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I like this episode.
RichardDunnVII18 June 2008
In the last 15 to 20 minutes of the show you see Paris shooting the Tmobile sidekick 2 located at the DMV in Hollywood. I was the old man sitting next to her. Our director for the commercial was Rocky. I think the presentation by True Hollywood Story was well done. The timing and spacing was excellent. The selection of cast was good. I would enjoy seeing more of this type of story line. I did not find it slow in pace just the opposite. The story shows some very interesting insights on the Hilton Sisters life. I find this approach to the presentation of the life of the Hilton Sister very restful. There should be more like it. I understand Paris film Bottoms Up went direct to DVD sales.
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The Best Movie the Hiltons were in...too bad it wasn't a movie!
jacobhenrytucker-13 February 2007
I watched the two-hour super-sized version of the Hilton Sisters This. The beginning, talking about The Hilton background was kind of boring but then the Hilton sisters came and by that I realised how Paris Hilton became the hottest thing in the tabloids. Although it is very fast-paced, it does say the major things that Paris and Nicky Hilton did but unfortunately, they had to have Kimberly Stewart commenting about them all the time and by the way why is Kimberly Stewart famous apart from being the heiress to a legendary rock star? The Hilton Sisters This was very entertaining and is probably one of the best True Hollywood stories ever making in E! history. It made be kind of feel the sympathy for Paris as all her movies have never met the box office apart from the horror movie "House Of Wax" which was struggled. It was the best thing I've seen the Hilton sisters do. Too bad it wasn't a feature film but if it was I'm sure it would be straight-to-DVD bomb.
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