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Great Movie
Sonia081816 July 2007
Koi Aap Sa is a great story about friendship and how it can turn to love. Aftab and Natassha are best friends. Natassha gets raped by her boyfriend's friend and becomes pregnant. When word gets out that Natassha is pregnant everyone wants to know who's baby it is. After telling her boyfriend and parents that she was raped they don't believe her and starts claiming that Aftab is the child's father. No one stands by her when she needs them the most, not even her boyfriend; only Aftab - Her best friend. Not being able to stand everyone's comments about the baby, Aftab decides he will marry Natassha and give the baby his name. Slowly you can see their friendship grow into love. But when her boyfriend finds out the truth about her being raped he decides he wants to be with her again.

Koi Aap Sa was an extremely great movie. Aftabs acting was great and I've never seen Natassha in another movie before this one and she acted with such ease you would almost forget shes acting and think this is really happening to her.

It's so nice to see how your real friends would stick by you no matter what happens in life.
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Not what I expected
Elenaj1015 January 2018
The film didn't start on the best footing as the acting wasn't great and the plot seemed a repetition of the same old story line: friends discovering that they have feelings for each other. To my surprise there was a sudden twist in the plot and after that the plot and the acting only got better!

Rohan and Simran's friendship is solid and the view that the world has on it, is realistic.

The film took a pleasant turn and it ended up being rather good.
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Good for a lazy afternoon.
silverstarcast18 November 2006
This is a story about Simran and her best friend-Rohan. Everyone in college thinks they love each other, but Rohan has his heart set on the pretty Preeti. And Simran is already engaged to be married to Vicky. Its just a normal college flick which takes a major turn. The girl can't do anything about it. So when no one, not even her fiancé or her parents stand by her, her bestfriend - Rohan is there for her. They start falling for each other. At this point the fiancé comes back in her life, and realises his mistake. Now Simran has to make a choice. Between her happiness and the right thing. I would recommend this movie for a lazy afternoon. Although it isn't the best movie you'll find in the recent times, its worth a watch. This is just another version of the clichéd 'Love vs Friendship' dramas. Still, the actors are sincere. The relationship between the character has a streak of innocence to it. Its all about doing the right thing.
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This movie is good but kind of long...
indytin8531 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think this movie is good because of its performances by Aftab and Natashaa. aftab's acting in the second half of the movie blows u away because his situation has made him mature so fast! They really have good chemistry and look like the best of friends. In the beginning it looked like it was a rip from Kuch Kuch Hota hai but it has flip-floped on that idea couple of times in the script. This movie has potential because they really test one's emotions in issues of friendship, love and rape. Aftab is in love with Dipannita and Natashaa is the wing-WOman for Aftab because he is so clueless!! Dipannita looks insecure at times because she suspects they're (aftab & natashaa) more than friends. Natashaa isn't interested in aftab because she s engaged with Himanshu. I guess this is where the intermission begins to start because she gets raped. Aftab decides to marry Natashaa to end the humiliation at college and from her family, you know save her honor. aftab and natashaa loses all ties with dipannita and himanshu. i thought the movie would end from there but it s get longer and longer. the climax gets tiresome because of its return of himanshu who wants to be part of natashaa's life despite her situation. it indeed is a long movie but it does have some average songs such as: 'adadt ho chuki', 'seene mein dil' & 'bandh mere pairon mein'.
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Unexpected entertainment
asif-evolved15 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw this movie, I thought it would be a regular Indian movie, one which you can tell before what will happen. But I was wrong, because KOI AAP SA was a movie with one very unexpected twist. When Simran (Natashaa) is getting engaged, I thought she would realise she was in love with Rohan (Aftaab) etc etc etc. But she was not, she was happy with her fiancée. Aftaab and especially Natashaa did their job quite well, the storyline was terrific and the (few) jokes where (one of the few times in Hindi movies) good. Like the one where the art-teacher thought Rohan was the model. But I like most the scene where Rohan was dating with Preeti the first time. In that scene Preeti tell Rohan what she likes much about him, but all those things what she likes is because of Simran. Without her he would not be able to woo her. All with all the movie is very good, but sometimes is was a bit unrealistic. Like when Ranjeet died in the accident and the very stubborn dad of Simran. He want to be an Anitabh Bachan like in Mohabbattein, but because the director did not pay enough attention to his character he was no character but a type. But those things do not spoil the movie, every Hindi movie is always by origin unrealistic, the one more than the other. But the thing is, you just sit and turn your brains off, and just watch the movie. Entertainment is to entertain, not to think about is, is it not...?
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Weekend SOAP!
gan_iyer3020 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A story about the Friendship between the main protagonists. This is one of those movies which questions the very existence of creativity in the Indian film industry. A loose plot, acting which could be best described as vapid and needless to mention that the songs epitomized monotony. This movie looks and sounds like a weekend soap which has been going on since time immemorial. I am personally sick of the concept of showing SPORTs in Hindi movies. Be it Cricket or in this case Football, the showcasing of these games is simply pathetic. Why does the main protagonist always score a GOAL with a bicycle kick or a diving header.....it is so clichéd.Most of the characters fail to generate any interest and Overall its one of the dullest movies i have ever seen. Watch it at your own peril.
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Good copy of two K movies; not surprising
actionman8110 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
While watching Koi App Se, I could've sworn I could have easily been watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Kya Kehena, or a good mix of both. Koi App Sa has the boy/girl/girl mix of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, as well as the climactic plot sequence of Kya Kehena, with Aftab pulling off Chandrachur Singh's role to a T. I wish Ekta had made a better movie; though I'll at least say that the songs were good, even if they're much too often used in her soaps. The tearful hero Aftab works well, copying Shah Rukh Khan's tearful hero in most of his movies, right down to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai's Rahul. Now I must say everyone did a great job; Anita, Aftab, everyone was superb, even the cameos from "Sasha" and other K serial regulars (well even Anita is a K serial regular); but where the plot lacked was its sequence, direction and editing.
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