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A great little movie.
alcobaseta16 September 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Having said that I felt Holly Sampson was rather miscast as Emmanuelle. Traditionally this character is portrayed as a "love" goddess and somehow Holly Sampson fresh out of pron rang none of those bells for me. This was just a B movie however and so I happily forgave it it's acting/casting sins.

In fact I really enjoyed the performances of the male leads Will Burke as Howard and Gerard Karsenty as Chuck. If these lovable nerds had been more polished in the manner of the A listers I think the movie would have lost a lot of it's appeal. As for the plot, I can't quite remember if it had one.

There was definitely much mirth and frivolity when Emmanuelle misplaces her mind-reading/control powers and they end up in Howard's hands. With Tom Cruise aspirations, his new gift is a dream come true.. except with side effects. One of my favorite scenes is a dream sequence featuring Howard and Alexis Thorpe well cast as Tiffany, the (dream) girl next door. This is shot in the manner of Tom and Rebecca De Mornay's Risky Business love scene, and totally benefits from a lesser degree of sophistication.

Other performances of note: Cecilia Bergqvist is great as Ms Parker, the good teacher gone bad. Amy Brassette as Howard's sister Paula is a lot of fun. Sandy Wasko (whose boobs were fine the way they were) has another walk on walk off as yet another sexy girl in a locker-room scene. I remembered her from the "Strip Poker" series, and have seen her several times since, (but her realclaim to fame is that she rides a Ducati 916).

There is something about Texas gal Brandy Miller, which I can't quite put my finger on (but I sure would like to). She joins Sandy and cheerleader chums in said locker-room scene which I confess is the reason I just purchased the DVD from Lithuania!! (DVDOnline.li.. you need a European forwarding address).

This might be a "B" movie but Amazon is all out. The forum I discovered proclaimed it unobtainable and Ebay only had one copy listed for $USA100 last time I looked. Emmanuelle Pie is the Euroversion of Pretty Cool. I owned this DVD (with Spanish subtitles) before the lovely lesbian girls next door (NOT) kicked in mine and took it :-/. Rolfe Kanefsky's narrative version (included as an extra) is excellent and heightened my understanding and appreciation of the movie.

Somehow Emmanuelle Pie (my pick of the Emmanuelle 2000 series), had more bite to it, but both are good. If you loved Pearl Harbour you will hate this. I thought it was a great little piece of fun with Brandy Miller being the icing on the cake, and well worthy of owning a copy.
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