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(2005– )

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S1, Ep3299
2 Jan. 2020
Ein brisantes Geständnis
S16E35 Linda has to decide between Dirk and André. Nadja and Tim feel different about their sex. Franzi discovers that Bela wrote the poem in Tim's name. Henry sees Jessica's bridal garment.
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S1, Ep3300
3 Jan. 2020
Nadjas Triumph
S16E36 Franzi thinks she won't come back to Tim. Marianna and Jessica convince Henry to accept his mother has wedding guest. Michael gets desperate trying to overcome his addiction.
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S1, Ep3301
7 Jan. 2020
Dramatische Worte
S16E37 Tim asks Franzi for forgiveness. Natascha can't visit her demented father. Dirk wants a farewell evening with Linda. Jessica reads aloud Heinrich's letter in front of Henry.
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S1, Ep3302
8 Jan. 2020
Zerstörtes Hochzeitskleid
S16E38 Linda confesses André that Dirk kissed her. Marianne and Henry reconcile. Annabelle aims a love arrow at Paul. She ruins the dress and look of bride Jessica who runs away on her wedding day.
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S1, Ep3303
13 Jan. 2020
Ein verschwundener Vater
S16E39 Just married Jessica and Henry prepare to move to Munich. Demented Walter is lost. Annabelle sees Lucy embracing 'her' Paul. André sees Dirk flirting with Linda. Franzi could get a job far away from Tim.
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S1, Ep3304
14 Jan. 2020
Die Erinnerung aufleben lassen
S16E40 Robert does Franzi a job offer and she suspects he does that for Tim. Natascha tries to cope with her father's dementia. Linda can't take André's envy away. Christoph and Annabelle, (counter)-espionage.
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S1, Ep3305
15 Jan. 2020
Ein Zwischenfall
S16E41 Tim places Nadja on distance. She sees that Tim and her rival Franzi come each other nearer. Walter accuses Werner of cheating Poppy. Werner urges André not to tell Linda that Dirk and Annabelle conspire against Christoph.
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S1, Ep3306
16 Jan. 2020
Retter in der Not
S16E42 Tim cares for Franzi after her fall from the horse. Lucy gets a suspect about the cause for the horse accident. What does Dirk know about baby Tim's abduction? Walter seems to be lost; Natascha seeks him.
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S1, Ep3307
17 Jan. 2020
S16E43 Tim confesses Margit that he ruined her fruit farm. Walter accuses Alfons and Werner wrongly of making fun of him. Annabelle and Dirk prepare Christoph a business trap.
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S1, Ep3308
20 Jan. 2020
Eine neue Bleibe
S16E44 The Sonnbichlers seek a new place to live. Margit sees love between Franzi and Tim. André and Dirk compete for Linda and one of them uses a mean method.
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S1, Ep3309
21 Jan. 2020
Ein Neustart
S16E45 Linda makes a choice between Dirk and André. Nadja tries to undermine the fresh affair between Tim and Franzi. Alfons and Hildegard cope with living in a camper. Lucy and Bela have the winning slogan but who gets the money?
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S1, Ep3310
22 Jan. 2020
Keine Chance gegen Romy
S16E46 Unknowing Tim reacts on Nadja's fake pregnancy. Annabelle flirts with Paul again. Alfons tries to please Hildegard. Lucy and Bela argue about their contest slogan. Michael prevents Walter's suicide.
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S1, Ep3311
27 Jan. 2020
Eine ungeheuerliche Behauptung
S16E47 Franzi tries to cope with Nadja expecting a baby from Tim. André tries to get a grip on his envy. Natascha fears: Michael runs into his next crisis. Unknowing Christoph is about to buy the polluted beach. Lucy fears Bela loves her.
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S1, Ep3312
28 Jan. 2020
Eine neue Allianz
S16E48 Annabelle manipulates Dirk and Christoph who get a mutual fight. Franzi sees that Tim has parental qualities. Bela: to be or not to be in love. Eva and Robert: to agree or not to agree about their son's name.
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S1, Ep3313
29 Jan. 2020
Ein unvollendetes Date
S16E49 Natascha finds Michael's medical procuration regarding Walter. Dirk and Christoph try to escape the cellar. Tim ignores Nadja's threat and invites Franzi to dinner. Franzi fears that he hurts her again. Small game in the camper.
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S1, Ep3314
30 Jan. 2020
Das Versprechen
S16E50 Linda seeks Christopher and Dirk who are in life peril. Michael finds a trace in the case of Romy's death. Bela finds an old wedding present. Nadja decides to stay.
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S1, Ep3315
31 Jan. 2020
Eine schwere Entscheidung
Annabelle gets a fright when she hears this: Michael officially requests the exhumation of Romy to find proof of poisoning; Paul doesn't give permission. Nadja uses her fake pregnancy to bind Tim to her. Walter's hint to André.
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S1, Ep3316
3 Feb. 2020
Späte Erkenntnis
Linda reacts on André's wedding proposal. Nadja grabs her chance when Franzi rejects Tim. Paul hears that Annabelle is suspect in the case of Romy's death. Robert has an idea how to lure the Sonnbichlers out of the camper.
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S1, Ep3317
4 Feb. 2020
Bitteres Ende
S16E53 Tim can't convince Franzi of his innocence. Today is the exhumation of Romy. Natascha corrupts Annabelle's fleeing plan. Hildegard and Alfons are stuck in the middle of nowhere.
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S1, Ep3318
5 Feb. 2020
Viel Lärm um nichts
S16E54 No trace of poison could be found in Romy's corpse. Michael can't give up the quest for the cause of death. The Sonnbichlers get lost in the forest. Tim and Nadja have a public argument.
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S1, Ep3319
6 Feb. 2020
Ein magischer Moment
S16E55 Lucy and Paul almost kiss each other. Walter recognizes that his dementia is causing severe problems. Michael secretly takes pills again. Christoph address Annabelle her murder attempt. Eva and Robert seek the Sonnbichlers.
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S1, Ep3320
7 Feb. 2020
Mit allen Mitteln
Singer Mandy saves the Sonnbichlers out of the forest. Lucy and Bela write her a song text. Nadja takes a drastic measure to keep hiding that she only pretends to be pregnant. André has housing ideas for Dirk.
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S1, Ep3321
10 Feb. 2020
Den Reizen erlegen
S16E57 Dirk and Nadja share a secret. Lucy and Bela kiss each other in front of a camera. Annabelle uses a sedative for her manipulations. The Christmas party for Walter.
11 Feb. 2020
S16E58 Paul gets convinced that Annabelle administered him a love drug. Christoph reveals him that Annabelle poisoned Romy. Singer Mandy and Walter leave. Pregnant Eva has contractions.
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S1, Ep3323
12 Feb. 2020
Alles auf eine Karte
S16E59 Eva's contractions appear relative harmless. Robert worries about Eva and the baby. Nadja interrupts an intimate moment between Franzi and Tim. Paul is mad at Annabelle. Bela hides his love by claiming that he adores clowns.
13 Feb. 2020
Der Heiratsantrag
S16E60 Annabelle is shocked to hear Romy's voice. Nadja threatens Tim with an abortion of their baby. Is Bela suitable as a clown? Alfons fools Hildegard.
14 Feb. 2020
Am Rande des Wahnsinns
S16E61 Christoph and Paul try to drive Annabelle insane. Natascha gets a hunch that Michael has a relapse in his pill addiction. Tim and Nadja celebrate their engagement. Hildegard and Alfons open the mysterious box.
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S1, Ep3326
17 Feb. 2020
Lügen über Lügen
S16E62 Paul concocts a plan against Annabelle. Bela tries to sell a coin. Dirk offers Franzi a fruit farm far away. Tensions between Natascha and Michael.
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S1, Ep3327
18 Feb. 2020
Spurlos verschwunden
S16E63 Paul tortures Annabelle for a confession. Christoph finds a trace of Paul's kidnap. Relapse but Michael takes Natascha's doubt away. Hotel staff prepares the arrival of nobility. Hildegard wants Alfons to reconcile with his brother.
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S1, Ep3328
25 Feb. 2020
Merkwürdiges Verhalten
S16E64 Paul behaves strange. Christoph finds abducted Annabelle. Franzi hears a quarrel between Dirk and Nadja. Bela pretends to be the prince. Werner seeks this deceiver.
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S1, Ep3329
26 Feb. 2020
S16E65 Bela waits vainly for his dating partner. Christoph knows that Borg lives. Paul confesses Lucy that he keeps Annabelle hostage. Rimpel tries to get more people attending the mass. Should Franzi tell Tim: Nadja cheats him with Dirk?
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S1, Ep3330
27 Feb. 2020
Romy rettet Paul
S16E66 Annabelle confesses the police her crimes. Paul collapses at the lakeside where he has a vision of Romy. Natascha suppresses the idea that Michael is addicted again. Nadja and Dirk celebrate in bed that they fooled Tim and Franzi.
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S1, Ep3331
28 Feb. 2020
Die Hochzeit
S16E67 Lucy supports Paul. Bela assists Lucy. Michael reacts irritated. Franzi could avoid today's wedding between Nadja and Tim when she tells Tim that she loves him.
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S1, Ep3332
2 Mar. 2020
Die Wehen im besten Moment
S16E68 Franzi has to cope with the fact: Nadja and Tim are a married couple. Annabelle offers her shares to Christoph. Bela tries to make Lucy realize how much she misses him. Eva's pregnancy gym. Michael reacts annoyed toward Natascha.
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S1, Ep3333
3 Mar. 2020
Die Gewitternacht
S16E69 Tim helps Eva out of the elevator. He and Franzi help her to get the baby. Natascha catches pills swallowing Michael again. An unknown driver damages the Sonnbichler's rose arch. Bela recognizes the love bond between Lucy and Paul.
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S1, Ep3334
3 Mar. 2020
Ein Brüderchen
S16E70 Christoph stays the night with the Sonnbichlers. Can Natascha persuade Michael to fight his pill addiction? Tim means he has to stay with Nadja because she carries their baby. Valentina visits her family. Bela forgets to help Paul.
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S1, Ep3335
4 Mar. 2020
In die Scheune gesperrt
S16E71 Natascha tries to stop addicted Michael being irresponsible toward patients. Paul sees that Lucy avoids Bela. Name giver Valentina. Lucy discovers Nadja's pregnancy test. Hildegard tries to end the feud between Alfons and Günther.
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S1, Ep3336
6 Mar. 2020
Ein mysteriöser Name
S16E72 Robert and Natascha try to persuade addicted Michael to seek help. Werner surprises Valentina. Alfons doesn't know that Günther comes. Franzi urges Lucy to annul the distance to Bela. Linda discovers who Dirk's affair really was.
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S1, Ep3337
9 Mar. 2020
Das große Geheimnis
S16E73 Linda forces Dirk to confess Tim and Christoph that he kidnapped Tim when he was a baby. Lucy oversleeps her date with Bela. Günther and Alfons reconcile with each other. Werner and Valentina start their journey to Peru.
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S1, Ep3338
9 Mar. 2020
S16E74 Bela and Lucy are caught during intimate time. Fabien comes but is unknown about Michael's addiction. Dirk still believes that Nadja fakes pregnancy. Can Günther be trusted? Christoph asks Annabelle to transfer her shares to him.
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S1, Ep3339
10 Mar. 2020
Der Prozess
S16E75 Nadja's baby appears to be OK but Dirk is not convinced that Tim is the father. Michael hides his pill addiction for Fabien. The lawsuit against Annabelle culminates into a verdict. Bela confesses Lucy an awkward truth.
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S1, Ep3340
11 Mar. 2020
Eine emotionale Bitte
S16E76 Addicted Michael accuses Natascha of inciting his son Fabien against him. André lets Dirk know to know about his secret. Annabelle's hotel shares go to a Saalfeld. Lucy and Bela have an open affair.
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S1, Ep3341
16 Mar. 2020
Mit dem Rücken zur Wand
Tim reacts aggressive when Dirk confesses him to be his kidnapper. Günther pretends to be a house seller. Fabien is not convinced yet that his father is a pill addict.
17 Mar. 2020
Am Tiefpunkt
S16E78 Christoph suspects Linda to know years about the kidnap. Dirk blackmails Nadja. Christoph tries to ruin Dirk's firm. Franzi keeps Tim from attacking Dirk. Michael is prepared for a detox and asks Natascha forgiveness. Paul his hurt.
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S1, Ep3343
18 Mar. 2020
Unter Druck
S16E79 Nadja has hit Dirk on his head. He roams aimless through the region. Günther lays pressure on Werner after a car accident. Michael meets Natascha before she leaves.
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S1, Ep3344
19 Mar. 2020
Opfer eines Gewaltverbrechens
S16E80 Meyser investigates in the case of Dirk. Tim is the main suspect. Bela has no time to bring Lucy home. Günther convinces Werner that Alfons and Hildegard have high debts.
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S1, Ep3345
20 Mar. 2020
Erstes Treffen
After one day Tim comes back from the police office. Nadja drops another 'evidence' where it can be found easy. Franzi bumps against Linda's son Steffen. Günther has to confess his swindle. Eva has a tip for Paul.
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S1, Ep3346
23 Mar. 2020
Eine beruhigende Stimme
S16E82 Dirk wakes up from coma. Nadja makes him believe that Tim attacked him and urges Tim to flee for the police. Steffen flirts with Franzi. Werner as babysitter. Jessica's voice soothes Luna. Alfons and Günther clash with each other.
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S1, Ep3347
24 Mar. 2020
Auf der Flucht
Tim's flight to Thailand is in preparation. Boris arrives. Hildegard and Alfons lend Günther 30,000 euro. Bela and Lucy try to cheer Paul up.
25 Mar. 2020
Ein wahnwitziger Vorschlag
S16E84 Boris is arrested. Tim kisses Franzi goodbye. She reveals Boris Tim's hideout. Steffen visits Dirk in the hospital. Bela thinks that Paul is ready for a new life partner. Eva worries about Emilio who looks yellowish.
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S1, Ep3349
26 Mar. 2020
S16E85 Boris hesitate to swap places with Tim. Dirk's legs are lamed. Werner is very interested in lab results concerning baby Emilio. Bela thinks that his relationship with Lucy has ended.