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Makes for a sure bet
Mr-Fusion31 May 2016
Reading the synopsis that comes with the packaging, 'Wild Card' doesn't seem at all promising. High-stakes poker and mobsters? On a Western? This show's always toying with genre conventions, but never more so than here. And honestly, it comes off very well. The mob fits because the show's riffing on Sicilian clichés, the poker works because we care about the characters (they found good material for now-recurring Whip Morgan) and everything is smoothly handled; even the on-again-off-again between Brisco and Dixie (which, really, could be a trainwreck in a TV show; it's a balancing act). There may be neon and east coast mafiosi, but the show's spirit is very much alive; and everything (cast, action, writing) is just right. Which is really what counts, but it's never been this entertaining.

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