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No happy ending, but who ever said there would be?
nova_saber7 September 2006
This comment is mainly in response to certain people who claim that this series finale was a failure because it did not have a "happy ending". These people have missed the entire point of the episode. It's not about happy endings; as Angel repeatedly warned the others, this is one they're "not going to walk away from". "Not Fade Away" is about doing what's right, even if there's nothing in it for you, even if you know that you're pretty much signing your death warrant by doing so. That takes true courage and honor, and that's what Angel and co. have in spades in this episode. Also, it's realistic, well, about as realistic as a fantasy drama TV show about vampires and demons can be. In life, there is no guarantee that you or anybody else will walk off into the sunset, and more often than not, good people die. "Not Fade Away" reflected this, and that's what makes it unique from any other series finale.

10/10, easily.
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Best Angel Episode of the Series
zenlemming_sf4 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I know that a lot of people needed a happy ending and didn't get one; what we got instead was an incredible story with an epic climax. I don't know if I've ever seen a series finale that moved me on so many levels.

I've watched the episode a dozen times. Lorne's exit and Wesley's death crush me each and every time. The Angel in this episode was the Angel this series had almost forgotten... Tough, noble, and willing to fight to the very end no matter the cost. A champion.

I have always preferred the Buffy series over Angel, but the Angel series finale was infinitely better than the Buffy series finale.
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Good Night Folks
SleepTight6664 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Good Night Folks - All I can say after re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re(etc)watching this episode is... WOW. I have been more than thirty Series finales and this one definitely makes the top 3. Every single character got the ending they deserved (Maybe except 'Lindsey', didn't like how pathetic the writers wrote him. But I just pretend the S.5 Lindsey is not the same as the S.1/2 one). The episode was basically 'Angel' giving his gang one last day, to do whatever they want because when the fight starts they'd probably all die. What 'Angel' does is paying his son a visit, I loved his scene with 'Connor' and how he later came back to help him beat up 'Hamilton' - You drop by for a cup of coffee, and the world's not ending? Please. I loved how he tricked 'Hamilton' into believing he was going for 'Sebassis'. We also got to see a little bit of the old 'Gunn', who just wanted to kick some vampire-butt. and if he died, he died as a hero. My favorite parts of the episode were all the Wes/Illyria ones. Wes spend his last day healing Illyria because he didn't want anything in life anymore. His death was painful to watch, it's hard not to get all wet thanks to Alexis' and Amy's acting (See: A Hole In The World). I also loved to hate 'Cyvus', he was a kick-ass villain! - How very touching his meaningless death was just as much as his face falling into little pieces after being punched by Illyria. The final scene of the episode (Well, show) were our four surviving heroes (Angel, Spike, Gunn and Illyria) standing in the rain, waiting for the big apocalyptic fight. And I cannot think of a better way to end the show than the way it did, the whole point of ANGEL. is to keep fighting, you don't have to win as long as you fight the good fight. *sigh* I loved this show and always will, it will truly never fade away. GUNN: OK. You take the 30,000 on the left... ILLYRIA: You're fading. You'll last 10 minutes at best. GUNN: Then let's make 'em memorable.

SPIKE: In terms of a plan? ANGEL: We fight. SPIKE: Bit more specific. ANGEL: Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let's go to work. (10 out of 10)
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Angel Series Finale
reachvision2 February 2007
This episode encompasses every aspect of what Angel stood for. Every action leading up to this episode was a direct correlation to what "Team Angel" was all about- Sacrificing for the greater good. In any war there are going to be casualties. We lose some very memorable characters, but the fact that it's not always a happy ending adds to realism of the show (as much as there can be with a TV show). Although I'd love to see the final battle, I love that at the end, they each had one final moment of fulfillment and subsequently stripped themselves of everything except for fighting for "right". 10/10, A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Series Finale 10 Stars
pdepietro23 May 2008
Hi All:

I know the series ended a while ago but I was just recently "introduced" to the show "Angel". I saw one episode and was hooked. I thought it may be a "girly" thing like Buffy, but I was wrong. A 38-year-old grown man, married with a four year old daughter watching Angel every morning from 6:00am to 8:00am....is that pathetic? Anyway, I have so much to say that I can't say it all here. I have never shed a tear while watching a television show or a movie, but one of the final scenes in "Not Fade Away" actually caused my eyes to well up with tears. It was the scene where Wesley gets stabbed and Illyria walks in.

ILLYRIA Wesley. ILLYRIA This wound is mortal. WESLEY Aren't we all? It was good... that you came. ILLYRIA I killed all mine, and I was... WESLEY Concerned? ILLYRIA I think so. But I can't help. You'll be dead within moments. WESLEY I know. ILLYRIA Would you like me to lie to you now? WESLEY Yes. Thank you. Yes. (Wesley then opens his eyes to see Fred's face, her hand stroking his cheek) WESLEY Hello there. FRED (trying to smile through her tears) Oh, Wesley. My Wesley. WESLEY I've missed you. FRED (kisses his lips twice gently, sniffles, kisses his forehead) It's going to be OK. It won't hurt much longer, and then you'll be where I am (crying)..We'll be together. WESLEY I—I love you. FRED I love you. My love. Oh, my love. (wesley now dies and Fred gently lays his head to the ground. She then hears Vail's voice behind her. VAIL How very touching his meaningless death was, but this fight was never for mortals. VAIL (he sees the anger in fred's face, chuckles then says) Take your best shot, little girl.

Fred then transforms back into Illyria and swings such a powerful punch at Vail's head that it shatters into a million pieces.

That scene was just so powerful. Wesley's undying love for Fred which he was never able to really show / tell her. God how I wish they did another season or two but like they say...nothing lasts forever. (except maybe a vampire?)

Thanks for listening / reading,

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rhysbungs18 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is a clear example of 'Angel' and the creativeness of Joss Whedon, at its best. The ending, could arguably be described as unsatisfactory, in terms of summing up a story arcs, however it appeals to the strengths of the show. It shows our heroes most likely dying in an effort to better the world and make a difference, this theme runs to the very core of the show, a point which, with out a doubt is best displayed in this episode. The idea of sacrifice is what sets 'Angel' aside so well from 'Buffy', in that you always expect Buffy to come out on top, whereas Angel is more emphasised as the tortured hero. Despite key character deaths, each character gets a sufficient pay-off and has a chance to display their best qualities. One of the best series endings I have ever seen. 10/10
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I hated and loved this all at the same time...
Walder414112 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well...all good things must come to an end. And, if you didn't think this was a good show...well why are you reading this and why are you going to watch the series finally anyhow, right? It was my understanding that this was not necessarily meant to be the last appearance of Angel, but according to IMDb, David Boreanaz had no interest in doing a TV movie or mini-series once this show came to an end...and well...I at least think that is too bad. I mean...I'd like to believe that at least Angel somehow made it past the final battle here.

And that is why, I sort of hated it...you simply don't know what happened...or just have to accept he was finally defeated...and it only took 60,000 demons, a giant and a dragon to do it. But...it's Angel here...he'd have to find a way through, right? But, with that said...if we don't get to see Angel again...at least we didn't get to see the final second of Angel's life. It was only right, and in that sense...the series got nothing short of a perfect ending.

I guess Angel went on as long as possible. You can only play an immortal for so long before its noticeable you've aged. As for me, I'll stay in denial and hope for a little digital enhancement and maybe just one more hour or two of Angel sometime in the near future.
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full of hell yes
Quinoa19847 June 2010
The end to Angel, that is the very end, goes out with a bang, and the kind of final line that gets all the fan boys just about as geeky as humanly possible (that is, including myself). One can tell that line was probably, specifically, written by Whedon, and in its own right it's actually more satisfying than the very end of Buffy, which, while a decent ending, is far from the real stakes that are charged at the end of Angel (not that there isn't a big fight in either episode, but I digress).

What makes this so remarkable is how it gives closure to everyone, to Fred (who appears at a crucial point in the episode to Wes, though I dare not say why), and even a character that has split most viewers, Connor, who remembers by this point most of what had happened when his memory was erased. And basically Whedon and Bell make this a slam-bang episode where you may laugh, and you may cry, but you'll also be enthralled by the unpredictability, and believe you me, there's some twists in this one.

It's one of the best series finale episodes out there, charged with the humor and pathos and great melodrama that populated the show. Hell (pun intended), the visual effects are even impressive this time around. It's easy to nitpick parts of season five, since it's far from perfect, but the ending really wraps everything up while giving a (somewhat) ambiguous last hurrah for our heroes. It's a cool way to go.
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Perfect Finale
popedon122 April 2007
I hated to see this series end. It's my favorite of all-time. From what I've read, the direction the following season was going to go--at least the Ilyria/Fred character-- sounded very promising. It was just such a beautifully written series. Such great creativity and continuity! I've never seen so many shows, presently, that defy logic, and have holes in their script the size JW's Giant Brain. The Closer and CSI Miami are 2 (im)perfect examples.

The final season was my fav, so it was getting even better. No Conner! No Jasmine! Thank Satan! They were the among the very few low lights. TWO Amy Ackers! YAY! It would have been perfect if Cordelia, Lilah, & Darla rejoined the cast, but if it ran another season or 2...

The ending was bittersweet, though more bitter to some. How would you dissatisfied have ended it? WR&H telling Angel they give up, he wins?? Then, in celebration, the cast performs a daisy chain?! Right. They'll prob save that for the movie. Now, "let's get to work."
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Controversial, but Excellent All the Same
Dexter09926 January 2014
Yes, it's not the most fluid ending plot-wise, but it's not the writers' fault; on the contrary, they took an avowedly irrational cancellation from the WB and made lemonade.

This has to be one of the most awe-inspiring thematic exits I've seen; it's so incredibly bittersweet to see all of Whedon's ideas unfold so masterfully but in such a rushed format. In short, this episode is almost as good as and almost as tragic as Firefly's finale.

Some specifically admirable things about this episode are, as follows: this episode manages to provide a tightly essentialized climax to the season while providing closing statements for each and every character. The lull before the storm is one of the greatest parts of this episode, second only to Angel's "immortal" closing statement.
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A Great Ending
tenor111 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched Not Fade Away for the first time. The ending caught me off guard for a second and then I felt . . . wow, that looks familiar. I bet a lot of people were ticked off about it, but I loved it. Just like the final episode of The Sopranos! Maybe not quite as abrupt, but a sudden cut to black just the same. Just like for Tony, the fight goes on and on for Angel and his gang. Not very optimistic for mortal humans, though. It seems as if only the vamps and ancient gods will survive. Too bad for Wes and Gunn, though Wes's death scene was beautifully written and acted. What's to become of Lorne? Can he die, like Eve, when the building collapses?
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And so it ends!
Joxerlives22 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Good; The last day, (especially poignant for Lorne/Andy Hallet who sings a wonderful version of 'If I ruled the world'). The final battles, the twists in the tale. It's a small scene but love Harmony and Angel's little heart to heart, so very different but so very alike.

The Bad; Why didn't Joss do a commentary? Richard Burton is a Welsh actor, not English. Angel was human only 4 years ago which was more recently than Harmony was. Jeff Bell's right, the cloaks the Fell Breathren wear make them look like football players.

Best line; one of the best written shows on TV and they saved some of the finest until last;

Angel; (getting pounded by Marcus) "Kinda hoped the fight would be going a little better" followed by Connor (punching Marcus and sending him flying) "Care about that dress for less!"

then Marcus "I am a child of the Senior Partners, their strength flows through my veins, my blood is filled with their ancient power"

Angel (vamping out and biting him) "Can you guess the one word you shouldn't have mentioned?"

plus Eve; "Are you sure you can handle the Sharvin?"

Lindsey; "They're sending me out with karaoke boy, how dangerous can it be?" (oh the irony!)

Lorne; (shooting Lindsey) "I've heard you sing!"

and Angel; (as WR&H collapses) "Time to go!"

Eve; "Go WHERE?"

also where else on TV would you get the line, Angel "The Fell Breathren, I want the baby returned to its' mother and the foster family dismembered"

Subverting the Hollywood cliché; Lorne kills Lindsey, the clown becomes a tragic figure, much as in King Lear, his leaving incredibly poignant. We think Lindsey might actually be redeemed but instead he gets two in the chest.

Kills; In the course of 5 seasons AI kill over 300 beings and they're the good guys! Most violent show on TV by a long chalk! For exact figures see Angel FAQ

Recurring characters killed; Many made an incredible emotional journey's over the course of the show but when you think how Wes first appeared in 'Bad Girls' and how he dies here the contrast is INCREDIBLE! Yet totally believable, a tribute to both writers and actor. AI down to 4

And Lindsey? Ultimately Angel believes he's evil and Lorne agrees having heard him sing. I'm not sure if he's evil or just ruthlessly ambitious? If Angel hadn't taken over WR&H would he ever have come back to LA? Both he and Angel ignore the advice they gave each other at the end of Dead End and both pay for it.

People have pointed out that the only characters to feature in both the first and last eps of Angel;TS are Angel and Lindsey. But actually, excluding Buffy guest stars, the only regular or recurring characters to survive from the first season of the show to the end of the last episode are Angel, a dying Gunn and Kate who's off being an Assistant DA in New York.

Packing heat; Lorne kills Lindsey with a silenced pistol

Kinky dinky: Harmony and Hamilton get it on, Harmony gorgeous in her undies as Playboy fans can attest to. Wes wonders if he should spend his last day with Mistress Spanksalot, is she the person he referred to with the handcuffs in Over the Rainbow? Connor now thinks his fling with Cordelia 'Inappropriately erotic'. Lindsey comments that Eve is the one thing of his Angel never got his hands on, "Life of the Party'?

Captain Subtext; Illyria starts to show feelings for Wes and Gunn, maybe too late for both. Angel gives Marcus a hell of a hickey! When Angel boasts of his nice handwriting Connor replies "You girl!" Nice goodbyes between the gang. Angel tells Sebassis that if he wants to kill Spike then they may have to kiss. Angel tells Lindsey "I want you" but both decide he should rephrase. Illyria-as-Fred refers to Wes as 'My Wesley', just as Lilah calls him in 'Home'.

Guantanamo Bay; Angel and co discover that all the evil in the world is run by this secret society and decide to change things by slaughtering them all! Angel's killing Sebassis is particularly clever, a real Keyzer Soze moment.

Questions and observations; Angel turns the power of the senior partners against them, taking the power of Marcus' blood and using it to defeat him. Does this now mean that Angel is a child of the senior partners? What happens to Eve? Where does Lorne go? Connor goes from a dislikeable character in season 3/4 to actually likable here. So wonderful to see Anne again, lovely touch. So if Angel has signed away his destiny to become human does that mean it's definitely Spike? Is that why Marcus is now prepared to kill Angel? Are Illyria's tears all part of her Fred illusion or are they real and for Wes? Who are the producers Jeff Bell thanks but is not allowed to mention? Wes says the first lesson of being a Watcher is to separate truth from illusion. On TV there's a small thank you scene to the fans at the end of the ep but not on the DVDs.

Marks out of 10; need you ask? 10/10 Jeff Bell thanks us for watching the series. No Jeff, thank you and everyone else for making it. Angel and co are still out there slaying the dragon. And so should we be. C'mon everybody let's go to work!
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Angel Will Live On Forever, Epic Episode
cujo_leafs993 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It is now October 2009 and I have just finished watching the whole Angel series. I always remembered watching this show and Buffy when I was younger as a kid but never actually watched the show in order and finally I have now. After finished watching Buffy I had to give this show a watch just because of how much I missed Angel. What can I say Angel is the man! This show is just amazing from beginning to end. From the comedy, to the action, fighting, drama, and romance, this is what makes for a good T.V. show and this show sure as heck has a lot of it. I absolutely loved this final episode! It kept my eyes glued to the screen form start to finish. I loved everything about it because this truly let all the characters shine and show what there made off and how they have developed over the years. I know a lot of people might have been left with a little bit of a hole at the very end of the episode and to be honest after the ending I was like "is that it"? But you know what, the show couldn't end off really any better then it did. The whole purpose of Angel is the fight between good and evil and in the end all the characters pull together to fight for the good of mankind. So I think the show ended off just fine and I was happy with it. I could talk about this show forever and that tells me something about Angel. Its a show that you care about the characters, you make a connection between your life and theirs, get drawn into a fantasy world of vampires stuck in reality, and it's all just a bunch of fun. I hope this show lives on forever, many people will enjoy it many years after just like I did. Joss really has done a great job with his T.V. shows over the years and in my mind has created some of the best shows that will ever be made. He's so creative in his work it just blows you away! On a last note on the episode I loved how Conner came back and fought with Angel, it was touching to see him and his son back together for one last fight.

Show gets a 100/10!!!!
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Finale and Season 5
Red_Identity31 March 2014
So, I certainly didn't expect that ending going into the finale. I kinda expected it when I saw how few minutes were left, but I'm so glad the show didn't end the way Buffy did. Not that Buffy ended badly, but sometimes, no real resolution is good. This really could've been a season finale. I also aren't a fan of a season having to build up to a "big fight" for the majority of its episodes. Season 5 wasn't like this because what we thought was the enemy kept changing.

Wesley's death was extremely fitting, and I'm glad he did. His scene where he's explaining to Illyria that nothing really makes him happy is proof that, really, he had nowhere else to go. He really had the best arc in this show, and it's not even a question for me. His last scene with "Fred" is one of the best things I've seen Whedon do, and the only truly "heroic" way I've seen a character go. In that way, I'm glad Whedon gave us that. Despite all of the moral ambiguities expressed through the story lines and characters in the five seasons, in the end, the show ended the way it had started. Someone trying to do good just because, without anything offered as a reward.

And this brings me to the whole season. It has the worst episode of the series (The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco) but it also has a higher number of heights, moreso than the previous seasons. I thought the first half complimented the second half nicely, and unlike Season 4, I don't really think it felt messy or uneven. I'm also glad it went back to being more episodic, I missed that in Season 4. I wish it had gone further, Illyria was an amazing character, but the show ended on a truly high note, its best season was its last (unlike Buffy, where I'd say Season 6 was its best and 7 the worst next to 1). The characterization was at its best, and the story arcs and progressions really well developed. I do wish Cordelia's death had made more of an impact after 5.12, but alas, amazing send off.

It's true what I've heard from many though. The show went on five seasons, but it still feels like it could've gone further. I appreciate that the show kept changing gears, kept changing what it was willing to do and what it did with the characters so that it never became stale or pointless. For my money, this is a really amazing series and I wish it had more exposure, certainly nearly as much as Buffy gets.
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The End of an Era
Samuel-Shovel13 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In "Not Fade Away" the gang plans out their battle as they get ready to take down The Circle of the Black Thorn and knock Wolfram & Hart down a peg. Each member uses the day before the battle to enjoy themselves since it maybe their last.

Angel visits Connor in a coffee shop and the two share a nice moment. Gunn visits an orphanage in his old neighborhood. Wesley spends the time tending to wounds Illyria received from Marcus while protecting Drogyn. Spike goes to a biker bar and reads them poetry from his human days which receives a surprising amount of accolades. Lorne visits a karoke bar and sings a tune. Lindsey and Eve spend the day together.

We find out that Harmony has been double-crossing Angel by sleeping with Marcus and feeding him information. Marcus shows up at the office to stop Angel from going to kill Archduke Sebassis. Angel reveals to Marcus that he poisioned Sebassis's slave and that he's already dead. The two men duke it out for a bit before Connor shows up to help his pops. Angel drinks Marcus's blood since he has WR&H's power in his veins. This boost gives Angel the power to kill Marcus.

Each member of the gang has their own hit they have to put on a member of the Black Thorn a la the end of The Godfather. Illyria takes town the devil and his henchman as they leave a night club. Spike saves the baby from the demon cult from a few episodes ago. Gunn kills all the vampires surrounding Senator Bricker before killing her himself. Lindsey and Lorne take down a group of demons before Lorne turns on Lindsey, pulling out a gun, shooting and killing him. Lorne drops the gun and walks away from the life, officially out of the gang. Wes tries to kill Cyvus Vail but fails, getting himself killed in the process. Illyria shows up and comforts him as Fred as he dies. She then finished the job.

L.A. starts to crumble at the seams as the remaining group meet up in an alley way, Illyria full of grief, Gunn wounded, and Angel and Spike ready to rumble. The gates of hell open up, a dragon appears and thousands of demons. Angel leads the charge into battle as the credits roll on the series finale.

This might not be the finale that some fans wanted but I think it was the most apt. Angel's long battle to become human again was never going to satisfy us as much as the path there. Signing his prophecy away (while a bit of a dumb premise) made sense for the character of Angel, someone who cares too much, someone whose haunted by his past sins and transgressions.

Wes's death made a lot of sense to me too. He didn't really have much to live for after Fred died and he regained the memories he had of his past mistakes. Illyria was always a poor imitation of his true desires. While she is devastated by his loss, I think she'll recover.

Lorne leaving the group makes sense. He's always had a bit of the heebeegeebees regarding some of Angel's practices and the last act was a bridge to far for the demon. Him killing Lindsey was a twist I legitimately didn't see coming.

Spike goes into the void for the second time after his finale on BtVS. His bar scene is pretty hilarious and a nice send off for a sensitive soul always masquerading as a tough punk.

I think Gunn gets the short straw here on closure. They really didn't have anything better for him to do in his final day? Also he straight up commits murder on a human being again (maybe LA is so far gone it doesn't matter anymore).

As far as series finales go though, I'm satisfied. It wraps up better than BtVS did and was the more consistently good show overall. Angel's come a long way since that first season of Buffy. At the end here, just exhausted from fighting the good fight and losing ground every day, he hits his breaking point and decides to go out with a bang (hence the title). Like an explosion he destroys the WR&H branch. And while not defeating evil fully (not even close), he does what he believes is the most he can do with the powers vested in him. It's this act that gives the audience closure.
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Brilliant Ending
grauncher44-119 January 2008
Angel is by far one of the best series i've seen on TV yet, however i have to admit i did have my doubts about whether or not David Boreanaz would be able to carry this series and make it watchable but he proved me wrong and it's also very well written my favourite quote from this whole series is from the previous episode Power Play - Angel: "I'm Talking about killing Every! Single! Member! of the blackthorn.................... We don't walk away from that, and Finally my favourite Character Weasley: Your influence on this world is over the rest of the circle will whither and die............. like you're about to, i don't own these quotes they belong to joss whedon and David greenwalt i am merely stating how much i enjoyed the series and this final episode i personally think it was the perfect way to end the series but i have to admit when i watched the final episode to the very end i screamed and wanted to throw the DVD out the window hehe anyways a great by a great writer Joss Whedon
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angel series finale
cody_sl18 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
this was an excellent ending to an excellent show(favorite of all time)there was only 1 problem i had with it. why did Wesley and Lindsey have to die? Lindsey was a future team player who could have done a lot for the show in the future and given the viewers a little more to think about. As for Wesley I'm just upset because he was my favorite character. what they should have done in that final battle scene is bring all the heroes of the show back(angel,Cordelia,spike,Wesley,Fred,Lorne,Connor and Lindsey for the complete 'team angel' and 1 last fight also they could have brought in the Sunnydale crew(Buffy,Xander,willow,oz,Giles) and maybe some others like Gwen Raiden or faith. this could have been the powers that be's big plan to take down wolfram and hart in 1 final battle with the fate of the world resting on the outcome. that would have made an incredible finale even better. also i would like to say joss Whedon is a very brilliant man all his show's are gold and that Alexis Denisof and David Boreanaz should have won more awards for there excellent acting.
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Open ended
prtzby11 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A great finale to one of the best shows I've seen on TV. As BTVS slid and became a joke post S.5, Angel took up the slack and kept its quality, which is surprising given the production problems it was wrought with toward the end.

This episode sums up the spirit of the show beautifully, in contrast to the BTVS finale which strove for and missed the mark so horribly. Although the quality of Angel S.5 is variable, the themes and characterisations are generally consistent, again unlike BTVS S.6 & 7, and that makes the conclusion of this show all the more powerful, and the resolution feels 'earned'.

I like the fact that it concludes in an open-ended fashion. 'Let's Go to Work', and black screen. It's up to the viewer to imagine what would happen next. They've got out of worse scrapes in the past...
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The End...
taylorkingston28 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen a lot of Series Finales in my day, and some are excellent, such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Friends and the very recent, Two And A Half Men. Then there are okay ones, such as The O.C., Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother. Then there are absolutely terrible ones, like Lost. They're all dead? Seriously?! Anyway, I thought this one was okay. Not awesome, but not bad.

In this episode, the end is near, it's here. And it's sad. It's sad to see it go. But I have to say that it went out with an unanswered bang. So, basically, Wesley dies, Lindsey dies, Gunn is close to death and it ends with Angel, Spike, Gunn and Illyria all ready to face the Circle Of The Black Thorn. The show literally ends with them all screaming and holding up weapons, running towards the evil people and about to fight them all. I recently found out that in the comic books, it is explained that they all survived, except for Gunn, who became a vampire. Which, frankly, I'm glad I know, because I wanted that unanswered question answered. And my least favorite part and the part that makes me cry the most, is when Wesley dies. It's very sad, but he did die in the arms of Illyria.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
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Not Perfect But Good
limetalhead4 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
While I knew that the ending wouldn't be happy, having a cliffhanger ending really annoyed me. Biggest shocker: Lorne kills Lindsey. No one saw that coming in a million years. No shock that Eve saw her life as being over after finding out about Lindsey. Why did Wes have to die? The only reason that made sense is because of Fred/Illryia. Wes asking for her to lie to him right before he died and her saying he'd be with her soon was one of the most emotional moments in the history of the show. What didn't make sense though, was how that would be possible. If Fred's soul was destroyed resurrecting Illyria, then how would Wes be with her if any afterlife scenario? And later seeing Illryia show remorse over Wes dying shows how much she developed as a person. Spike kicked ass and survived. While it was great, it came as no surprise. Gunn throwing the ax into that politicians head was sweet. The only part I was upset with was that he didn't die from a similar wound to Wesley's. Connor getting involved with Angel against Hamilton was awesome. It was so great to see father and son fighting alongside each other with no animosity. Angel killing Hamilton with a punch that broke his neck was amazing. Seeing the episode end with the cliffhanger of the oncoming fight was disappointing and left me wanting more.
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this is how you do it
bpvalentine20 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished my second viewing of season five after originally watching about two years ago. And I'm still a little blubbery. I recently got into Buffy, which was harder for me to break into because of a few factors. Whedon shows tend to be a little thin first seasons and then dense later, and I am not a fan of high school shows and movies. I'm no sexist and not afraid of girls, but I don't know. I feared the aspects of pining over boys and I worried the horror aspects would be light weight. Long story short, I got over it. And loved it (at least from season 3 on...I skipped seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy).

And anyway, I think Angel season five is Whedon's real gem in TV. It has everything he does well and a person could even start there without having to look back.

Only thing about Angel being canceled here is that I wonder if SUCH A GOOD ending could have buttoned such a strong and consistent season otherwise. I mourned the ending of the series the closer the finale came. And frankly in my own fantasy I struggle whether I would choose Angel to have a sixth season or to have Lost season one to have been as good as it was because of the writers it inherited from Angel (David Fury and Drew Goddard probably only wrote for Lost because of Angel's premature end...David Fury is the guy who wrote the most amazing episodes in Lost's first season and Goddard became a big deal on that show).

Obviously the height of Angel season five is Wes' and Fred's, then Illyrina's love story, which is so genuine and sweet turned tragic. Wes is such a good character and so finely developed over the years it's hard to put into words how much I admire what the actor and the writers crafted. Itself a shame Wesley isn't more recognized. Amy Acker's work probably would have itself been more appreciated had she been allowed to develop Illyrina in another season. She is herself a stellar actor and quite frankly breathlessly beautiful. And she uses it like an instrument, never flaunting it or overselling it, in fact usually tastefully doing the opposite, until when she wants you to notice you're like, oh, yes, Fred is gorgeous.
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What the crap
soyflavoredcheese9 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hey, I know Angel isn't the kind of show that gives people a happy ending, and I know they couldn't just make everything perfect, but I couldn't believe the ending to Angel. I absolutely love the show, it's possibly the best show ever. However, I really hated this ending, as well as the whole way the 2nd half of Angel season 5 went (similar to Buffy season 7). My favorite characters deaths were pretty much pointless and did nothing for the plot. Cordelia was one of the best characters on the show, and once she and Angel were finally going to get together she turned all evil and into a demon. I wanted so badly to have her back, don't get me wrong the episode where Cordelia comes back is fantastic, but I was still really mad she was gone. Then on earth was up with Fred dying, right after she finally got with Wesley? There was no sacrifice, it was pointless, it did nothing whatsoever for the plot, and blue haired demon girl is an awful, useless character. They spent way too much of the end centered around her. Another big problem is they didn't connect the elements well enough. I know those dudes in that black thorn wanted to bring about the apocalypse, but there wasn't even a date set for when it was supposed to happen. The apocalypse should have been carried out and discovered throughout the entire season, rather than just mentioning there are some evil dudes an hour before the season ends. One of the biggest problems is every character who the audience cares about is either dead or has nothing to live for. My three favorite characters died, and Angel, Spike, and Gunn (who I'm not sure even survives) have no office, aren't even back to their helping the helpless, are in the middle of a huge battle, and have lost everyone they care about. Angel and Spike are never redeemed, they lose the girl they care about, and just about everyone's dead, and they still have to fight this weird evil army. I get the whole you never stop fighting, but it was stupid to end it right in the middle. Couldn't there have been some redemption, with knowledge that there would always be many more battles to come. I don't get why this episode is so highly rated, because I think the Buffy ending was 10 times better, and I wasn't even a giant fan of that one. Why did they have to slip at the end, season 3 and 4 and 1st half of five were so amazing, then they went and messed up the show.
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stonedsquirrel5 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I like to say that I didn't expect an all happy ending but this was, like most of the 5th season, very weak.

It was clear that at last somebody had to die but somehow the death of Wesley didn't move me a bit.

The fight with Hamilton was, again like many scenes in the 5th season, so much copied from Matrix that it became totally absurd.

The very last scene with that army of daemons seemed as if they frantically tried to give the whole thing an heroic end, which made it pretty silly. The end of the storyline they came up with had much potential but they weren't able to make something out of it. We can assume that all of our heroes have wasted their lives in a hopeless battle and the world gets overrun with daemons. Like I said I didn't expect an all happy ending but this worst case scenario does it. Nothing about moving on after this losses, no triumph at all, no word about the Shanshu Prophecy. A happy ending with a fulfilled Prophecy and all of them living happily ever after would've been as bad as this one but something positive would've been nice. This way we have an abrupt end with a put on message. Only the end of Lindsay and the exit of Lorne was brilliant.

I give the bigger part of this episode at last a 9 but I take of 3 points for the poor end.
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ended quite OK with the short notice given for being cancelled with no warning...
jtsjtssmokey-703-36697327 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I think they did the best they could with this ending, ya somethings left without seeming to be finished... but hey they did make a STATEMENT getting out of WH. I also think it answered some unanswered questions about what happened to the creatures that came out of btvs season 5 ending, and Angel saying he has always wanted to fight/slay a dragon, that in itself is funny. OK some have thought that Buffy, Willow, maybe Xan an Giles, Faith (did they also want all the new slayers...or the very least Buffy) in the last episode... I don't know, for me if Angel had gone on for another 2 seasons maybe, ya they were apart of each other both show and character but were 2 diff shows. Angel coming to see Buffy on the last episode there made sense, Angel was a big part of it but not the other way around so kinda glad she and the rest didn't show up, but...

OK here's the but and if there had been more seasons...Buffy and yes Faith and the rest of the slayers, plus the coven that helped (prob still do) Willow fight all the WH around the world and also actually fight the real bad guys, the wolf ram and heart, the beings behind it all, but since it was just a "kick" done by Angel and his friends/family, and really done with just a few episodes to go for ending not just the season but the series (think I read they were in the middle of filming the 17th or 18th episode when told it was over so not much time to wrap up everything) the ending was left for us to finish in our minds and well I didn't mind that.

As for the death of Wes I think it was done well esp showing that Illyria considering all was showing that she was learning to have a heart, emotions stayed with Wes till the end then killed with grief, wanting to do more to channel those emotions. Gunn, fighting too till his time was done, and Angel and Spike, well I think they both survive and triumph (hmm maybe in my ending Buffy sends some slayers and Willow uses good magic to help because the coven "sees" them and knows they are now fighting the fight again for good which then allows...but thats getting further away from).

As for that vampire with a soul becoming human well Angel did turn that down before because he sees/seen what is like to not have "power" and be able to help (oh ya signing it away but don't think evil can really win on that) and Spike ...well if either chooses to be human I think both would be given that chance and both would be made human if. Angel, again hard to judge what he would do as stated, Spike he too knows what it is like to really be able to make a difference (both are CHAMPIONS) but again would he choose to not have vamp strength and all be gone to be week and yes helpless (in a way has been before soul with what the initiative did to him) I know my opinion on what they would do, what would anyone else think who read this and actually understood what I was/am trying to type on this review? Would be interesting what all us fans of the Angel/Buffy series could come up with. Well think I typed too much that may have just "swirled" a bunch of words that may or may not make sense, Happy reading all
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I really am torn
huh_oh_i_c9 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I have to admit that I was lost in this season, I missed an overall theme or storyline, which what made Buffy so nice: There was a main storyline each season, with meandering episodes, but each episode had at least some reference to it. Angel Season 5, mmmm, I dunno. The W&H thing was kinda vague. Also, this episode, my quip is the killing of Lindsay. If Whedon is all about the character development, and has done so with Gunn (from fightguy to polyglot uberlawyer), with Wesley, (from comedic relief to rogue hardcore chap), even with Eve (from sardonic know-it-all to loving human), why not accept Lindseys transformation from social climber to team member? And on the DVD or whatever Whedon says that Lindseys end is the best, but he never says WHY oh WHY does he have to die!? Frustrating.

Personally, for me the best arc was the Fred/Ilyria one. Because I had been spoilered that she would die, in a chat-room I have never visited since, I was full of agony right at the beginning of "A Hole in the World" because I knew that extra focus on Fred would mean she'd die. And because I don't live in the USA, I wasn't informed by all sorts trailers and such that she would come back as Ilyria, so I was doubting for the longest time if Ilyria was really played by Amy Acker. I was also thinking, that Gunn got a whole season more or less with her, but as soon as Wesley gets her love, she dies. This is not a bad thing. The Fred/Wesly relationship would always have been too obvious. And the whole dying-when-I-love-you thing also makes it more dramatically interesting, of course.

The last scene could have been a tat more "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", but Josh seems very wary of too much imitation. Even if he did two to the Matrix, Buffy's Primevil and the whole Adam Baldwin character where manner of speech and stiff fighting was very reminiscent of Hugo Weavings Mr. Smith.

The nicest scenes in season 5 were actually the Spike and Angel closers. Very Band-of-Brothery, or as Spike puts in "The Gift": Band of Buggered. :)
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