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Chris_delatorre10 June 2005
Very interesting film. I had just watched a whole series of short films made by young filmmakers, and was incredibly disappointed, but after seeing this film, my "faith" in shorts was restored. Visually stunning and thematically intriguing. Great pacing, something i have not seen in a long time. Didn't like Bruno too much, but I thought Tiberius was great. And the other priest was good too.

I just looked at the budget for the film online... $22k. I would have never guessed that.

I wonder what the message of the film was, if indeed there was one. I have an idea but maybe it's best to leave interpretations up to oneself.
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Shorts in Cannes
texas5124 June 2005
I saw this film when at Cannes and was very pleased. I'm not a fan of short films but meeting the charismatic director and hearing him pitch the film, I had to see it. The fluid camera moves and solid directing bodes well for this young talented director. Particularly I enjoyed the photography and message.

It's rare to find a film that takes religion seriously instead of poking fun at it- something that these days seems like a cheap shot. Some of the acting was a little off but overall it did what it set out to do, and then some.

I'm excited to see this filmmaker's next endeavor.
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Cannes screening
ctontini27 May 2005
I saw this quirky short at the Cannes Film Festival. The director was present and I had the chance to talk to him after the screening.

As a Catholic, it was refreshing to see a film that respected the faith but that raised very pertinent questions. The film looked great and the performances were strong. The tone was consistent and very different. The director explained that it was a fantasy, and I thought about the film again with that in mind. It certainly followed that structure (the "magical forest", the elixir, Tiberius in the woods) but I am wondering if I would have figured that out without him telling me. My only other criticism was that I felt that this would be better off as a feature- but that's hardly a criticism. Overall a wonderful little film.
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A dream is myth personalized. A myth is dream generalized.
sean-landers6 June 2005
Regarding genre, there seems to be a recently emerging tendency in film not towards merely bending genre, but in some sense making the term irrelevant entirely.

"The Mirakle" is one of these strange, idiosyncratic films. When asked to explain the film, I pile adjective on adjective in a fruitless attempt to easily fit it in the palm of my hand.

In the end, the film does fit, is digestible... but the formula I produce to describe it seems strange to me: a satirical theological buddy comedy that is a bleak look at modern psychology, faith (or lack thereof) and temptation with elements of horror and a generally mythological tone? It is the profoundly personal work of a good-humored Catholic who seems to have his doubts -- and at the same time, the questions it raises regarding organized religion and the modern drive towards a 'quick fix' at the dawn of the 21st century are applicable not just to the Catholic faith but to all people of faith.

It questions faith, and it affirms it. It condemns man, and exalts him. In some way, it flirts with praising the Devil, yet lets us see him, in the end, as he is.

It looks light, but it feels heavy.
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The satirical look at catholicism we've been waiting for!
derekhallquist26 May 2005
Roberto's witty direction mixed with Yen's beautiful imagery make this short a must see!

Roberto has created a short that truly takes a catholic, or any other religious person, outside to see what they sometimes may look like to the world.

"The Mirakle", takes us into a church that has, like others, come below exceptable means of income and attendance to stay a float. But, Bruno (priest) has come up with an excellent plan under the guidance of a preacher from a dream.

The whole town is buzzing about,

"The Mirakle"
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