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19 Sep. 2005
Exile on Main Street
Once the hottest chef in New York City, Jack Bourdain's bouts with womanizing, brawling, and drug and alcohol abuse have landed him in the kitchen of an embarrassing family eatery. Salvation comes when he's hired as the head chef of Nolita, a trendy new haute cuisine restaurant, and he must quickly assemble his staff of degenerate chefs, deal with a scheming head waitress, and impress New York's top food critic, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend.
26 Sep. 2005
With Nolita's becoming a smashing success, Jack must find a way to reconcile his promise to Primo to run a by-the-book kitchen with his need for Steven's less-than-legal tactics that keep the kitchen running smoothly. Meanwhile, newly-promoted floor captain Mimi's decision to stop pooling tips leads to a feud between waiters Cameron and Donna, and Jack gets a second chance with ex-girlfriend Audrey.
3 Oct. 2005
Dinner Date with Death
Jack's intimidating cooking instructor announces that, because he is suffering from heart disease, he is going to eat at Nolita's every night until he dies, prompting the kitchen staff to go to great lengths to concoct potentially fatal entrées, while Jack is conflicted over his food killing somebody. Meanwhile, a hot dog vendor sets up shop on the sidewalk outside the restaurant to cash in on Nolita's overflow crowds.
5 Dec. 2005
French Fight
Michel an arrogant, womanizing French chef steals from Jack's menu and seduces Mimi, his head waitress, sparking a brutal feud between Nolita and a rival French bistro.
12 Dec. 2005
You Lose, I Win
After an article on page Six claims that Jack snubbed a famous actress at Nolita, Jack's boss realizes that part of the success of the restaurant includes the chef spending time with Nolita's patrons. Not wanting to leave a hole in his very busy kitchen, Jack hires a female chef he knows and trusts. At first, the boys resent a woman in their midst, but Becky quickly wins the crew over - and the more Becky fits in, the less space there is for Jack.
19 Dec. 2005
Rabbit Test
Shameless flirts Steven and Becky bring passion to the job- by rivaling in sizzling seduction, showing skin on pictures and making virgin Jim blush and bulge. Jack hates vegetarians as befits a chef, but sets that aside for carnal contact with Julia, who ends up getting seduced by more meat then his manly sex-machine. Jim fails to refuse signing for a delivery of rabbits- they're live bunnies, and putting them on the chopping-block is beyond the macho men or more then their relationships may be worth.

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