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Helps push Woody and Kelly's character arc along, but the writing can be trying at times
uruseiranma6 September 2011
A subplot about Frasier experiencing a headache quickly takes a backseat to the love triangle of Woody Boyd, Kelly Gaines, and French Lothario, Henri. Overall, the episode feels like a race to not only cause tension, but to wrap up this subplot and move Woody and Kelly onto new territory. However, what may really make the episode excruciating is the writing for Kelly's character.

It's pretty obvious from previous episodes that Woody and Kelly are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but in this episode, it almost feels like they have pushed her naiveté a bit too far, making Kelly's clueless nature about Henri borderline 'annoying.'
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A Fine French Whine (#10.10)
ComedyFan201025 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Henri receives a letter that his visa expired and he will be deported. He tells Kelly there is only one way for him to stay, if somebody marries him. She suggests that it should be her. Woody is not too excited. Sam wants to help Woody and storms city hall where Woody also proposed to Kelly.

I really think the whole Henri story should not have taken so many episodes. It was all the same and I was tired by it. I am glad they are finished with this plot line, but the episode was pretty tiring to me. I am also not a fan of Kelly. Her stupidity goes way over Woody's or Coach's and unlike the other two hers seems to be too much to be endearing and sweet.
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Outlandish But Funny
Hitchcoc8 September 2019
If there is anyone more thick headed than Kelly, I would like to know who it is. I guess Woody would be a close second. They were made for each other. Henri is back in the picture again, and this time he is working on Kelly to marry him to allow him to stay in the country. What follows, while totally unbelievable, is hilarious. It's classic slapstick. Frasiers acupuncture bit doesn't really work very well.
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