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Sex & Nudity

  • In a dream sequence, a young guy crudely grabs a woman's behind. In this same episode we see another guy smack a woman's rear as she leans over.
  • We hear the heavy breathing of a husband and wife making love, then the scene cuts to him flopping onto the bed next to her. Nothing is shown.
  • Partial nudity is shown of a man believed to be dead on a coroner's table. There are also several references to sex and genitalia.
  • A woman in a small dress attempts to seduce her husband and the two fall on a desk.

Violence & Gore

  • The first film is about a hit man, who kills a gentle elderly toy store owner. Later on there are fairly bloodless but intense battle scenes with small toy soldiers coming alive and attacking the hit man. The hit man is struck in the face with their tiny bullets and suffers some other injuries as well; one cringeworthy scene shows him grab a toy soldier and let his head be crushed between elevator doors (no blood). **Spoiler** The elevator shaft then explodes from a tiny nuclear bomb still attached to the toy soldier.
  • In "Umney's Last Case", a woman is killed quickly but brutally by shooting herself in the head (no blood). Another woman commits suicide; she is shown leaping from a building and the shattered glass of the car she lands on can be seen spraying the ground.
  • In "The End of the Whole Mess", there are clips of violence on the news and **Spoilers** we find that the main character is dying during his entire narration of the story from either poison or a drug overdose.
  • In the episode "The Road Virus Heads North", we see a flashback with a man hanging himself, just his feet dangling above the ground. A far more disturbing scene shows a woman being stabbed; we hear her scream in the background and see blood spatter the wall, then the camera shows the bottom half of her body before panning up and revealing her head on a shelf. VERY disturbing.
  • In a dream sequence in "You know they've got a Hell of a Band", a woman sees a severed finger on a jukebox and then sees a container fill up with blood. Later in this episode, a woman has a bandaged bloody hand and reveals that her finger was severed by an angry member of the town, because she tried to help the protoganists escape.
  • There is some thug violence in the story "The Fifth Quarter", in which several convicts search and fight for a treasure.


  • Several mostly lesser words

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Where there isn't violence in these eight films, there's often supernatural disturbia. In "Crouch End", a woman and her husband are chased through a haunted dimension with many frightening characters, including wicked and jeering children. One creature has dark glowing green eyes surrounded by purple, muscle-like flesh (it's uncertain whether the latter flesh is a gory wound or simply part of the creature). **Spoiler** The woman loses her husband and the distress of both of them is sometimes hard to watch.
  • **Spoilers** In "Umney's Last Case", a small boy drowns in a pool. One of his parents eventually commits suicide, while the other to all intents and purposes loses his mind.
  • **Spoilers** "The End of the Whole Mess" involves two brothers trying a worldwide experiment meant to end violence. The experiment goes horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths, both mental and physical, of millions. Both brothers end up dying as well.
  • In "The Road Virus heads North", a man picks up a nightmarish painting that begins changing throughout the film, seeming to predict his death. The story is occasionally intensely frightening.
  • In "Autopsy Room Four", a poor paralyzed man is believed to be dead and subjected to occasional mistreatment and disturbing situations in the morgue. He has no power to speak, not even when the doctors plan on using electric saws on his body. He does eventually recover just in time, with more idiotically unprofessional behavior on the part of medics.
  • In "You know they've got a Hell of a Band", a couple goes to an isolated town and finds that it's haunted by many dead rock-n-roll stars. The stars are often visibly dead: one spits out maggots, one is shown with empty eye sockets and another has an eye that begins bleeding out of the corner. While there's some crooked dark humor in this story, it's also often frightening and the dead stars prove to be hostile.

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