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This has "urban legend" written all over it, but it's enjoyable
MartinHafer21 May 2009
I like this film but hated that it began with a note that this was "based on a true story". Yeah, right!! This strongly appears to be an old urban legend, as I've heard many variations on it over the years. One version is at http://www.snopes.com/critters/cruelty/dynamite.asp.

Despite this story almost certainly being NOT based on a real case, it is enjoyable. The production values are exceptional and the acting is just fine. It has a nice professional quality about it and it very watchable.

A boy and his son are going ice fishing. The father forgets to bring the ice auger and so he naturally uses dynamite to create a hole. Now who on this planet just happens to have dynamite in their car...and not the auger?!?!? But, despite all this, it's clever and funny and worth a look.
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Famous urban legend finally gets its film adaptation
Polaris_DiB21 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Fetch" is "based on a true story," as in, it's that urban legend we've all heard about the silly fisherman who ends up blowing up his car in the middle of an icy lake. For anyone familiar with the story (basically everybody, as far as I know), the punch-line is apparent the moment the Father speaks his first lines. But that's not to say this short isn't enjoyable.

Boy, Father, and Dog all go to the frozen lake to fish. They forget some key equipment, but somehow have a plethora of other equipment (including dynamite) to substitute. Hilarity ensues as the Father tries to ensure the success of a father-son bonding ritual known in such areas. Too bad the Father is a ditz, but hey, that's what comedy's for! I wouldn't mind people, even David May, going on to make more famous urban legends into short movies. Urban legends are fun, entertaining stories with ultimate messages that state, "Hey, people, don't be stupid!" A feature-length film of the Darwin Awards wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

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Kirpianuscus22 November 2020
A very nice comedy around an urban legend, using the trip father - son to fishing and the passion of games of a dog. Amusing, correct, realistic and charming. The ice has its fundamental contribution to this just nice short movie.
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