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Jerry is thrown from the premises by father and the count, when he comes to call on Tiny, and realizing that persuasion has little effect upon father, who insists that his daughter marry the count, he decides upon different tactics. He hires four ruffians who kidnap father and take him to a deserted shack, where father, still under the influence of chloroform, is deprived of his clothing and Tim, one of the ruffians, makes up to represent him, and is taken by Jerry and the ruffians back to Tiny's home. There he imbibes freely and is sent to bed by Tiny's mother, who never suspects the deception. Jerry now has easy sailing. Meanwhile the real father recovers, and, discovering his lack of clothing, decides to stay. He finds a bottle of whiskey and before many minutes is under its influence. Finally, remembering his home, he staggers away. His reappearance in his own home startles everyone. No one except Jerry knows which is really the master of the house. The butler, believing ghosts ...

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