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MPAA Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, sexual content and some violent images

Sex & Nudity

  • This movie does contain a rape scene.
  • Contains moderate sex
  • The film is about the love affairs of Henry VIII and the Boleyn girls as such there are lots of scenes with obvious sexual tension and sex is discussed a few times
  • A woman and man get into bed together, she begins to unfasten his shirt, they hold each other
  • A young married woman dressed in a nightgown and a robe goes to the chambers of a married man where they lie back on a bed, he removes his shirt, and he climbs on top of her and thrusts; The woman's thighs are shown wrapped around the man; they wake up in bed together, but no male or female nudity is shown.
  • A young woman (we see her bare shoulders and back) is seated on a married man's lap, they kiss and thrust, and then lie back on a bed.
  • A young woman removes her robe (she wears a nightgown and nothing is visible), her husband tells her to get in bed, she lies down, he climbs on top of her, and she caresses his face (it is implied that they have sex).
  • A husband and wife lie together and embrace and it is implied that they have had sex.
  • A young woman is bathed by servants, and her shoulders are shown and the top and side of her breast as she dresses.
  • Young women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage in many scenes throughout the movie.
  • A young woman is nervous about her wedding night and about consummating her marriage.
  • A sister and a brother commit to having sex together, but when the time comes, they cannot do it.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains a brief scene of sexual violence
  • A young woman removes her cape and head covering, she kneels down and a man with a sword swings toward her from the back; we hear a swish and a thud, and see a crumpled body, a severed head and a pool of blood from a distance.
  • A man rapes a young woman.
  • A young man is led by guards to a block where his head is placed and an executioner brings down a heavy ax (we hear a crunch, a squish and a thud); a large crowd chants and cheers. the man is crying the entire time
  • A young woman miscarries, and we see blood on her nightgown and the bed and we see something rolled up in a blanket and tells her brother to "put it on the fire."
  • A man is carried on a stretcher after a fall from his horse (we see him resting with bloody cuts and bruises on his arm).
  • A woman is escorted by guards with weapons and it is implied that she is beheaded.
  • We hear a husband and wife arguing behind closed doors, she comes out of the room crying and says that she struck him.
  • A young woman yells and pushes during an extended childbirth scene.
  • A young woman yells during childbirth and cries when she realizes she has had a girl.
  • We see people in open-air markets cutting raw meat with cleavers (we see the bloody meat).


  • Contains mild language
  • There are multiple sexual references, words such as "Whore" or "Whoring" are used. The word Damn is used as well as misuse of the Lord's name. A woman calls a male child a bastard, but used in the context of that time implying that the child was birthed of improper intimacy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains alcohol consumption
  • People drink wine in several scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains moderate threat and execution horror
  • There are intense scenes of a sexual nature and 2 beheading scenes. There is a rape scene which is viewed through a slightly dense lens, and nothing is visible from the waist down.

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