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Finnish cinema author Mika Kaurismaki makes a good film about music used to give dignity and health to people.
FilmCriticLalitRao23 March 2010
Famous Finnish director Mika Kaurismaki's documentary film "Sonic Mirror" is a good documentary film about the positive effects of music on society.He shows us that it is due to music that children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Brazil are able to overcome prejudices in order to do something worthwhile in their lives.We are shown young kids who are deeply engrossed in music as they believe that it would provide them with a platform to grow in their future lives.The tone of this film is absolutely positive in nature as neither poverty nor any kind of controversial issues such as violence are depicted in a manner to sensationalize these issues.Apart from music lovers,"Sonic Mirror" will surely please those viewers who would like to see a film based on music in order to have a rough idea about music as a therapeutic experience. The theme of Autistic people being healed by music is featured in Austrian segment of this film.Sonic Mirror speaks to us directly as it has been shot through a multifaceted journey undertaken by legendary drummer Billy Cobham who travels to countries such as Austria, Brazil,Finland and Nigeria.
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