"Cheers" A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff (TV Episode 1992) Poster

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There is a new postal uniform which Cliff refuses to wear despite never having seen it. Twitchell, the bar's postal delivery man, threatens to report Cliff unless he complies. Twitchell does report Cliff by bringing in postal inspector Henderson, who will suspend Cliff unless he complies. Once Cliff sees the flashy, sequin-trimmed uniform, Cliff changes his mind and wears the new uniform proudly. However, there's something about the uniform that Cliff doesn't know. Meanwhile, Woody's naive cousin, Russell, comes to Boston for a visit. Once they hear him, Sam and Rebecca hire Russell to sing and play the piano at the bar for tips. Russell is somewhat obsessive once he gets his mind set on something, and his newest fixation is Rebecca. When she confronts him about his supposed crush, he says he doesn't have one. In reality he has an all consuming love, as expressed by the semi-nude mural of Rebecca he's painted on his motel room wall. Rebecca has to figure out how to let him down gently, ...

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