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  • A young man uses a mind-control power for his own sexual needs. Miss Emmanuelle shows up to give him more than a slap on the wrist.


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  • Warning: The plot synopsis contains spoilers.

    At a secret facility, two scientists watch as their computer program is broadcast across the internet. All over the world, people receive a dose of this program, which makes them insatiably horny, and they begin having sex with whoever is near them. They eventually realise that one computer has received a much larger dose, which will give the recipient mind-control powers. They send their agent, Emmanuelle, to prevent this.

    Meanwhile, teenage loser Howard Duckell is dreaming of being Tom Cruise, in a swimming pool full of attractive young girls. He then wakes up, and realises he's late for school. He jumps out of bed, and gets dressed in a rush. On his way out, he bumps into his new, attractive neighbour Tiffany, whom he immediately falls for, introducing himself as "Tom". Howard then remembers he's late, and rushes off to school.

    At his high school graduation, Howard discovers he's being sent to summer school. As he doesn't want this, he sneaks into the school building to change his grades. While he does this however, he receives a heavy dose of the mind-control program.

    As Howard recovers, one of the teachers from the school, Ms. Parker walks in. As she is telling him off, Howard accidentally reads her mind. As she attempts to leave to tell the principal, Howard tells her not to leave, and she suddenly becomes unable to do so. When she confronts him about it, he accidentally commands her to give him a kiss, which she does immediately.

    Howard then has a stray thought that the teacher is hot, and this therefore makes her feel physically hot. To remedy this, she begins to take her clothes off, but it doesn't work. The janitor then walks in, and Ms. Parker strips him and her naked, and the two begin to have sex, while Howard hides under the desk. While this is going on, Howard sneaks out.

    When they're done having sex, Emmanuelle arrives as a school inspector. She is shown the computer in question, but discovers that the program has already been downloaded by a student.

    Howard then returns home, and sees his sister Paula and her friends Stacy and Bambi sunbathing in their bikinis. Howard uses his powers to get his sister to leave, and commands Stacy and Bambi to get into the hot tub with him. Meanwhile, Emmanuelle uses headband and necklace to tap into Howard's feelings, allowing her to experience everything he does.

    Emmanuelle sees that Howard is in the hot tub with Stacy and Bambi, making-out with them both. Howard uses his powers to read the girls' minds, hearing them think how much they like him. The girls remove their bikinis, leaving the 3 of them naked under the water. Their making-out intensifies, as Emmanuelle starts stripping off too.

    The 3 teens kiss and fondle each-other more, with Howard reading Bambi's mind that she "likes it rough", and Stacy's mind, that she wished he'd play with her nipples. In response, Howard starts sucking on her breasts. He then turns to Bambi, and commands that anything Stacy feels, she will feel, twice as strong. This causes Bambi to moan in pleasure.

    Howard and Stacy embrace each-other, and start kissing. The two of them start fucking, and Bambi writhes in pleasure, as Howard's command causes her to feel it too. Stacy and Bambi then start making-out, as Howard watches gleefully. Howard then starts performing oral sex on Stacy, which Bambi also feels.

    Howard and Bambi then begin making-out, before she climbs on top of him, and the two begin fucking, while Stacy caresses both of their skin. Eventually Howard and Bambi reach orgasm, and the 3 of them relax in the tub.

    Howard compliments the girls on the pleasure they'd just given him, but Stacy complains that she hasn't had an orgasm yet. Howard says that he needs a few minutes to recover, before getting an idea. He begins to use his powers on Stacy to make her feel intense sexual pleasure, and she moans against the side of the tub. Naturally, this affects Bambi too, and she writhes in pleasure against Howard's body.

    Howard begins to tease Stacy, telling her "It's building up inside you. Feel it. The pleasure's getting stronger. Bigger! Increasing...increasing...", before he finally gives the command of "Stacy, you will have the most intense orgasm you've ever felt, when I say the word 'now'." He teases the girls further, through their moans of "I'm...Oh I'm...", before he finally says "You sure are. Nooooooooooooowwwwww!", and the girls cry out in bliss, as they finally both orgasm.

    Suddenly, Howard's sister returns, and snaps him out of what turns out to be a fantasy. Meanwhile, Emmanuelle also leaves the fantasy, fully satisfied. Later that night, she reports her progress back.

    That night, Howard dreams of Tiffany. The two embrace, and begin to take their clothes off, as they make-out and feel each-other up. Meanwhile, the real Tiffany is dreaming too, and is noticeably aroused by this shared dream. Emmanuelle too uses the device to enter Howard's dream, and is aroused by this too.

    The next day, Howard commands his sister to lend him her car, which he drives to school. There he meets Chuck, where, in a discussion about girls' sex drives, Howard reveals his powers to him. He attempts to prove this by reading Chuck's mind.

    Emmanuelle then walks into the classroom, posing as their substitute teacher, Miss Perkins. While staring at her, Howard is thrown off his chair by the classroom bully, Mitch. Emmanuelle asks a question to the class, and Howard mentally commands Mitch to get up, which he does. Emmanuelle asks Mitch to come to the board to write the answer. He is reluctant, but Howard commands him to go.

    Howard then tells Chuck to watch Mitch, as proof of his powers. Howard then begins to project images into Mitch's mind of Emmanuelle half-naked, and talking seductively to him. The result of this is Mitch beginning to get an erection. Howard then causes the fantasy to turn to Mitch and Emmanuelle stripping naked, and having sex on the desk.

    Before they reach orgasm however, the real Emmanuelle snaps Mitch out of his fantasy, to tell him he can sit down now. He protests, saying that he's not finished. Emmanuelle then realises he has a boner, and attempts to guide him back to his seat without anyone seeing it. Howard then uses his powers to force a girl to throw her books on the floor, which Mitch trips over and causes him immense pain as his boner hits the floor.

    At the end of the lesson, Howard uses his powers to make Emmanuelle cancel the next day's class. After everyone's left, she asks Mitch if he's okay. He replies that he is, but Howard makes him thrust his ice pack-covered groin into the chair, causing him more pain. Howard then snatches Emmanuelle's handbag, and he and Chuck rush out.

    Once they're out, Chuck questions Howard about his powers. Howard then tells him that the reason he stole Emmanuelle's purse is because he'd read her mind, and found suspicious things in it. In her bag, he finds the necklace and headband she'd used to spy on him earlier.

    Chuck then asks Howard to help him out with his powers. As the school's cheerleaders return to the locker room, Howard mentally commands them that they will not be able to see or hear Chuck, and that he will be completely invisible to them.

    The girls strip nude and get into the shower, while Chuck ogles them. The girls then walk out of the shower, and Chuck squeezes a girl's bottom. She gasps, but shrugs it off, before Chuck does it again. Chuck then gets an idea...

    (From now, Chuck is, as well as to the girls, also invisible to the audience.)

    Chuck then chooses another girl, and begins playing with her nude body, pleasuring her. The first girl starts stroking her back, and when Chuck's done with her, she begins sucking on her nipples. Chuck then selects another girl, and presses her against the lockers as he pleasures her, while the 4th girl looks on in disgust.

    Chuck then starts pleasuring the 4th girl, and she writhes against the lockers. He eventually stops, and she tries to get a hold of herself, as the others continue their orgy. Deciding he can't resist, Chuck begins pleasuring the 4th girl again.

    Meanwhile, Howard tries on the headband, which undoes his command, causing Chuck to become visible again. The girls scream, and start beating him up. Later, the school's janitor finds Howard, unconscious. He manages to wake him up, and he offers him some help, but Howard just goes home. He leaves the necklace however, which the janitor finds.

    The janitor then bumps Ms. Parker. She apologises to him, and he gives her the necklace, before she leaves quickly. She goes to the local bar, to drink her worries away.

    Meanwhile, Howard and Chuck are in the former's room, examining the headband. Paula then bursts in, angry at having lent him her car. He agrees to give her the keys back, and he goes downstairs to show her. While he's gone, Chuck puts on the headband, and activates it, falling unconscious.

    Chuck then realises he's in Ms. Parker's body, and immediately rushes to the bathroom, to confirm this. Howard returns to check on Chuck, and sees his unconscious body wearing the headband. Howard pulls it off of him, and attempts to violently wake him up.

    Chuck, in Ms. Parker's body, then goes into one of the cubicles, and takes her top and bra off, in order to play with her boobs. He then sticks her hands down her skirt, and is amazed by the pleasurable sensations of her vagina. He masturbates frantically, writhing in pleasure, his moans attracting the attention of some of the nearby girls. Just before Chuck reaches orgasm, another girl walks in, offer to help out.

    Howard then tries to give Chuck mouth-to-mouth, while he walks in in Ms. Parker's body, sweating and bedraggled. Chuck then lectures Howard about mistreating his body. The 2 of them attempt to lift Chuck's body, and Tiffany walks in to see what looks very much like sex. She barges out, as does Ms. Parker, now in control of her own body. Howard then decides that his powers are ruining his life.

    In her hotel room, Emmanuelle reports that she knows who has the powers, but that they also have the necklace and headband. Howard then arrives at her room, to confess that he has the powers. That night, he has a dream of himself and Emmanuelle having sex.

    Back at Howard's house, Chuck is attempting to modify the headband and necklace. Paula walks in to make fun of him, and he tells her about his plans to use them to get laid and mass-market them. He then convinces Paula to put on the headband while he puts on the necklace. She puts it on, and he runs outside to put the necklace on. Just then, he sees a cat, and decides to put it on that.

    Back in Emmanuelle's hotel room, Howard wakes up with Emmanuelle, both of them fully-clothed. He gets up frantically, and she wishes him a good morning, before he confirms with her that they didn't really have sex. They then mention their "really great" dreams, implying that their sex was a shared dream.

    Meanwhile, Chuck is trying to force the necklace onto the cat, but as he does it, it runs off. Tiffany turns up, and he tries to explain the previous night, but ends up making it worse. Tiffany then mentions that it's her cat, and she's in heat.

    Chuck goes up to check on Paula, and finds that Howard's bedroom has been torn apart. He enters slowly, looking for her. She then pounces on him, and tries to have sex with him, but he escapes, and locks the door. While Chuck looks for the cat, Paula writhes on the floor in horniness, and we see a montage of a couple having sex in a pool, which Paula is imagining.

    Howard then arrives with Emmanuelle, and they ask Chuck for the headband and necklace. He takes them to see Paula, but she's broken out. Howard then attacks Chuck, but Emmanuelle talks sense into him. She sends Howard to see Tiffany, while she and Chuck go to find Paula and the cat.

    At the same bar from earlier, Stacy and Bambi are with some guys, when Paula walks in, and the boys rather like her. Paula sniffs one of them, and rubs her bottom against another's groin.

    Howard then goes to Tiffany, and helps her find the cat. He apologises to her, and reveals that he's been lying to her, and tells her his true name.

    Back in the bar, Paula has taken one of the boys into the bathroom, and she has loud, vigorous sex with him. Emmanuelle and Chuck arrive just as the boy runs out, before he leaves with his friends.

    Howard then asks Tiffany to read his mind, and he kisses her, before she kisses back. Paula then walks out at the bar, and gets a drink at the bar, exhausted and dishevelled.

    Emmanuelle goes back to Howard, and removes his powers using the necklace and headband. She leaves, and Howard and Tiffany become a couple.

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