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MPAA Rated R for crude sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language, some violence and drug use.

Sex & Nudity

  • Several (3+) gratuitous scenes in which topless women are shown on a character's cell phone. Once he shows a naked picture of a man's wife to taunt him (full frontal female nudity). Later, he exchanges texts with a woman and she sends a topless picture. The third time he Facetimes a woman who is naked other than panties. Each scene is graphic but brief.
  • During the opening credits a man walks over to his bed where his wife or girlfriend is and kisses her. She rotates in his direction and half a breast is seen for about a second.
  • There's a running joke that one of the main characters gets turned on by women in yoga pants, and in one scene, he sits in a car and sees two women in yoga pants, and ogles them.
  • A man carries an injured man wearing only a towel to the bathroom, but trips and the injured man's towel falls off, and you see a bit of his pubic hair but nothing else. The man carrying him trips, and face plants in his crotch. The man falls over and throws him in the tub, and we briefly see full frontal male nudity, his penis, scrotum and pubic hair, before he lands in the tub and it's obscured.
  • A woman climbs out of a pool and is wearing a revealing bathing suit.
  • A man watches two women in yoga pants, and there are a few close up shots of their butts, and his friend tells him to stop, saying that he has a visible erection.
  • A man watches a woman in black walk around a motorcycle and bend over, and the camera follows her and briefly lingers on her butt as she bends over.
  • In a locker room, a man tries to hug another man wearing underwear but no pants, and the other man moves away, leading the man in underwear to think he's homophobic. Another man wearing only underwear comes up and meets the other man in underwear, and the two hug. Their crotches bump a few times during the hug, and both wear very tight underwear showing off their crotches. But there is no nudity.
  • It's said that a man has provocative pictures of another man's wife on his phone, and that he sent her pictures of his penis, and he says that he had sex with her later.
  • A brief scene where a man is seen thrusting against a topless woman.
  • There are numerous scenes throughout the movie referencing various sex acts.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men have a brutal but funny fist fight in a house, and a third man ends it by smashing paintings over the main aggressor's head and knocking him out.
  • There's a long, large motorcycle chase through the city where several cops chase bad guys on motorbikes, and the cops and bad guy shoot at each other with guns. A bad guy hits a civilian with his motorcycle, and a bus accidentally hits several paparazzi. The cops set up a roadblock and chase the bad guy into it, but his head is sliced off by a wire connected to a truck pulling an overturned car over. Blood spatter can be seen, and the head flies into a windshield.
  • A man holds two other men at gun point, and he fires at one of them, but doesn't hit him. He then tries to shoot the other one, and the other man pushes him out of the way, but he is still hit a few times and some blood spurts can be seen. A bullet ricochets off of armor the victim is wearing, and hits the shooter in the forehead, killing him. A bloody bullet hole can be seen in his head.
  • Two cops chase some bad guys in a lengthy motorcycle chase, and the case takes them all through a park. One of the cops crashes his motorcycle, and rolls down a hill.
  • A man gets several of his fingers sliced off by stray bullets in one scene.
  • There's an extended car chase in which several cops chase a van driven by bank robbers. The robbers fire their guns in the air and get into a car. Lots of crashes and destruction, and several cops shoot at the van. They eventually escape, and two guys ditch the van and take another car, which they also firebomb and ditch it.


  • 85 uses of "fuck"
  • The film is peppered throughout with expletives.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some mild alcohol consumption

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the violent scenes are also played for laughs, and there aren't a ton of intense scenes. But there is still a lot of intense action, and several of the chase scenes can get intense.
  • A woman is kidnapped at one point, and a picture of her tied up is sent to the two main characters.

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