that shirt. It's like his mom bought it.

    Vanessa : Oh I know!

    Becky : And Randy and Howard, oh my gosh, they were freaks at practice!

    Vanessa : There's potential, I mean-

    [She gasps as the invisible Chuck touches her butt. She looks around, and doesn't see anything. Chuck then grabs her butt again, and she yelps] 

    Chuck : [He gets a sinister grin]  Wait... they can't see or hear me... but they can feel me. Cue the music! Bow chica bow wow...

    [From now on, Chuck is invisible to the viewers as well as the girls. He grabs Debbie's ass, who gasps] 

    Becky : What is it?

    Debbie : N-nothing... I guess...

    Chuck : It's like buffet! Big booty buffet!

    [Debbie begins moaning loudly as Chuck invisibly pleasures her. Vanessa moves over to stroke her back. Suddenly, Samantha moans out as Chuck begins pleasuring her too] 

    Becky : Jesus, you guys are freaks! What's up-

    [She backs against the lockers as Chuck pleasures her] 

    Becky : Holy shit!

    Chuck : [Chuck stops pleasuring Becky for a few seconds as she recovers]  I can't resist!

    [He keeps pleasuring her, and she moans loudly] 

    Chuck : [Suddenly, Howard's mind control wears off, and the girls can see Chuck again. They scream, and chase him out] 

  • Howard : ...And put the moves on Tiffany.

    Chuck : What moves? With your powers, you can do anything you want!

    Howard : I don't wanna use them on her like that, I really like her.

    [Raises his head with dignity] 

    Howard : It wouldn't be right.

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