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A Non-Hollywood techno-thriller
groucho-475 January 2008
Having read quite many of Henning Mankell's novels I was interested to see how well they transform to films. "Brandvägg" (which is 'firewall' in English) puts Kurt Wallander (the resident main character of Mankell's crime novels) in the trails of an international terrorism. What starts as a simple murder investigation soon escalates into bigger things, which I won't spoil here - part of the charm of the movie comes from discovering it yourself. The strong points of the movie are its characters - Rolf Lassgård draws a very human Kurt Wallander and the supporting cast is excellent. The plot is not the most original one (the fragility of technology-depended Western world has been pointed out in many movies before) but holds the viewer's interest to the end. My only gripe is the "happy ending" which seems unnecessary but I guess it is true to the book. In conclusion "Brandvägg" was a positive surprise and I am looking forward to see more Wallander novels on screen.
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Part 2 was very cool...
sebastiannielsen17 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really love this movie. It was much computer crime involved, and the server room in the house, with its Compaq server (I know its a Compaq because I recognized the Integrated Management Display, which only exist on Compaq Servers.), was really cool.

And the best scenes of them all: When the girl manages to crack the password to the software on one of the computer's in the house.

And the very GOOD ending, where the cops figure out that the computer password KREE is the ATM code 5733, and that code starts the attack in that particular timezone, when the code is entered on a specific ATM.

Another cool scene, is when the hackers use some sort of VNC to hack into the police computer to check emails, and which web pages the cop visited.


Some + and -'s:

+ The movie is based on computers and hacking.

+ Its long, about 3hrs, giving the movie enough time to end in a good manner. (short movies tend to end without telling the true end of the story)

+ Its easy to recognize many items, and words/sentences in the movie.

+ both Swedish text and Swedish speak

  • part1 didn't contain enough computer hacking.
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