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  • In a public conference with Lars Von Trier, from 22/11-06, he stated that he no longer saw the point in framing. He thus for invented "Automavision": You place the camera, and then have a computer make up a random setting for the shot and the sound. This also explains why the sound varies so during the film. Edit

  • Again, according to Lars himself from 22/11-06, he found inspiration in the work relationship he had with his former producer, Vibeke Vindeloev. She was always very nice to the actors, which meant that he had to be the "bad cop". This story is about someone hiring someone else to be the "bad cop" for him. Edit

  • Two shots were done by Lars Von Trier himself, but eventually dropped from the movie, as he didn't want to break the rules he had himself made for this production. One shot included an elephant in Copenhagen zoo, that had no interest in the rules, "automavision" or the marks that Lars tried to give it. Edit



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