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  • Frasier has a massive headache, and no matter what he does, it won't go away. For Frasier, Lilith suggests he take an extreme measure: acupuncture or at least acupressure. Believing it quackery, Frasier initially won't do it, until... The process isn't quite what Lilith expects. What will go away if the US government and Woody have their way is Henrí, whose Visa has run out. Henrí mentions that a way he could stay is to marry a US citizen, an idea on which Kelly picks up, with her being the bride. Woody doesn't like the idea. Woody and Kelly have an argument over it, which pushes Kelly into marrying Henrí, she believes only "on paper". They would get divorced immediately after, but Henrí may have other thoughts. This action by Kelly could jeopardize Woody's immediate future plan to ask Kelly to marry him, and thus jeopardize their long term future together.



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  • Frasier has a splitting headache, and no matter what he does, he can't seem to get rid of it. Lilith suggests the use of acupuncture, but Frasier is dead-set against it...until he sees the attractive female doctor who will be administering the treatments.

    Meanwhile, Woody is still having to put up with Henri muscling in on his dates with Kelly, and the Frenchman's taunts about stealing Kelly away from him. However, things look up when Henri receives a letter saying that his Visa has expired, and that he has to return to France.

    Woody is eager to see Henri leave, but the Frenchman soon cons Kelly into taking pity on him, and requesting that she marry him to make him an American citizen. Kelly naively thinks she's doing this because Henri loves being in America, but Woody knows better. Woody attempts to convince Kelly of this, but she refuses to listen.

    Woody thinks he's lost, until Sam demands that Woody do what he can to stop her wedding. Woody manages to do so, and convinces Kelly about his love for her, and Henri's true intentions. Henri admits that he was intent to marry her, divorce her, and take half of her money, but even with this confession, Kelly still admits that she can't stay mad at him.

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