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an uneven love
ausmitra3 June 2006
i didn't know that in German language, there are too some good movies. it is a movies of a love between a school boy and a middle aged lady, who works as a post-woman. this film is in a great extent copied and remade in Bollywood in the name of 'Ek Chhotisi Love Story' that means 'a little love story'. I saw this movie, the German one, last night in an Austrian Channel. it is a pity that i could not finish the movie, but the subject matter seems to be interesting and fresh, clearly depicting that what happens when the love goes madly for somebody, regardless of the social differences. i couldn't understand when a director or a script writer selects just repeats the previously hit movie instead of creating a completely new one, having its own flavor. it could be of the small things in our lives, very common. it need't be dramatic and marvelous.
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very good app thanks.
megoosamuel25 December 2018


Heimliche Liebe - Der Schüler und die Postbotin (2005)
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Oh my goodness what did I just watch
Horst_In_Translation20 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay lets talk a bit about the German movie "Heimliche Liebe - Der Schüler und die Postbotin" from 2005. The two protagonists here are Kostja Ullmann and Marie Bäumer and you find more known faces in supporting roles like Möhring, Messner and Kanies. For everybody, it just has to be the worst film of their career. So yeah the cast is not too bad for a 90-minute small screen movie. The director is Franziska Buch and as I enjoyed her later work "Hier kommt: Lola" a lot I will just say in her favor that she is not the one to blame for this mess. The one who is, at least partially, is writer Silke Zertz and looking at her work here I am shocked to see she is still finding work as a writer these days. I hope for audiences everywhere that she improved a lot in the last decade. The general story here is about a teenage boy who falls in a love with a mail woman. More details will follow.

This movie has so so many garbage unrealistic scenes and I will mention all I remember now hoping I will forget it as quickly as possible. First example: the use of mathematics. He solves mathematics tasks during sex so he won't come before her. He easily solves mathematics tasks at school while not even listening to the teacher. He makes his A-Level in what at the end? 30 minutes for something that is supposed to take 4 hours? Not even Einstein could have done it. The spread your legs scene in the grass? Oh yeah how funny, these pics are for school. Oh how smart, let the female protagonist use grammatically wrong phrases on several occasions to show how she is lower class. The title is incorrect too playing with a subject of taboos because actually everybody knows relatively quickly about the affair. They aren't even trying to hide it. What do you do when your almost 40-year-old girlfriend of eight years cheats on you with an 18-year-old? That's right, you go marry her. Of course not a coincidence at all that this takes place during the day of the A-Levels. And while we are at it why not include a cheating relationship about the boy's mother too? On a side-note, Ullmann played pretty much at the exact time in another movie where he played a boy with a SM relationship to his probation officer played by Maren Kroymann, a women even much older than Bäumer. What is wrong with people??? Admittedly Kroymann was at least giving a decent performance there and this is something you will not find in Bäumer at all, even if she is admittedly pretty attractive for her age. Or was. Oh and what's with the indication that all of a sudden he has something possibly going on with that Asian chick at the end? All this after all these confessions of love from both sides to each other. Or the cringeworthy scene when she just exposes herself to a voyeur early on, namely the main character. What a likable duo these two are and how well they fit each other. And isn't it romantic to steal love letters from people instead of delivering them? So sweet. Also makes very much sense that she loves the romance still existing in letters if she robs the letters from those who still use letters to express their love to each other. Besides, it is also a crime and how hasn't she been fired yet? Seriously.

So yeah this film is a mess and it's probably really difficult to find another film that is on an equally high level of garbage from Germany from the 21st century and this comes somebody who has seen really really many films from this country and time as you can see in my review list. Extremely embarrassing stuff here and I am sure Cat Stevens would sue the people who made this if he knew for what kind of crap they used his pretty great music for. But there are people who should be even more ashamed than the ones who made this, namely the ones who gave awards attention to this 1.5-hour "film". Seriously what the heck? Günter Strack must be turning in his grave if he knew what kind of performances get honored with an award that is named after him. Finally, the best way to summarize this film apart from just saying it is a horrible horrible movie is to say it is a movie that may be about a complicated love relationship, but at the very same time it is a film that is for very easily entertained people, for people with a very simple mindset who deem themselves intelligent perhaps, but don't even recognize all that is wrong here, don't even recognize all the crap, even if it is shoved right into their faces. So yeah, if you love RTL afternoon television, then this is the perfect film for you. Like the guy who wrote the summary here on IMDb, which is as factually incorrect as I would expect it when it comes to respecting facts from somebody like that. The female character was not married to her boyfriend at all.
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iswalia8 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Very sensitive love story,let me see full movie first. I am unable to understand you're saying
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