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A nice little change of pace
MartinHafer19 November 2008
This is an unusual film for 1926, as the leading player in this silent comedy is a woman (Anne Cornwall). There weren't a lot of famous comediennes at this time and unfortunately Ms. Cornwall is all but forgotten. It's a shame as the film is clever and a nice change of pace.

Anne wants a job with the newspaper but the editor is tough as nails. Finally, after annoying him the guy agrees to give her a job if she can get a good picture of the Senator. Partly this is to get rid of her and partly this is out of disgust for his male employees who can't seem to get this right. Well, the men refuse to let the woman just take their jobs, so they phone the Senator and tell her the camera is really a bomb!! So, as she tries her best to snap a photo, he's scared to death and makes it all but impossible to capture him!

A decent plot-driven comedy--it's a must for fans of the genre, but others should enjoy it as well.
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Hold Still was quite an enjoyeble comedy short except for the ending
tavm15 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Anne Cornwall is angling for a photography job at the paper. She's promised it if she gets a pic of a senator. The men in the building call the politician's staff telling them that a woman with a bomb is one her way. I'll stop there and just say this had some funny scenes especially of Anne's determination. But some of the enjoyment is gone when her fiancée threatens to not marry her if she accepts her job offer. So guess what happens at the end. Other than that, Hold Still was quite a funny short I watched on the "American Slapstick 2" DVD set.
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Senator Hangnail meets gal Friday
JohnSeal28 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Perky Anne Cornwall, one of the few female comedy stars of the silent era, takes the lead as hungry young reporter Anne in this Christie Comedy, which features that company's distinctive 'stick figure' inter-titles. She takes on the unenviable task of getting a snapshot of camera-shy Senator Hangnail (Jack Duffy, later to appear as Leg of Mutton in 1933's Alice in Wonderland) on behalf of her editor (William Blaisdell). Some of the neanderthals on staff immediately take the hump about a woman trying to do a man's job, and set out to make her job even harder than it was already. Meanwhile, a male chauvinist pig of another sort (Jimmie Harrison) is trying to convince Anne to hang up her typewriter and join him in holy matrimony. Our ever confident proto-feminist heroine is determined, however, and will go to any lengths to get the necessary snapshots. Though Hold Still is far from being a classic, it's still a kick in the pants to see a woman be the aggressor in a slapstick comedy.
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