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Forest Whitaker: Idi Amin



  • Idi Amin : You are British?

    Nicholas Garrigan : Scottish. I am Scottish.

    Idi Amin : Scottish? Ha! Ha! Why didn't you say so?... Great soldiers. Very brave. And good people. Completely. Let me tell you, if I could be anything instead of a Ugandan, I would be a Scot.

    Nicholas Garrigan : Right... Really?

    Idi Amin : He. Except for the red hair, which I'm sure is attractive to your women, but which we Africans, we find is quite disgusting.

  • Idi Amin : You promised to me you would help me build a new Uganda. You swore an oath.

    Nicholas Garrigan : The oath is... erm... it's, it's a doctor's oath of confidentiallity; we all take it. It's got nothing to do with Uganda.

    Idi Amin : Huh? Nothing? Nothing comes from nothing. You have a conscience, I know you do. That is why you came here in the first place. Or are you like all the other British. Just here to fuck and to take away? No? Why else would I trust you with my family? You are like my own son.

    Nicholas Garrigan : My name is Nicholas Garrigan, and I'm from Scotland. I need to go home now.

    Idi Amin : Your home... is here.

  • Idi Amin : Look at you. Is there one thing you have done that is good? Did you think this was all a game? 'I will go to Africa and I will play the white man with the natives.' Is that what you thought? We are not a game, Nicholas. We are real. This room here, it is real. I think your death will be the first real thing that has happened to you.

  • Idi Amin : I want you to tell me what to do.

    Nicholas Garrigan : You want ME to tell YOU what to do?

    Idi Amin : Yes, you are my advisor. You are the only one I can trust in here. You should have told me not to throw the Asians out, in the first place.

    Nicholas Garrigan : I DID!

    Idi Amin : But you did not persuade me, Nicholas. You did not persuade me!

  • Idi Amin : They take you to a tree and hang you by your skin. Each time you scream the evil comes out of you. Sometimes, it can take three days for your evil to be spent. Pull him up.

  • Idi Amin : I am the father of this nation, Nicholas. And you have most... grossly... offended your father.

  • Idi Amin : You dare try to poison me? After everything I gave you? I am Idi Amin! President-for-life and ruler of Uganda. I am the father of Africa.

    Nicholas Garrigan : You're a child. You have the mind and ego of an angry, spoiled, uneducated child. And that's what makes you so fucking scary.

  • Idi Amin : You see. You are a doctor and a philosopher. Yes, I do have a good life now. Please, please. Sit here. I come from a very poor family, I think you should know this. My father left me when I was a child. The British Army; became my home. They took me as a cleaner, in the kitchens, cleaning pots. They used to beat me.

    [imitating British] 

    Idi Amin : "Beat this wall, Amin." "Dig the latreen, Amin." And now, here I am. The President of Uganda. And who put me here, huh? It was the British.

  • Idi Amin : I am ashamed that you saw me like that. I was frightened.

    Nicholas Garrigan : I'm a doctor. Everything that passes between us is confidential. Ok? I've taken an oath.

    Idi Amin : But a man that shows fear... he is weak, and he is a slave.

    Nicholas Garrigan : Well... if you're afraid of dying, shows you have a life worth keeping.

  • Nicholas Garrigan : I didn't want him to die though.

    Idi Amin : But you did it. Why? You want to know why?

    Nicholas Garrigan : Yes.

    Idi Amin : You did it because you love me.

  • Idi Amin : Before I forget, I need to ask you a favor.

    Nicholas Garrigan : Anything.

    Idi Amin : I will be in Libya next week, and I need you to attend a meeting in my place.

    Nicholas Garrigan : What kind of meeting?

    Idi Amin : A simple matter of taste and common sense. I cannot think of anyone better than you.

  • Nicholas Garrigan : I can't. It fucking stinks. I can't help coming back to that moment when I asked you to talk to him. This isn't me. I have to go home now.

    Idi Amin : You cannot.

    Nicholas Garrigan : What?

    Idi Amin : Your work is not finished here yet.

  • Idi Amin : I am the fadder of this nation, Nicholas, and you have most grossly offended your father!

    Nicholas Garrigan : You're a child. That's what makes you so fuckin' scary.

  • Idi Amin : [to crowd at rally]  I know who you are and what you are. I am you!

  • Idi Amin : What you need, is to have some fun.

  • [last lines] 

    Idi Amin : Because many of the people who, uh, broke relations with Israel, they are not only Muslims, they are also Christians. This particular certain point is very important...

    [interrupted by minister] 

  • Idi Amin : You see, Jonah? This is the sort of man a president needs around him. Someone who is not afraid to speak his mind.

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