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Season 5

31 Mar. 2017
Episode #5.1
Lugano: The Fortebracci family is attacked by Ettore De Nicola with her armed men of womb intended to take possession of her treasure. Meanwhile, the new deputy prosecutor Nicola Maino has been joined by his old flame Daria Bertolaso, new chief inspector and deputy commissar Silvio Rocchi, who is in hospital after an accident. Tonio Fortebracci comes to the police station to try to remember who really is in front of the dazzled Maino, Daria and Silvio Rocchi.
14 Apr. 2017
Episode #5.3
Tonio throws himself into the sewers where he has the best shot at De Nicola during the shootout. Dagó is released to be taken to a protected location but the armored car, thanks to the blow of the brigadier Calosci, is intercepted by De Nicola commando killing personally the repentance. The nun has a lack and is hospitalized.
21 Apr. 2017
Episode #5.4
In Lugano Tonio discovers he has 80 billion on his account and as he moves away from his bank comes his old friend Ricky Milazzo, who as co-owner of the account takes 300 million; then he returns to his old villa recalling the tragic night of De Nicola's attack. In a tailor she knows by chance the Chantal modist. Hector in the meantime keeps Sr. Lucia on his side. Tonio transfers 40 billion on a Roman account, leaving for the capital where he knows Robertino De Marchis.
28 Apr. 2017
Episode #5.5
Tonio managed to get rid of it and find out that behind his kidnapping there is Jean Vigò, head of the Marsigliesi, who offers 5 billion in exchange for the identity of the Minister behind Sirenuse or Cusano's affair. Tonio in the hotel knows by chance Giada Cusano who invades him and brings him to the feast of Palazzo Minniti to which Trapanese also suffers, who departed after an encounter with Rosalinda, at the exit he recognizes and feels bad.
5 May 2017
Episode #5.6
Lucia waited for the drug dealer who had De Nicola through her and fired. Rosalinda makes the merchandise disappear from the convent, which is ransacked with Liquorum while De Nicola is questioned by Daria and released the following morning. Nicola is arrested before Tonio could shoot him from afar. Giulia Cusano, escaped home and made of cocaine, is towed by two exploiters and locked in a house to prostitute her.
12 May 2017
Episode #5.7
Nicola is released, ending at lunch for Fortebracci, who kills him and his men while saving Rosalinda. Tonius comes to the house of the Minister who is desperate for the incident and decides to help save Jade and bring him to Switzerland. Countess Minniti complains with an honorable member of Cusano's party that he was interrogated by Bertolaso.
19 May 2017
Episode #5.8
Daria has confirmation on all of her suspects but her enemy is much bigger than she and she can find her. Only her daughter knows the truth about Silvio Rocchi, and, with a letter, the delivery to Commissioner Maino, who decides to do justice. Rosalinda meets the American boss and reaffirms the countenance of Countess Adriana Minniti for the death of her beloved granddaughter. His new life would begin if the past, luckily and slyly, did not knock at his door.

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